Interesting Antwerp Pediatrician has some interesting ideas and she claims to have learnt a lot of professionalism from this taxi service

Dr Pansye Gibbs is a pediatrician from Antwerp, Belgium, who operates 7 days a week. She claims to have never taken a holiday, although married and has 3 kids of herself.

Dr Pansye Gibbs now also replies to all the feedback on Google Places. She got the idea after she put a positive feedback for a taxi antwerpen service that she used once and they replied to her back immediately thereafter.

 Dr Pansye Gibbs really appreciates the vaccines and how far have they come but says that some people rely on vaccines a little too much including her own husband.

Dr Pansye Gibbs believes that one highly experienced, intelligent, wise and caring pediatrician is superior to a group of pediatricians. She clarifies that she is not pointing towards herself while claiming the same but talking for all the pediatricians.

Dr Pansye Gibbs claims that the doctors 4 decades ago were really ideal pediatrics. She really appreciates the fact that the previous generation of the pediatrics mostly even remembered the names of their regular patients.

Dr Pansye Gibbs doesn’t donate money or vaccinations and finds it strange and stupid that some pediatricians don’t bother much about their practice much but make a lot of donations. Dr Pansye believes that for a pediatrician, the biggest donation is treating her patients carefully and honestly.

Dr Pansye has been spreading awareness both online and offline against the harms caused by coffee/tea/soda and other stimulants and how these things become a barrier to a kid’s brain and body.

Dr Pansye Gibbs is an atheist but she respects the Hindu religion for having a doctor god – Dhanvantari.

Pediatrician from Knoxville is too excited and happy about the things that the world’s smallest MRI machine can do

Dr Samara Sulin is a Pediatrician from Knoxville, Tennessee, who recently made a post on her blog mentioning that she really appreciates the passion, hard-work, dedication and contribution of men and women that turn into pediatricians after providing their services as a nurse at a private clinic or at a large hospital for years and sometimes even decades and then decide to study to become a doctor. Dr Samara claims that with all due respect, they are not the best people to get treated by in any case. Dr Samara believes that a person only deserves to become a medical practitioner if he/she has been extremely brilliant since a very young age, which Dr Samara believes that the people who started their careers as nurses are not.

Dr Samara doesn’t agree with the notion that many people seem to have that a pediatrician who has kids of his/her own is far superior to the one who doesn’t. Dr Samara writes that it may be true in some cases, but it is far from being the truth in majority of the cases.

Dr Samara claims that sometimes too sensitive and too caring pediatricians aren’t too good for the health and well-being of your children in the case of some diseases.

Dr Samara claims that an average baby was never healthier before. Dr Samara adds that it is quite contrary to the opinion of the religious fanatics who claim that the kids and babies used to be healthier in the past decades and centuries. Dr Samara likes to tell them that as much as half of the infants used to die back in the day.

Dr Samara Sulin is extremely happy since she heard the news that the latest world’s smallest MRI can perform scan on single atoms.

Ice cream shop owner from Ann Arbor cannot thank The Art of Custom Framing enough for making her ice cream shop a place of immense attraction for the sportsmen and women

Stephanie Wilder owns an ice cream shop in one of the most important neighborhoods of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Stephanie spends more time blogging than she does managing her ice cream shop. Stephanie claims on her blog that whereas in most of the other businesses, it is the presence of the owner inside the shop/store that creates a huge customer retention rate, in the case of an ice cream shop, it is the opposite in case of an ice cream shop. Stephanie claims to have done several such experiments different times and it always results in the conclusion that the business is better when she is not present at her ice cream shop. Stephanie writes on her blog that the fine art that she got done by a Framing Detroit company is one of the things that she consider to be the most important for good business at her store.

Reading Stephanie’s blog, it looks like she has been extremely obsessed with the antediluvian biblical patriarch – Methuselah, lately. Stephanie writes on her blog that some so-called biblical scholars claim that Methuselah lived for 969 seasons instead of the 969 years, which is clearly a misinterpreration. Stephanie is not willing to take it that Methuselah lived for anything lesser than 969 years at all.

Stephanie writes that there is a great mystery behind Enoch walking with his sons and daughters for 300 years, which Stephanie claims to have been working on identifying and disclose.

Stephanie further claims that the human beings before the biblical flood weren’t immortal either, they just lived longer than the ones in the antediluvian period.

Alburquerque conspiracy theorist, blogger and Youtuber claims to have discovered a cure for several incurable disorders

Darryl Scalise is a conspiracy theorist, blogger and Youtuber from Alburquerque, New Mexico, who claims to know more political conspiracies around the Indian subcontinent than anyone else.

Darryl claims that Mahatma Gandhi became a celibate after both his testicles failed abruptly one night and he was left with no other option than to take his phony vow. Darryl claims that Mahatma Gandhi claiming to have wet dreams frequently was a drama to deviate people from thinking that there is nothing wrong with his reproductive system. Darryl claims that this post could have reversed the problem with Gandhi but unfortunately, it didn’t exist back in his time.

