Berdy Vesely (name changed) is a 39 year old dentist who recently married a 24 years young stunning woman whom he met for the first time at the gym. Berdy’s wife’s name is Bela and she is the one who asked Berdy out for the first time.

Berdy’s life has taken a complete turn since he started using health products, especially CrazyBulk.

Berdy has been trying to find out what part of the brain of bugs and flies makes them so circumspective. Berdy has also been trying to invent a medicine using Centipede’s body.

Berdy has also been trying to invent a pill for eternal youth and vigor inspired by the CrazyBulk.

There was a time when watching too many real-life crime cases and TV shows made him paranoid. He was even scared to open the peanut butter tin can.

Bela recently inaugurated a black and white themed restaurant of her own with the money she made with her tour agency. Bela’s tour agency is popular for cheapest high quality exotic beach holidays.

Bela loves travelling. Bela lived in Mexico for a while and she came to the conclusion that eating grasshoppers reduces serotonin levels in the brain in the long-term.

Last year, Bela enjoyed a trip of most of the middle-east. She was really fascinated by the valleys of modern day Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Israel. She says that the area touching the Levantine sea is really the promised land.

Bela is very active on the social media and her all-time favorite website is Twitter. Bela wonders all the time that why the founders of the Twitter aren’t as popular as the Mark Zuckerberg. Bela is also a blogger and she prefers Tumblr over WordPress and Blogspot for free blogging. She recently bought a laptop made up of Bronze with the money that she made with blogging.