Dr Junsu Dhong is a General Practitioner from Seoul, South Korea, who claims on his blog that he has been researching for a couple of years, the reason as to why is it that the Japanese people have much stronger immune systems than their Chinese counterparts and also live much longer than them although they both share similar DNA, both eat a great deal of almost similar non-vegetarian food and now when the upper-middle class Chinese men and women are very particular about the hygiene of their food, they still tend to have weaker immune systems than their Japanese counterparts who are not even as conscious about the hygiene of their food.

Dr Junsu Dhong lived and practiced in New Jersey, United States for over 4 years and their he became friends with several Persian doctors, who Dr Junsu claims never fell ill. He always asked them as to what was the reason and they didn’t know themselves. Dr Junsu Dhong got them all addicted to playing Korean video games as well although they didn’t understand the language. They tried to learn the language becoming members of a Korean online game community (우아미넷), and although they learnt enough of it to understand the controls and instructions of the Korean video games, they could never learn it enough to understand the storyline and dialogues of the Korean video games.

Dr Junsu Dhong always used to joke to his Persian friends that those with large vocabulary seem to have higher rates of getting diabetes and perhaps if you learn the Korean language enough, I might fulfill my dream of seeing you ill in my lifetime.