Darryl claims that the Vice-President of India is generally smarter and more eligible than the President himself, but they both have one thing in common, which is that they both are puppets of the Prime Minister of India.

Darryl further says that never ever in the history of India since its independence from the British has a President or Vice-President of India been impeached which really tells us that all the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of India have been good puppets of their bosses – the Prime Ministers of the independent India.

Darryl claims that the Indian newspaper man – MJ Akbar is an ISI agent who is on the payroll of the Pakistan for the past 25 years now. Darryl really doubts that sooner or later he is going to be caught.

Darryl claims that both the Prime Ministers of India belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party have been mere puppets of the European-Israeli-American-Russian alliance. Darryl writes that the most preferred people of this alliance are the ones that are single and don’t have a family for several different reasons, one of those being that their spouses might speak out in the public and tell the truth that their husband is nothing but a mere puppet in the hands of the few foreign conspirators.

Ballet Dance Industry is booming across the Europe, North America and Canada since Prince George of Wales started learning ballet

I like to joke that all the artists in contract with the Virgin label have one thing in common and that is that they are the ones that lost their virginity much before the average age of the nation that they belong to. Anyways, every dancer, dance school owner and the retired dancers are really happy with the news that the Prince George of Wales has been taking ballet lessons for a while now. The ballet schools have really got busier since this news got popular, which proves that the ballet is not something outdated or awkward, people just need to change their mindsets. And don’t care about the trolls, they are all envious that they weren’t born royal.

I recently talked to this major dance school owner through Chatango. They recently inaugurated their first dance school in Copenhagen, Denmark and are really happy about it as the business is really booming there as well.

This dance school owner told me that it is amazing how a greater number of people everyday, especially those below the age of 30  are now choosing dance as their most favorite form of everyday workout.

This dance school owner claims that they never advertise their dance school as an award-winning dance school and questions the dance schools that claim so that when you say award-winning dance school, why don’t you then specify which award is it that your dance school won. He claims that 70% of the dance schools nowadays mention on their websites that they are award-winning but very few mention that which award is it that they won.

Astrobiologist has great hopes with the mission Europa Clipper and he is willing to bet all of his GTQ on the same

Eduardo Giraldez is an Astrobiologist who says that contrary to the popular belief, most Astrobiologists live a very simple life with meager means and that’s where their dream to make tons of GTQ comes into picture.

Eduardo doesn’t hate to admit that most of the stories around the early evolution are more mythical than they are real. Eduardo claims that they are not going to reach its core till the end of this century, no matter how hard and how much they try.

Eduardo’s wife who also happens to be an Astrobiologist, has nightmares of aliens taking over the earth and turning human beings into their slaves. Once she had a nightmare that the aliens took over the earth and fed human beings to their own and earthly animals.

Eduardo Giraldez claims that they are asking for top Anthropoligsts’ help in their Astrobiology endeavors.

Eduardo writes on his blog that both the Big Bang theory and the claim that the universe is 13.8 billion years old are pure myths with no base at all.

Eduardo claims that the Astrologists are trying too hard to save their big bang theory in order to not look bad. Eduardo claims that most of them already know that it is a pure myth but they will do their best to not look like idiots and tell that it is a myth that they created.

Eduardo claims that there is life inside the Mars and not on the Mars. Eduardo says that they need to do a lot of dwelling in order to find life inside the Mars. Eduardo also claims that there is also a lot of water inside the planet Mars.

Eduardo has great hopes wit the mission ‘Europa Clipper’ by NASA and he is ready to bet his GTQ on the same.

English author wrote a book on Sri Aurobindo using his Razer Blade 15 and he literally enjoyed it

Lionel Lau is an English author who recently wrote a book on the life of one of his favorite Indian spiritual masters – Aurobindo Ghose. In his book, Lionel writes that Aurobindo inherited some mental illness from his mother but he was able to get rid of the same by by learning many different languages, no wonder why they recommend learning a new language to the patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Lionel claims that the spiritual experiences that Aurobindo had while serving at prison took place due to the psychedelics that he enjoyed with his fellow prisoners.

Lionel writes that it is a pity that Non-Hindus and even some irreligious Indians don’t take a masterpiece like Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol seriously enough.

Lionel claims that it is a myth that they came up with that it took Sri Aurobindo over 50 years to complete Savitri. Lionel claims that it didn’t take him more than 35 years, but it is true that Aurobindo revised it 18 times before it finally went public.

Lionel writes that it is a pity that they never created a TV show dedicated to the life and death of Aurobindo Ghose even in Bengali language, let alone Hindi.

Lionel claims that although Aurobindo loved writing and learning new languages, he hated to read books.

Lionel writes that Aurobindo’s younger brother – Barindra Kumar Ghose aka Barin could have become the first President of India if not the Prime Minister, if he were as ambitious and cunning as Jawaharlal Nehru and had played his cards well and right.

