Dr Alex Abrego is a dermatologist who has been practicing in Chetumal city of Mexico for the past 24 years now. Dr Alex loves to get his practice a new website each year and like every year, this year too he got himself the best web hosting in Mexico (hospedaje web en méxico).

One of Dr Alex Abrego’s blogs which also happens to be his oldest is extremely popular for the interesting posts that Dr Alex Abrego makes there. Dr Alex Abrego claims on his blog that people with a history of skin cancer must choose their skin doctor with more vigilance as they wouldn’t like to take a chance in that situation.

Dr Alex Abrego says that this is a reality that when he was new to his dermatology practice and botox was a new phenomena, the patients used to be nervous even at the time of their first botox but nowadays they aren’t nervous even during their first time which looks like a miracle to someone like him.

Dr Alex claims that caffeine is bad for all skin issues but for sensitive skin, it is a disaster and he believes that there aren’t much studies done on this but there should be. He claims to have noticed this by himself during his practice time and again.

Dr Alex claims that fake creams are responsible for as much as 40% of the cystic acne cases and hence you must choose yours with vigilance.