Dr Israr Hosein is an Allergist from East Jakarta, Indonesia, who claims on his blog that the seafood causes more allergies than most believe, think or know. He has always been against eating the seafood and claims that he himself hasn’t had any for years now or maybe a decade.

Dr Israr Hosein lived and practiced in the United Kingdom for a couple of years and there he noticed and observed that the people with Welsh ancestry are least likely to have common allergies.

Dr Israr Hosein recently enjoyed a vacation to the nation of Bhutan. After coming back from there, he wrote on his blog that it is saddening to see how people so intelligent, sensible and wise are unaware of most of the events outside their own country and are told by their media, religious chiefs and the government that they are the happiest people on earth just because they have the religion called Buddhism.

Dr Israr Hosein wrote on his blog that those who live in hilly areas are more prone to getting allergies and he received a lot of hate from the Indonesians belonging to the hilly areas for mentioning such a thing.

Dr Israr Hosein claims that studying Agrotechnology (Agroteknologi) as a hobby has helped his practice a lot, although it may sound unconveivable to many, but he doesn’t seem to care about it.

Dr Israr Hosein writes on his blog that studying Geobiology as a hobby couldn’t help his practice much though. He added that the study of Geobiology hasn’t progressed much over the past couple of decades and it is indeed a pity, but he is very happy with how far Geobotani in general has come.