Lionel wrote this entire book on his Razers New Blade 15 and he claims to have loved the experience.

Knoxville TN cosmetic surgeon makes fun of iOS for its security issues

Dr Kevin Bundy is a cosmetic surgeon who has been operating in the city of Knoxville, TN for the past 22 years now. Dr Kevin says that the greatest priority of the patients while getting a hair transplant is “No Pain” and it has been so since the time he started transplanting hair himself.

Dr Kevin writes that as much as the patients are concerned about the doctors/surgeons nowadays, they are as much concerned about the team and receptionists as well.

Dr Kevin writes that if you don’t have enough budget to hire the most experienced and well-known doctor for lip-filling, don’t panic, the lip-filling is so common and uncomplicated nowadays as compared to the other cosmetic procedures that you are in safe hands with 95% of the surgeons when it comes to the same.

Dr Kevin claims that never before were people so afraid of the warts and moles as they are now. He says that nobody could have imagined 70 years ago that wart removal and mole removal would be such major industries.

Dr Kevin believes that eyebrow transplants across the world are growing at a pace of 100-200% per year. He says that the best thing about the eyebrow transplant is that most patients don’t feel any pain at all and because of not feeling any sort of pain at all, they start recommending it to their friends and family members as well as soon as they leave the clinic. Dr Kevin says that the only thing that nobody is recommending to their friends or family members is the iMessage due to iOS Security Issues.

Dr Kevin has successfully performed thousands of liposuction procedures and he claims to have never received any sort of complain of infection or some such thing ever.

Nobody knows Floor Barre as well as Francesco Costanzo

Francesco Costanzo Floor Barre King could never get a chance to see the Roman Catholic German Opera Director – August Everding but he heard a lot about him through his older colleagues.

Francesco’s older colleagues told him that the parents didn’t hesitate to take their kids to watch August Everding’s plays with them as they contained nothing sexual or vulgar. He was really a strict Roman Catholic. They also dare not ban him as he had the Roman Catholic church backing him up.

They also claim that the celebrated Indian Bollywood actor – Shammi Kapoor, who belongs to one of the richest and most popular families in India, literally copied August Everding’s style in the old age.

Francesco is himself certain about one thing of August Everding and that is that his DVDs still sell like hot cakes on the eBay.

Francesco Costanzo recently wrote about the British theater and film legend – Peter Hall. Francesco starts his post in a funny way, he writes that Peter Hall and his wife Leslie Caron made tremendous love all the time in the initial years of their marriage which should be evident from the fact that they married in 1956 and Leslie gave birth to their first child in 1957 and then in 1958.

Francesco writes that along with Tennesse Williams, the play ‘Waiting for Gadot’ attracted the attention of someone even special – Peter’s first wife – Leslie Caron towards Peter Hall.

Francesco is told by every elder that the combination of Tennessee Williams and Peter Hall was considered lethal in the British theater like no other back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Francesco believes that one of the reasons why Peter Hall grew up to be so extraordinary was that he was the only child of his parents and they took care of him and raised him up as well as they could.

Portuguese choreographer Bibian Vidal is extremely impressed with sbarra a terra francesco costanzo

Bibian Vidal is a popular choreographer and blogger of Portuguese origin who has lived in several different Portuguese speaking countries in her lifetime including Brazil and Portugal. Bibian writes in one of her blog posts that one of the most underestimated role of dancing is its capability to eliminate anger. Bibian adds that the ancient Hindus knew this very well and that’s the reason why their foremost god – Mahadeva aka Shiva aka Shubham is portrayed as a dancer whenever he is angry.

Bibian believes that sbarra a terra francesco costanzo is the greatest dance method if you want to reduce your weight and anger altogether simultaneously.

As a choreographer, Bibian claims that the teachers that have been learning the dance art since their childhood are generally the better ones and there is no denying that but if the ones that never learnt the art of dancing in their childhood get extremely passionate about learning dance in the adulthood, they can sometimes beat the ones that have been learning to dance since their childhood within a matter of couple of years.

Bibian says that on the websites and offices of some dance academies, you will read them bragging about how proud they are of the small number of students in each of their cohorts but they will not tell you that the original reason behind this is that nobody is willing to join their academy.

Bibian is also interested in becoming an interior designer and she has been learning the same for quite a while now. Bibian says that the light colors for bedding or exteriors are not a trend anymore. She says that you must choose these only if you want to look and feel old.

Jerusalem’s IT company owner didn’t have a divorce party because he was busy writing about a rare metal on his blog

Filon Bamussi is an IT company owner from Jerusalem. Filon recently got divorced and he believes that it is the best thing that has happened to his IT company.

Filon has a blog dedicated completely to science and technology which receives over 10000 visits a month. On his blog, Filon advises that one must never forget to read the reviews about an IT company’s future/after sales/service support before hiring them. Filon claims that he has seen several businesses losing a lot of their precious time, energy and money because they didn’t read the reviews regarding the future/after sales/service support of the IT company.

