Agus Ghani is a young man from Yogyakarta, Indonesia who happens to be one of the greatest George Orwell fan in the entire country. Agus Ghani is a graduate from ISBI Bandung just like his hero Bayu Angora – the man who has been making headlines for promoting freethinking like never before in the nation called Indonesia.

Agus Ghani has been busy writing a book on the life and death of George Orwell for a while. Agus has already released some of the excerpts from his book on his one and only blog.

Agus has written that George Orwell was the greatest influence in the life of the first Indian Prime Minister –  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru but he never mentioned it publicly just because George Orwell was British and it was the British Colonialism only that the Indians were fighting against.

Agus claims that George Orwell’s father could have tried harder to become rich if he had not become an opium addict while working at the opium department of the Indian Civil Service.

Agus claims that George Orwell desired the perfect body of Brenda Salkeld till the last day of his life and believed that he could have been the happiest man on earth if she agreed to marry him.

Agus claims that George Orwell wanted his brother-in-law Humphrey Dakin to meet some major accident one day as they both hated each other throughout their lives and although George wanted to be friends with Humphrey Dakin, Humphrey was unappreciative, mean and arrogant with George and that’s what infuriated George the most.