Francesco Costanzo Floor Barre King could never get a chance to see the Roman Catholic German Opera Director – August Everding but he heard a lot about him through his older colleagues.

Francesco’s older colleagues told him that the parents didn’t hesitate to take their kids to watch August Everding’s plays with them as they contained nothing sexual or vulgar. He was really a strict Roman Catholic. They also dare not ban him as he had the Roman Catholic church backing him up.

They also claim that the celebrated Indian Bollywood actor – Shammi Kapoor, who belongs to one of the richest and most popular families in India, literally copied August Everding’s style in the old age.

Francesco is himself certain about one thing of August Everding and that is that his DVDs still sell like hot cakes on the eBay.

Francesco Costanzo recently wrote about the British theater and film legend – Peter Hall. Francesco starts his post in a funny way, he writes that Peter Hall and his wife Leslie Caron made tremendous love all the time in the initial years of their marriage which should be evident from the fact that they married in 1956 and Leslie gave birth to their first child in 1957 and then in 1958.

Francesco writes that along with Tennesse Williams, the play ‘Waiting for Gadot’ attracted the attention of someone even special – Peter’s first wife – Leslie Caron towards Peter Hall.

Francesco is told by every elder that the combination of Tennessee Williams and Peter Hall was considered lethal in the British theater like no other back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Francesco believes that one of the reasons why Peter Hall grew up to be so extraordinary was that he was the only child of his parents and they took care of him and raised him up as well as they could.