Filon also says that you must not go for the IT companies that do not provide testing before. Filon has personally seen several people falling for an IT company just by the look of their website, their office and the etiquette and well-manners of their owners/chiefs only to find themselves stuck with an incapable and inexperienced company later on.

Filon recently wrote an article regarding Metal that changes shape in magnetic field which had a length of over 2500 words. This one article alone was responsible for over 20% of the visits to his blog and Filon couldn’t be any happier. Now he is looking for more such findings and is eager to write about them.

Filon recently wrote on his blog that many engineering firms have forgotten that cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency are two separate things and they think that it is enough on their part if they have taken care of just one already, which is far from being effective according to Filon. Filon believes that in today’s competitive world, a company that is not using the best methods possible for cost-effectiveness or cost-efficiency, it is doomed to fail.

Devout Catholic author from Porto Alegre is married to an atheist woman who claims to have 100 different solutions for expression lines on the face

Cory Alvarez is a devout Catholic Christian author from the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil who has been writing a book on the life of biblical character Joseph. In his book, Cory claims that Potiphar – the palace guard wanted to marry his daughter to Joseph until Joseph wasn’t accused of molesting his wife but God had something else in his mind but after Joseph was falsely accused of the crime that he never committed, Potiphar couldn’t even think about marrying his one and only daughter to Joseph.

Cory has also written that after Joseph rose to become the chief adviser of the Pharaoh of Egypt, he proposed Joseph hesitantly for marrying his one and only daughter and as Joseph had already forgiven his entire family for the crime that they committed against himself but because Joseph didn’t believe that god would want him to marry anyone other than one of the chosen ones, he rejected Joseph’s offer, not due to his own will but for that of the god’s.

Cory has also given the answer to all those who are prone to asking that why did Joseph marry Asenath who was clearly not one of the chosen ones. Cory claims that Joseph married Asenath because god in one of Joseph’s dream appeared to him and told him to marry a girl named Asenath who happens to be the daughter of a priest in Egypt that goes by the name Poti-Pherah. Cory also mentions that god told Joseph in his dream that Asenath has some Jewish blood in her and that’s the main reason why god commanded Joseph to marry Asenath.

Cory absolutely declines the claim that Poti-Pherah was the same person as Potiphar. Cory claims that both were completely different persons and just because the Egyptian names in the ancient times all sounded so similar, there is such a similarity in their names. Cory mentions that the Egyptian names still do sound very much similar and it has always been such since the ancient times.

Cory’s wife is an atheist and Cory is completely okay with it although they have arguments regularly only to make up later on. She is a fitness freak who also has a huge following on the social media where she posts regularly regarding different topics and conditions. She recently wrote a completely handwritten post on how to do away with expression lines (como acabar com as linhas de expressão) which received thousands of retweets, favorites and shares.

ISBI Bandung students have a great admiration for a man named Bayu Angora

Agus Ghani is a young man from Yogyakarta, Indonesia who happens to be one of the greatest George Orwell fan in the entire country. Agus Ghani is a graduate from ISBI Bandung just like his hero Bayu Angora – the man who has been making headlines for promoting freethinking like never before in the nation called Indonesia.

Agus Ghani has been busy writing a book on the life and death of George Orwell for a while. Agus has already released some of the excerpts from his book on his one and only blog.

Agus has written that George Orwell was the greatest influence in the life of the first Indian Prime Minister –  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru but he never mentioned it publicly just because George Orwell was British and it was the British Colonialism only that the Indians were fighting against.

Agus claims that George Orwell’s father could have tried harder to become rich if he had not become an opium addict while working at the opium department of the Indian Civil Service.

Agus claims that George Orwell desired the perfect body of Brenda Salkeld till the last day of his life and believed that he could have been the happiest man on earth if she agreed to marry him.

Agus claims that George Orwell wanted his brother-in-law Humphrey Dakin to meet some major accident one day as they both hated each other throughout their lives and although George wanted to be friends with Humphrey Dakin, Humphrey was unappreciative, mean and arrogant with George and that’s what infuriated George the most.

Dermatologist from Chetumal, Mexico buys himself a new domain and hosting each year

Dr Alex Abrego is a dermatologist who has been practicing in Chetumal city of Mexico for the past 24 years now. Dr Alex loves to get his practice a new website each year and like every year, this year too he got himself the best web hosting in Mexico (hospedaje web en méxico).

One of Dr Alex Abrego’s blogs which also happens to be his oldest is extremely popular for the interesting posts that Dr Alex Abrego makes there. Dr Alex Abrego claims on his blog that people with a history of skin cancer must choose their skin doctor with more vigilance as they wouldn’t like to take a chance in that situation.

Dr Alex Abrego says that this is a reality that when he was new to his dermatology practice and botox was a new phenomena, the patients used to be nervous even at the time of their first botox but nowadays they aren’t nervous even during their first time which looks like a miracle to someone like him.

