Dr Rodney Mason is a Dentist from San Francisco, California, who claims on his blog that the Veterinarians are more prone to getting soft tissue related diseases in the mouth. He adds that the Vets in the third-world are 600% more prone to catching such conditions on an average than a person belonging to any other profession or business and in the first-world countries like the United States itself, they are 250% as likely to get soft tissue related diseases in the mouth.

Dr Rodney Mason has a Radiologist niece, who has been working on to creative innovative ways for Mammography.

Dr Rodney Mason cannot compliment this niece of his enough. He says that he is extremely happy with every aspect of her. He says that she is the definition of a perfect woman and he is certain that she is going to make a perfect wife apart from being a perfect dentist to whoever she gets married. He writes on his blog that he is amazed about how come she manages to make enough time for things like sending good dares over text message to her family members all the time including himself out of her super-busy schedule.

Dr Rodney Mason is not happy with the Histologists at all who have been doing work in the dental field. He once wrote on his blog in a fury that they could have done at least 2000 times better if they spent less time on their drinks and girlfriends, and more time on getting better at their field and doing researches.