Paramshiva Sharma owns a large chain of toy stores that is spread all over Central India, mainly in the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Paramshiva has always been fond of writing and for that very reason, he likes to spend at least one hour out of his busy schedule to write a blog.

Just last week, Paramshiva Sharma made a post stating that his company may soon get into manufacturing and they will make their manufacturing debut with creating WCW toys, backpacks, etc. Because as a teenager, Paramshiva used to love WCW Nitro, and so do both his kids now. He adds that he cannot think about making his manufacturing debut with anything else, not even WWF or ECW related stuff.

Paramshiva claims on his blog that you can never predict the market of different toys in India, no matter how much you analyze it and the kind of money you spend on such analysis. Paramshiva likes to enjoy some watchseries with his whole family when it all goes wrong and it has been the same for years now.

Paramshiva claims that Boxing Action Figure Toys are more popular than their WWE Superstar Action Figure Toys for the first time since he got into this business, which breaks his heart as a pro-wrestling fan about the fact that how unpopular pro-wrestling has become.

Paramshiva writes on his blog that it is both a good and bad thing that the advent of Google Play Store has greatly reduced the sales of the video game consoles. He adds that the Indian online sellers being able to sell video game consoles much cheaper have made the condition far worse for the toy stores and other stores that sell video game consoles having physical location.