Dr Kevin Bundy is a cosmetic surgeon who has been operating in the city of Knoxville, TN for the past 22 years now. Dr Kevin says that the greatest priority of the patients while getting a hair transplant is “No Pain” and it has been so since the time he started transplanting hair himself.

Dr Kevin writes that as much as the patients are concerned about the doctors/surgeons nowadays, they are as much concerned about the team and receptionists as well.

Dr Kevin writes that if you don’t have enough budget to hire the most experienced and well-known doctor for lip-filling, don’t panic, the lip-filling is so common and uncomplicated nowadays as compared to the other cosmetic procedures that you are in safe hands with 95% of the surgeons when it comes to the same.

Dr Kevin claims that never before were people so afraid of the warts and moles as they are now. He says that nobody could have imagined 70 years ago that wart removal and mole removal would be such major industries.

Dr Kevin believes that eyebrow transplants across the world are growing at a pace of 100-200% per year. He says that the best thing about the eyebrow transplant is that most patients don’t feel any pain at all and because of not feeling any sort of pain at all, they start recommending it to their friends and family members as well as soon as they leave the clinic. Dr Kevin says that the only thing that nobody is recommending to their friends or family members is the iMessage due to¬†iOS Security Issues.

Dr Kevin has successfully performed thousands of liposuction procedures and he claims to have never received any sort of complain of infection or some such thing ever.