Dr Pansye Gibbs is a pediatrician from Antwerp, Belgium, who operates 7 days a week. She claims to have never taken a holiday, although married and has 3 kids of herself.

Dr Pansye Gibbs now also replies to all the feedback on Google Places. She got the idea after she put a positive feedback for a taxi antwerpen service that she used once and they replied to her back immediately thereafter.

 Dr Pansye Gibbs really appreciates the vaccines and how far have they come but says that some people rely on vaccines a little too much including her own husband.

Dr Pansye Gibbs believes that one highly experienced, intelligent, wise and caring pediatrician is superior to a group of pediatricians. She clarifies that she is not pointing towards herself while claiming the same but talking for all the pediatricians.

Dr Pansye Gibbs claims that the doctors 4 decades ago were really ideal pediatrics. She really appreciates the fact that the previous generation of the pediatrics mostly even remembered the names of their regular patients.

Dr Pansye Gibbs doesn’t donate money or vaccinations and finds it strange and stupid that some pediatricians don’t bother much about their practice much but make a lot of donations. Dr Pansye believes that for a pediatrician, the biggest donation is treating her patients carefully and honestly.

Dr Pansye has been spreading awareness both online and offline against the harms caused by coffee/tea/soda and other stimulants and how these things become a barrier to a kid’s brain and body.

Dr Pansye Gibbs is an atheist but she respects the Hindu religion for having a doctor god – Dhanvantari.