Dr Alex claims that caffeine is bad for all skin issues but for sensitive skin, it is a disaster and he believes that there aren’t much studies done on this but there should be. He claims to have noticed this by himself during his practice time and again.

Dr Alex claims that fake creams are responsible for as much as 40% of the cystic acne cases and hence you must choose yours with vigilance.

T-shirt manufacturer can write an encyclopedia about the future of the industry and although he claims his tees are some of the best, he buys his own from another company

Patrick Brenda owns a very successful cloth manufacturing company that creates clothes for both men and women. Patrick claims that their biggest focus is on creating as much variety of sizes as possible and they have always made it possible that their sizes can fit most of the people. Patrick also claims that their company manufactures the best free size shorts that really fit most – be it thin, athletic, fat, chubby, robust body type.

Patrick gives the advice to the rookies that if you are new to the clothing industry and you cannot afford to fail, then only sell basic styled clothes and try to sell those at the cheapest prices possible that fetches you a good profit as well.

Patrick claims that the demand for the men’s clothes has been going constantly lower but that for the women has been going only higher. Patrick jokes that the number of clothing pieces manufactured and sold to the women has definitely increased bu the amount of cloth required to manufacture those roughly 1.5 times the piece of cloth has still remained the same.

Patrick says that we shouldn’t be surprised if by 2024, for every 5 women clothing stores, there is only one for the men.

Patrick claims that there cloth is the best at not fraying at the price and they are also thinking about providing a one-year ‘no-fray’ warranty on all the clothes manufactured at their company but they are abused of the abuse of that warranty and that’s the lone reason that has been stopping them from doing so.

After reading all this about Patrick and Patrick’s clothing company, anybody will naturally think that Patrick only wears t-shirts and other clothes manufactured by his own company, but you need to click here to know where Patrick’s personal t-shirts come from.

English language school owner from Santa Clara recovered her bitcoins successfully with Assured Recover

Evie Tracy has been running an English language school in a prominent neighborhood of the Santa Clara city focused on the immigrants that are brilliant engineers who come all the way from their home countries to the USA for their engineering jobs but do not have a command in the English language. It goes without saying that Evie has a great command in the English language but Forex trading with bitcoins on unknown websites that promised great returns is something out of her league and this was told to her by her husband when she decided to do the same; Only when Evie realized that she had lost her bitcoins she felt that her husband was right but Evie was determined to not look bad in front of him and hence she looked for all the possible ways with which she could get her bitcoins back and that’s when she discovered Assured Recover – a binary options and cryptocurrency recovery company with a success rate of over 99%. It was easier to recover lost bitcoins with the help of Assured Recover than Evie first thought.

Anyways, let us talk some about Evie’s glorious and perhaps the best language school in all of Santa Clara city here. One of the most astonishing facts about Evie’s English language school is that some of the most popular Non-Native English speaking celebrities learnt the English language at her school.

Another surprising thing about Evie’s language school is that they serve coffee at her school itself with a warning that too much of coffee is bad for the health and Evie claims that her students do not seem to care much about those warning signs at all.

Korean Jewelry Designer loves drama and motorcycles

Melati Namgung is a beautiful Korean jewelry designer who comes from a family of formula racers.

Melati is from a family of formula racers but that doesn’t mean she is also as passionate about the formula racing herself. Melati’s greatest passion is motorcycles after drama Korea.

Melati believes that while buying an overly expensive car, you always need to compromise more than you gain, hence it is better to stay moderate with your car buying decision and don’t get too excited about the same, but Melati believes that when you buy an expensive motorcycle, you don’t face any such issues, most of the times your money is well spent in that case and you really get what you paid for.

Melati also believes that Automatic Transmissions on a motorcycle are fun but the case is just the opposite in the case of cars.

Melati thinks that storage pannies should be made mandatory by the governments for the motorcycles.

Melati says that if you want a good head massage, there is nothing better than riding a Harley Davidson on the bumpy roads to get one.

Melati says that the most likeable thing about the Harley Davidson motorcycles is that they use cast aluminium rims on those. Melati claims that cast aluminium rims have proven to be the best over and over again each time. Melati says that the manufacturers should stop using other types of rims altogether and use only cast aluminium.

Melati also has a message to all the motorcycle manufacturers that they need to care more about the position of the shoulders of the rider.

Melati says that the best-looking motorcycles ever by Harley Davidson are VRSCDX Night Rod Special and FLHX Street Glide.

Self-proclaimed safest toy manufacturer uses Robotalker for making automated phone calls

Professor Chachki Toy Company (name changed) claim they make the safest mass-produced toys for kids anywhere in the world. They say that they don’t believe in making profits much but trying to make the kids happy.

The founders at Professor Chachki Toy Company believe that there is no fun in forever sticking with stuff that works and bring in profits. They believe that along with sticking to the stuff that really works and sells, a business must also do its best to innovate and that includes creating and selling weird stuff that results in losses. Professor Chachki Toy Company and its founders believe that a business can never learn until it faces some losses.

