Ken Nuttall’s grandfather was a politician but everyone else in his family always hated politics and they still do. Nobody other than Ken’s grandfather ever participated in any elections and still don’t ever plan to.

The family fears the day when over half of the population of the world will be armed, ready to fight the rulers (the politicians and the multinational corporation owners) because of the oppression.

Ken is a wealthy owner of a factory that manufactures only wheeled dustbins of different shapes and sizes. Ken’s wife Maribel told Ken that she wanted to buy a portable induction burner. Ken told her that it could be dangerous for their little kids as they may cause accidents and they really have in the past, but then Maribel told Ken that the best portable induction burner out there in the market automatically shuts down after a few seconds if it detects no activity. Finally, Ken agreed to buy one, Ken was so rookie about this matter that when he looked for a portable induction burner on Amazon, the only thing that he cared about how good the digital screen on it looks.

Ken and Maribel are very happy with their purchase and along with the portable induction burner, their recent purchase is a White Cadillac Escalade which Ken bought against Maribel’s wish, she wanted to buy a Lincoln Navigator instead as she doesn’t trust GM cars anymore after a relative of hers died due to an accident while she was in her Chevrolet. The family all blames GM’s poor build quality for the family member’s death but Ken doesn’t agree.