Dr Samara Sulin is a Pediatrician from Knoxville, Tennessee, who recently made a post on her blog mentioning that she really appreciates the passion, hard-work, dedication and contribution of men and women that turn into pediatricians after providing their services as a nurse at a private clinic or at a large hospital for years and sometimes even decades and then decide to study to become a doctor. Dr Samara claims that with all due respect, they are not the best people to get treated by in any case. Dr Samara believes that a person only deserves to become a medical practitioner if he/she has been extremely brilliant since a very young age, which Dr Samara believes that the people who started their careers as nurses are not.

Dr Samara doesn’t agree with the notion that many people seem to have that a pediatrician who has kids of his/her own is far superior to the one who doesn’t. Dr Samara writes¬†that it may be true in some cases, but it is far from being the truth in majority of the cases.

Dr Samara claims that sometimes too sensitive and too caring pediatricians aren’t too good for the health and well-being of your children in the case of some diseases.

Dr Samara claims that an average baby was never healthier before. Dr Samara adds that it is quite contrary to the opinion of the religious fanatics who claim that the kids and babies used to be healthier in the past decades and centuries. Dr Samara likes to tell them that as much as half of the infants used to die back in the day.

Dr Samara Sulin is extremely happy since she heard the news that the latest world’s smallest MRI can perform scan on single atoms.