Stephanie Wilder owns an ice cream shop in one of the most important neighborhoods of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Stephanie spends more time blogging than she does managing her ice cream shop. Stephanie claims on her blog that whereas in most of the other businesses, it is the presence of the owner inside the shop/store that creates a huge customer retention rate, in the case of an ice cream shop, it is the opposite in case of an ice cream shop. Stephanie claims to have done several such experiments different times and it always results in the conclusion that the business is better when she is not present at her ice cream shop. Stephanie writes on her blog that the fine art that she got done by a Framing Detroit company is one of the things that she consider to be the most important for good business at her store.

Reading Stephanie’s blog, it looks like she has been extremely obsessed with the antediluvian biblical patriarch – Methuselah, lately. Stephanie writes on her blog that some so-called biblical scholars claim that Methuselah lived for 969 seasons instead of the 969 years, which is clearly a misinterpreration. Stephanie is not willing to take it that Methuselah lived for anything lesser than 969 years at all.

Stephanie writes that there is a great mystery behind Enoch walking with his sons and daughters for 300 years, which Stephanie claims to have been working on identifying and disclose.

Stephanie further claims that the human beings before the biblical flood weren’t immortal either, they just lived longer than the ones in the antediluvian period.