Cory Alvarez is a devout Catholic Christian author from the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil who has been writing a book on the life of biblical character Joseph. In his book, Cory claims that Potiphar – the palace guard wanted to marry his daughter to Joseph until Joseph wasn’t accused of molesting his wife but God had something else in his mind but after Joseph was falsely accused of the crime that he never committed, Potiphar couldn’t even think about marrying his one and only daughter to Joseph.

Cory has also written that after Joseph rose to become the chief adviser of the Pharaoh of Egypt, he proposed Joseph hesitantly for marrying his one and only daughter and as Joseph had already forgiven his entire family for the crime that they committed against himself but because Joseph didn’t believe that god would want him to marry anyone other than one of the chosen ones, he rejected Joseph’s offer, not due to his own will but for that of the god’s.

Cory has also given the answer to all those who are prone to asking that why did Joseph marry Asenath who was clearly not one of the chosen ones. Cory claims that Joseph married Asenath because god in one of Joseph’s dream appeared to him and told him to marry a girl named Asenath who happens to be the daughter of a priest in Egypt that goes by the name Poti-Pherah. Cory also mentions that god told Joseph in his dream that Asenath has some Jewish blood in her and that’s the main reason why god commanded Joseph to marry Asenath.

Cory absolutely declines the claim that Poti-Pherah was the same person as Potiphar. Cory claims that both were completely different persons and just because the Egyptian names in the ancient times all sounded so similar, there is such a similarity in their names. Cory mentions that the Egyptian names still do sound very much similar and it has always been such since the ancient times.

Cory’s wife is an atheist and Cory is completely okay with it although they have arguments regularly only to make up later on. She is a fitness freak who also has a huge following on the social media where she posts regularly regarding different topics and conditions. She recently wrote a completely handwritten post on how to do away with expression lines (como acabar com as linhas de expressão) which received thousands of retweets, favorites and shares.