Professor Chachki Toy Company (name changed) claim they make the safest mass-produced toys for kids anywhere in the world. They say that they don’t believe in making profits much but trying to make the kids happy.

The founders at Professor Chachki Toy Company believe that there is no fun in forever sticking with stuff that works and bring in profits. They believe that along with sticking to the stuff that really works and sells, a business must also do its best to innovate and that includes creating and selling weird stuff that results in losses. Professor Chachki Toy Company and its founders believe that a business can never learn until it faces some losses.

Professor Chachki Toy Company ships orders over US Dollar 25 along with shipping charges but they don’t charge at all for the shipping if your order is over USD 50.

When some of the Professor Chachki Toy Company management decided to make automated phone calls as the norm for everybody that calls up their company, the rest of the management objected and said that it won’t look good for a company that sells toys to the kids but they also had to agree after they were reminded of the company’s philosophy of always keeping to experiment. Luckily, the founders decided to choose perhaps the best automated phone call and message service – Robotalker and they haven’t looked back ever since.

Now, the company’s next target is getting into manufacturing and wholesaling study tables and portable swimming pools.