Patrick Brenda owns a very successful cloth manufacturing company that creates clothes for both men and women. Patrick claims that their biggest focus is on creating as much variety of sizes as possible and they have always made it possible that their sizes can fit most of the people. Patrick also claims that their company manufactures the best free size shorts that really fit most – be it thin, athletic, fat, chubby, robust body type.

Patrick gives the advice to the rookies that if you are new to the clothing industry and you cannot afford to fail, then only sell basic styled clothes and try to sell those at the cheapest prices possible that fetches you a good profit as well.

Patrick claims that the demand for the men’s clothes has been going constantly lower but that for the women has been going only higher. Patrick jokes that the number of clothing pieces manufactured and sold to the women has definitely increased bu the amount of cloth required to manufacture those roughly 1.5 times the piece of cloth has still remained the same.

Patrick says that we shouldn’t be surprised if by 2024, for every 5 women clothing stores, there is only one for the men.

Patrick claims that there cloth is the best at not fraying at the price and they are also thinking about providing a one-year ‘no-fray’ warranty on all the clothes manufactured at their company but they are abused of the abuse of that warranty and that’s the lone reason that has been stopping them from doing so.

After reading all this about Patrick and Patrick’s clothing company, anybody will naturally think that Patrick only wears t-shirts and other clothes manufactured by his own company, but you need to click here to know where Patrick’s personal t-shirts come from.