Professor Chachki Toy Company ships orders over US Dollar 25 along with shipping charges but they don’t charge at all for the shipping if your order is over USD 50.

When some of the Professor Chachki Toy Company management decided to make automated phone calls as the norm for everybody that calls up their company, the rest of the management objected and said that it won’t look good for a company that sells toys to the kids but they also had to agree after they were reminded of the company’s philosophy of always keeping to experiment. Luckily, the founders decided to choose perhaps the best automated phone call and message service – Robotalker and they haven’t looked back ever since.

Now, the company’s next target is getting into manufacturing and wholesaling study tables and portable swimming pools.

Your portable induction burner isn’t one of the best if it doesn’t come with automatic shutdown option

Ken Nuttall’s grandfather was a politician but everyone else in his family always hated politics and they still do. Nobody other than Ken’s grandfather ever participated in any elections and still don’t ever plan to.

The family fears the day when over half of the population of the world will be armed, ready to fight the rulers (the politicians and the multinational corporation owners) because of the oppression.

Ken is a wealthy owner of a factory that manufactures only wheeled dustbins of different shapes and sizes. Ken’s wife Maribel told Ken that she wanted to buy a portable induction burner. Ken told her that it could be dangerous for their little kids as they may cause accidents and they really have in the past, but then Maribel told Ken that the best portable induction burner out there in the market automatically shuts down after a few seconds if it detects no activity. Finally, Ken agreed to buy one, Ken was so rookie about this matter that when he looked for a portable induction burner on Amazon, the only thing that he cared about how good the digital screen on it looks.

Ken and Maribel are very happy with their purchase and along with the portable induction burner, their recent purchase is a White Cadillac Escalade which Ken bought against Maribel’s wish, she wanted to buy a Lincoln Navigator instead as she doesn’t trust GM cars anymore after a relative of hers died due to an accident while she was in her Chevrolet. The family all blames GM’s poor build quality for the family member’s death but Ken doesn’t agree.

Middle-aged dentist got proposed by a 24 year old stunner, he calls it CrazyBulk power

Berdy Vesely (name changed) is a 39 year old dentist who recently married a 24 years young stunning woman whom he met for the first time at the gym. Berdy’s wife’s name is Bela and she is the one who asked Berdy out for the first time.

Berdy’s life has taken a complete turn since he started using health products, especially CrazyBulk.

Berdy has been trying to find out what part of the brain of bugs and flies makes them so circumspective. Berdy has also been trying to invent a medicine using Centipede’s body.

Berdy has also been trying to invent a pill for eternal youth and vigor inspired by the CrazyBulk.

There was a time when watching too many real-life crime cases and TV shows made him paranoid. He was even scared to open the peanut butter tin can.

Bela recently inaugurated a black and white themed restaurant of her own with the money she made with her tour agency. Bela’s tour agency is popular for cheapest high quality exotic beach holidays.

Bela loves travelling. Bela lived in Mexico for a while and she came to the conclusion that eating grasshoppers reduces serotonin levels in the brain in the long-term.

Last year, Bela enjoyed a trip of most of the middle-east. She was really fascinated by the valleys of modern day Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Israel. She says that the area touching the Levantine sea is really the promised land.

Bela is very active on the social media and her all-time favorite website is Twitter. Bela wonders all the time that why the founders of the Twitter aren’t as popular as the Mark Zuckerberg. Bela is also a blogger and she prefers Tumblr over WordPress and Blogspot for free blogging. She recently bought a laptop made up of Bronze with the money that she made with blogging.

This once ordinary New Delhi girl is today one of the most popular Youtubers in the Indian Subcontinent

Mehak Tuli (name changed) used to be like any other New Delhi girl until about two years ago before she discovered how to make money fast with Youtube. As many of you might be aware of the fact that very little Indians had any sort of access to the internet at their homes until the largest Indian corporation – Reliance India Limited popularly known as RIL launched the Reliance JIO network. Reliance JIO started offering the cheapest ever internet service in November 2016  in India.

Mehak had no idea that there is money to be made on the internet. After she got the internet connection, she got an internet obsession and addiction and one day accidentally she found out about the free resources on a website called ecom-digital-resources that there is a lot of money to be made on the internet.

Mehak is no fitness trainer, yoga expert, singer, dancer or anything and without any skills, she started making random videos and here she is – one of the most popular Indian Youtubers ever.

Mehak recently married a very rich man from the financial capital of India – Mumbai who is a Mantak Chia’s fan and daily practices Mantak Chia’s Kung Fu with Mehak. Mehak is more interested in bodybuilding and she says that Mantak Chia’s bedroom Kung Fu is helping her gain muscles as well. Mehak has made several videos till date explaining about the pros and cons of Mantak Chia’s exercises which has received lots of controversies in a conservative and a developing country like India but Mehak couldn’t care less.

Mehak takes shower thrice a day and she goes out for shopping everyday as well.

