Filon Bamussi is an IT company owner from Jerusalem. Filon recently got divorced and he believes that it is the best thing that has happened to his IT company.

Filon has a blog dedicated completely to science and technology which receives over 10000 visits a month. On his blog, Filon advises that one must never forget to read the reviews about an IT company’s future/after sales/service support before hiring them. Filon claims that he has seen several businesses losing a lot of their precious time, energy and money because they didn’t read the reviews regarding the future/after sales/service support of the IT company.

Filon also says that you must not go for the IT companies that do not provide testing before. Filon has personally seen several people falling for an IT company just by the look of their website, their office and the etiquette and well-manners of their owners/chiefs only to find themselves stuck with an incapable and inexperienced company later on.

Filon recently wrote an article regarding¬†Metal that changes shape in magnetic field which had a length of over 2500 words. This one article alone was responsible for over 20% of the visits to his blog and Filon couldn’t be any happier. Now he is looking for more such findings and is eager to write about them.

Filon recently wrote on his blog that many engineering firms have forgotten that cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency are two separate things and they think that it is enough on their part if they have taken care of just one already, which is far from being effective according to Filon. Filon believes that in today’s competitive world, a company that is not using the best methods possible for cost-effectiveness or cost-efficiency, it is doomed to fail.