Alexandra Vanickova owns a very popular relocation service in Mesa, Arizona, where she only recruits female employees, and she believes that recruiting only beautiful ladies is the real secret behind the success of her company. She finds it much simpler and easier to deal with the ladies and she says that they are also extremely polite and easy-on-the-eye of the clients as well.

Alexandra writes on the official blog of her company that it is really critical for a relocation service to behave in an extremely professional way all the times and don’t act money-minded at all.  She adds that if a relocation service owner, manager and other employees don’t conduct in a very professional manner, especially in the United States, they are bound to disappear from the scene, sooner or later.

Alexandra is a fitness freak as well, who travels all the way from her home to her office skating wearing one of the wigs that she bought with wig store online. She owns at least 10 of those and says that she feels more comfortable wearing a wig than without.

Alexandra writes on her blog that it is a pity that she is familiar with some relocation services in the State of Arizona, that are so unprofessional and unethical that they deny their own written estimate that they provided the client in the beginning.

Alexandra also claims to know several competing relocating companies that regularly damage products worth more than they charge, but she didn’t name any.

Alexandra writes on her blog that herself and her company believe in offering free services to the needy. She claims that she once relocated a rape victim that she saw on the newspaper for no cost at all.

Alexandra claims that she has several innovative plants that can revolutionize the relocation industry. She claims that she wanted to show up in the Shark Tank with a couple of her innovative plans, but then she figured out her revenues, profits, etc, and knew that Kevin O’Leary won’t invest in it and won’t let other sharks to invest in her company either.