Lionel Lau is an English author who recently wrote a book on the life of one of his favorite Indian spiritual masters – Aurobindo Ghose. In his book, Lionel writes that Aurobindo inherited some mental illness from his mother but he was able to get rid of the same by by learning many different languages, no wonder why they recommend learning a new language to the patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Lionel claims that the spiritual experiences that Aurobindo had while serving at prison took place due to the psychedelics that he enjoyed with his fellow prisoners.

Lionel writes that it is a pity that Non-Hindus and even some irreligious Indians don’t take a masterpiece like Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol seriously enough.

Lionel claims that it is a myth that they came up with that it took Sri Aurobindo over 50 years to complete Savitri. Lionel claims that it didn’t take him more than 35 years, but it is true that Aurobindo revised it 18 times before it finally went public.

Lionel writes that it is a pity that they never created a TV show dedicated to the life and death of Aurobindo Ghose even in Bengali language, let alone Hindi.

Lionel claims that although Aurobindo loved writing and learning new languages, he hated to read books.

Lionel writes that Aurobindo’s younger brother – Barindra Kumar Ghose aka Barin could have become the first President of India if not the Prime Minister, if he were as ambitious and cunning as Jawaharlal Nehru and had played his cards well and right.

Lionel wrote this entire book on hisĀ Razers New Blade 15 and he claims to have loved the experience.