Dr Catherine Rodriguez is a General Practitioner from Bristol, England, who claims that she has a complete control on over her appetite. She says that she can either eat like a beast or not all, it is all up to her personal wish. She adds that she loves eating though and that’s the reason why she always has the most stylish toughened glass splashbacks inside her personal kitchen.

Dr Catherine Rodriguez writes on her blog that the more comfortable your everyday shoes are, the better your overall health would be. She adds that the people really underestimate the role that one’s footwear plays in their overall health, especially men. She claims that herself wears the combination of most expensive and comfortable footwear that she can find and she trusts none other than the footwear ‘Made in England’ when it comes to buying the footwear for herself and her family and asks her regular patients to do the same.

Dr Catherine Rodriguez writes on her blog that she has never seen someone who is able to express himself/herself clearly go into depression in her entire medical career; Although many other General Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Psychologists wouldn’t agree with Dr Catherine Rodriguez on this claim of her, she doesn’t seem to care.

Dr Catherine Rodriguez also claims on her blog that the great leadership skills are highly underrated in the medical profession and it is a pity that they only take the leadership skills into consideration in the medical profession when it comes to running a large hospital, pharmaceutical chain, drug manufacturing units, etc.

Dr Catherine Rodriguez believes that wearing hats has hidden health side-effects, which really need to be revealed and for that very reason, she has been working to discover those. She says that she is 100% certain that wearing hats has a very negative impact on the neurological health of a man or a woman.