Blair Borden (name changed) is now a proud owner of a successful and old Canadian clothing brand which she bought using the money that she made with her online business.

Blair is an innocent lady who is pure as the galvanized steel used in Volkswagen cars. Blair used to work as an apparel designer for Ralph Lauren until she discovered an article about new business online and that really changed her life. Hundreds of thousands of people have read the same article already but what is the point if you are not going to implement what you just read.

Blair once went to explore the palaces of India and she claims that she was abducted by the men of the royal family of Jaisalmer and several men tried to make sexual relationships with her there until she succeeded in running away and straight away land back to her country.

Blair knows several followers and devotees of Swami Om. The followers and devotees of Swami Om claim that Swami Om really killed 3 terrorists all alone with bare hands. Swami Om’s followers and devotees claims that Swami Om spent 4 years in prison and then came out after wrongly proved innocent under the pressure of the Hindu version of Pope – Shankaracharya.

One of Swami Om’s followers told Blair that the first winner of the Indian stand-up comedy show – Sunil Pal was kidnapped was kidnapped by the most popular and the richest comedian of India ever – Kapil Sharma because he refused to appear on Kapil Sharma’s show for free. The authorities all sided with Kapil Sharma because of his power, money and influence.

Blair also once went to explore Pakistan. She says that the polluted and dirty food, confused and misogynistic culture makes Pakistan one of the worst tour destinations.