Bibian Vidal is a popular choreographer and blogger of Portuguese origin who has lived in several different Portuguese speaking countries in her lifetime including Brazil and Portugal. Bibian writes in one of her blog posts that one of the most underestimated role of dancing is its capability to eliminate anger. Bibian adds that the ancient Hindus knew this very well and that’s the reason why their foremost god – Mahadeva aka Shiva aka Shubham is portrayed as a dancer whenever he is angry.

Bibian believes that sbarra a terra francesco costanzo is the greatest dance method if you want to reduce your weight and anger altogether simultaneously.

As a choreographer, Bibian claims that the teachers that have been learning the dance art since their childhood are generally the better ones and there is no denying that but if the ones that never learnt the art of dancing in their childhood get extremely passionate about learning dance in the adulthood, they can sometimes beat the ones that have been learning to dance since their childhood within a matter of couple of years.

Bibian says that on the websites and offices of some dance academies, you will read them bragging about how proud they are of the small number of students in each of their cohorts but they will not tell you that the original reason behind this is that nobody is willing to join their academy.

Bibian is also interested in becoming an interior designer and she has been learning the same for quite a while now. Bibian says that the light colors for bedding or exteriors are not a trend anymore. She says that you must choose these only if you want to look and feel old.