Baldhild Darby (name changed) thinks she knows a lot about the automobiles and she claims that the highly exaggerated reliability of the Toyota and Honda cars is a lie. Baldhild says that the German cars including Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and others are way more reliable than any of the Japanese cars and while the makers of the Japanese cars are busy spreading the lies and rumors that the Japanese cars can run millions of miles without ever breaking down and the German cars break down every here and now, the Germans are constantly busy improving the quality of the cars that they make and only the people that own the German cars know how reliable these German cars are. Baldhild says that the Germans voluntarily do not expose the Japanese car makers and their tactics and tell the truth publicly because that will increase the sales of the German cars and the Germans firmly believe that more sales will result in lower quality of their cars and quality is all that matters for the Germans. The Germans don’t care about the sales but rather keeping on making better cars for their customers.

Baldhild went to an international school and she says that the Arab kids in her school scored very well and there were tons of those in her school. Baldhild says that the Arabs who were born and raised in western countries behave way more elegantly and decently in the public and private than the ones born and raised in any Arab country.

Baldhild says that there is no fixed philosophy of success, it comes differently to each and every being those who are busy teaching the philosophy of success are mere frauds.

Baldhild’s husband is 6’6″ and he only hires SUVs when he uses rent a car Rethymno Crete.