Mehak is currently making videos on how landlocked countries can improve their economies. One of the ways she has been advising the landlocked countries to increase and improve their economies is by making their lands arable.

From a 3000$ per month salary apparel designer to the owner of a popular Canadian clothing brand

Blair Borden (name changed) is now a proud owner of a successful and old Canadian clothing brand which she bought using the money that she made with her online business.

Blair is an innocent lady who is pure as the galvanized steel used in Volkswagen cars. Blair used to work as an apparel designer for Ralph Lauren until she discovered an article about new business online and that really changed her life. Hundreds of thousands of people have read the same article already but what is the point if you are not going to implement what you just read.

Blair once went to explore the palaces of India and she claims that she was abducted by the men of the royal family of Jaisalmer and several men tried to make sexual relationships with her there until she succeeded in running away and straight away land back to her country.

Blair knows several followers and devotees of Swami Om. The followers and devotees of Swami Om claim that Swami Om really killed 3 terrorists all alone with bare hands. Swami Om’s followers and devotees claims that Swami Om spent 4 years in prison and then came out after wrongly proved innocent under the pressure of the Hindu version of Pope – Shankaracharya.

One of Swami Om’s followers told Blair that the first winner of the Indian stand-up comedy show – Sunil Pal was kidnapped was kidnapped by the most popular and the richest comedian of India ever – Kapil Sharma because he refused to appear on Kapil Sharma’s show for free. The authorities all sided with Kapil Sharma because of his power, money and influence.

Blair also once went to explore Pakistan. She says that the polluted and dirty food, confused and misogynistic culture makes Pakistan one of the worst tour destinations.

German cars are way more reliable than their Japanese counterparts, come and hire one in Rethymno, Crete

Baldhild Darby (name changed) thinks she knows a lot about the automobiles and she claims that the highly exaggerated reliability of the Toyota and Honda cars is a lie. Baldhild says that the German cars including Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and others are way more reliable than any of the Japanese cars and while the makers of the Japanese cars are busy spreading the lies and rumors that the Japanese cars can run millions of miles without ever breaking down and the German cars break down every here and now, the Germans are constantly busy improving the quality of the cars that they make and only the people that own the German cars know how reliable these German cars are. Baldhild says that the Germans voluntarily do not expose the Japanese car makers and their tactics and tell the truth publicly because that will increase the sales of the German cars and the Germans firmly believe that more sales will result in lower quality of their cars and quality is all that matters for the Germans. The Germans don’t care about the sales but rather keeping on making better cars for their customers.

Baldhild went to an international school and she says that the Arab kids in her school scored very well and there were tons of those in her school. Baldhild says that the Arabs who were born and raised in western countries behave way more elegantly and decently in the public and private than the ones born and raised in any Arab country.

Baldhild says that there is no fixed philosophy of success, it comes differently to each and every being those who are busy teaching the philosophy of success are mere frauds.

Baldhild’s husband is 6’6″ and he only hires SUVs when he uses rent a car Rethymno Crete.

This Lyft driver drives nothing but Honda cars after trying almost every major Japanese car brand

Adamo Mayberry (name changed) claims that spiritual people are more creative than the ones who are not. Adamo says that he meets all sorts of people working as an independent driver. Adamo used to drive for Uber before joining Lyft. Adamo decided to become a Lyft driver after finding Lyft driver promo code.

All these years of working as an Uber and Lyft driver, Adamo claims to have driven nothing but Japanese cars including Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki and Honda. Adamo drives nothing but Honda now after having an experience of them all. Adamo claims that they all have their own cons except the Honda, Adamo says that Hondas are the most value for money, they are fun to drive, fuel efficient, long lasting, durable, and last but not the least – have a very high resale value.

Adamo claims that the ancient people weren’t addicted to the pleasures as much as the modern human beings. Adamo regularly trolls the NoFap, NoSmoking, NoAlcohol and other subreddits as he is amazed to see the weakness of the modern human beings.

Adamo says that he prefers a Honda over a Ford any day. One of Adamo’s friends has been trying to sell his old Ford Fusion to him but Adamo like always said “a big NO” to the American cars but a polite one this time.

Adamo claims that socialism makes people dull, stupid and unhappy. He went to the India during when the Nehru-Gandhi family used to rule over there and the India was a socialist-capitalist economy and he also went to India in the year 2016 when India has become a capitalist country, he says that the people of India today are much more wiser, intelligent and better than they were during the socialism days.

Tiny garden lights in the Hua Hin District during the nighttime is such a sight

Gil Mercier (name changed) has been told several times by several different persons that he has generosity and kindness stamped on his head. Gil has never made any charity, he never donated anything, the only thing that Gil believes he can be called generous for is selling his products at the prices much cheaper than his competitors even though he can make thrice as much profits if he sells his products at the same prices that his competitors sell those for.

