Melati Namgung is a beautiful Korean jewelry designer who comes from a family of formula racers.

Melati is from a family of formula racers but that doesn’t mean she is also as passionate about the formula racing herself. Melati’s greatest passion is motorcycles after drama Korea.

Melati believes that while buying an overly expensive car, you always need to compromise more than you gain, hence it is better to stay moderate with your car buying decision and don’t get too excited about the same, but Melati believes that when you buy an expensive motorcycle, you don’t face any such issues, most of the times your money is well spent in that case and you really get what you paid for.

Melati also believes that Automatic Transmissions on a motorcycle are fun but the case is just the opposite in the case of cars.

Melati thinks that storage pannies should be made mandatory by the governments for the motorcycles.

Melati says that if you want a good head massage, there is nothing better than riding a Harley Davidson on the bumpy roads to get one.

Melati says that the most likeable thing about the Harley Davidson motorcycles is that they use cast aluminium rims on those. Melati claims that cast aluminium rims have proven to be the best over and over again each time. Melati says that the manufacturers should stop using other types of rims altogether and use only cast aluminium.

Melati also has a message to all the motorcycle manufacturers that they need to care more about the position of the shoulders of the rider.

Melati says that the best-looking motorcycles ever by Harley Davidson are VRSCDX Night Rod Special and FLHX Street Glide.