Eduardo Giraldez is an Astrobiologist who says that contrary to the popular belief, most Astrobiologists live a very simple life with meager means and that’s where their dream to make tons of GTQ comes into picture.

Eduardo doesn’t hate to admit that most of the stories around the early evolution are more mythical than they are real. Eduardo claims that they are not going to reach its core till the end of this century, no matter how hard and how much they try.

Eduardo’s wife who also happens to be an Astrobiologist, has nightmares of aliens taking over the earth and turning human beings into their slaves. Once she had a nightmare that the aliens took over the earth and fed human beings to their own and earthly animals.

Eduardo Giraldez claims that they are asking for top Anthropoligsts’ help in their Astrobiology endeavors.

Eduardo writes on his blog that both the Big Bang theory and the claim that the universe is 13.8 billion years old are pure myths with no base at all.

Eduardo claims that the Astrologists are trying too hard to save their big bang theory in order to not look bad. Eduardo claims that most of them already know that it is a pure myth but they will do their best to not look like idiots and tell that it is a myth that they created.

Eduardo claims that there is life inside the Mars and not on the Mars. Eduardo says that they need to do a lot of dwelling in order to find life inside the Mars. Eduardo also claims that there is also a lot of water inside the planet Mars.

Eduardo has great hopes wit the mission ‘Europa Clipper’ by NASA and he is ready to bet his GTQ on the same.