Dr Isaac Babaji is a Psychologist from Abuja, Nigeria, who received a lot of heat and negative comments from his own people for stating on his blog that the people belonging to deserts are most likely to have bipolar disorders. The heat and negative comments grew to an extent that Dr Isaac Babaji had to shut the comment section of his blog forever.

Dr Isaac Babaji once stated on his blog that for the first time in human history, the women are as prone to getting chronic depression as the men, he added that the case is worst in some of the first-world countries. He claims that illicit drugs, stress at work, the constant pressure to follow celebrity culture, etc, are some of the reasons mainly responsible to name a few. As you can already tell, Dr Isaac received a lot of hate from the feminists for mentioning this as well.

Dr Isaac Babaji is a proud father of 7 children. Each of Dr Isaac Babaji’s kids has been following the path of their father, with 3 of them having already become established Psychologists, the rest 4 are still studying and just like in the case of the already grown up 3 kids of his, Dr Isaac Babaji doesn’t fail to send his still student kids to the WAEC Expo each year.

Dr Isaac Babaji claims on his blog that wearing leather socks reduces fatigue and depression in the long run but it is a pity that the hot weather of the African continent doesn’t allow the people to do such a thing but what is great is that the chronic depression rate in the African continent is already negligible.