I like to joke that all the artists in contract with the Virgin label have one thing in common and that is that they are the ones that lost their virginity much before the average age of the nation that they belong to. Anyways, every dancer, dance school owner and the retired dancers are really happy with the news that the Prince George of Wales has been taking ballet lessons for a while now. The ballet schools have really got busier since this news got popular, which proves that the ballet is not something outdated or awkward, people just need to change their mindsets. And don’t care about the trolls, they are all envious that they weren’t born royal.

I recently talked to this major dance school owner through Chatango. They recently inaugurated their first dance school in Copenhagen, Denmark and are really happy about it as the business is really booming there as well.

This dance school owner told me that it is amazing how a greater number of people everyday, especially those below the age of 30  are now choosing dance as their most favorite form of everyday workout.

This dance school owner claims that they never advertise their dance school as an award-winning dance school and questions the dance schools that claim so that when you say award-winning dance school, why don’t you then specify which award is it that your dance school won. He claims that 70% of the dance schools nowadays mention on their websites that they are award-winning but very few mention that which award is it that they won.