Gil has been to India several times in his life and as an explorer, he decided to not only travel the metropolitan corners of the country but rather travel different sort of cities, towns and villages located in the east, west, south and north of India. Gil has been to at least over 2000 different temples of both north and south India, sometimes more than twice and he has come to the conclusion that the shrine concept in the Hindu temples is stolen from the Zoroastrian religion and their fire temples. Only a handful of Persians ever traveled to the Southernmost part of India including the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Gil says that there are no shrines in the temples of South India. Gil says that the Indian subcontinent’s Urdu language is more influenced by the Persian language than the Arabic or Devanagari. Gil himself has learnt to speak a lot of Hindi, Urdu and even Punjabi.

When Gil is not touring to explore but rather to enjoy, his favorite destination is Thailand and in Thailand his most favorite city is Bangkok but this time he is rather off for Hua Hin and other cities, towns and villages that he never visited ever before. He has already booked a cab using and he can’t wait to be there.

Ontario conspiracy theorist is always after the car manufacturers and with his videos gone viral made himself enough money to buy a mansion at Stonehaven Avenue, Newmarket

Charlie Goodson (name changed) is a popular blogger and Youtuber who claims that all the billionaires of the world combined are the real Dajjal. Charlie in one of his blog posts and a Youtube video accused the car manufacturers of deliberately making unreliable cars which don’t last long at all. Charlie says that in the late 70s, the American and European car manufacturers had a meeting and they together decided that the best way to rip the customers off their money would be to make the cars that don’t last for long and need to be fixed every other month, their Japanese and Korean counterparts joined them in the late 90s and since then they have all been ripping the customers off by making cars that are nothing but money pits.

Charlie says that one of his mechanic friends once started a car manufacturing business out of his small garage and as soon as an informer of the car manufacturing conglomerate passed the news to them that a young man in his garage is trying to create cars that last forever, the conglomerate made the man disappear one fine evening and he has not been seen by anyone ever since.

Charlie says that he owns 3 cars and all 3 are Chevrolet. Charlie says that the Chevrolet cars are the most reliable cars available today in the market but just because General Motors started making reliable cars in the late 90s, the conglomerate of the car manufacturers decided to destroy the General Motors and now General Motors is nowhere but only in the US and in the US too they account for only 12% of the sales.

Charlie’s Youtube videos are loved by a lot of conspiracy theorists and the conspiracy theories’s lovers, he made enough money to buy a new mansion in Stonehaven Avenue, Newmarket with his Youtube money and currently his mansion is going through home renovation Newmarket.

She lived in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Mexico but nothing gives her more pleasure than watching children’s movies with her beautiful kids

Camille Biala (name changed) has a 12 years experience of working in the Arab countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Camille says that the Arabs maybe rich but they aren’t civilized or well-mannered and they aren’t doing much about it. She says that if you ever watch the Arab drift videos, you will get to know what she is talking about here. Camille says that civilians beating the hell out of the cops is a common sight in the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Camille’s father is one of the most popular justices in the history of Greece, he is widely admired for his justice and righteousness, and is sort of a mythical hero for his fans. He has a Facebook page and a Twitter ID, his fan following is more than many actors and actresses on the social media. He still drives the same Volvo P1800 that he bought in the year 1971 and no other car does it for him. It is not that he never bought any other car but no other car has ever been able to bring a smile on his face.

Camille had the opportunity to work in Tijuana, Mexico as well and she knows a lot about the drug trade of Mexico and especially that of Tijuana. Camille claims that the infamous Arellano Felix Organization (AFO) also known as the Tijuana Cartel or the Arellano Brothers Organization was never as violent as they are showcased by the Mexican and international media. Camille claims that other cartels like that of the El Chapo Guzman, Levya Brothers and more were more than willing to share a huge amount of their profits with the government while the Arellano Felix Brothers weren’t and that’s what made all the difference. Camille claims that along with the government agencies, the media and the military too demand their share of the drug money. Camille says the accusation that they make against the Arellano Felix Brothers that they are responsible for killing more people than Osama Bin Laden is an absolute lie and every local citizen of Tijuana knows this fact. According to Camille, Arellano Felix Brothers were considered heroes in Tijuana and they used to donate huge amounts of money to the poor and the needy. They built several churches and the accusation that they worshiped Santa Muerte is a garbage.

Camille’s dad and Camille herself love to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with Camille’s children when they aren’t busy.

United Arab Emirates should be renamed to United Arab Emeralds because of the great quality of exotic emeralds available there – Chloe Alesk

Chloe Alesk (name changed) only eats off the copper utensils since she read the benefits of using copper utensils and the side-effects of using plastic ones.

Chloe was born to a bus driver in Columbus, Ohio whose story has been showcased in several rags to riches documentaries, magazine articles and other related types. Chloe’s dad used to be a bus driver who ultimately became the owner of the topmost Ohio bus company.

Chloe herself is a very rich woman who owns over 25 swimming and lifestyle clubs all across the state of Ohio and now she is eyeing Florida for further expansion.

Chloe loves to travel and she recently arrived back from Dubai. Chloe was amazed to see the types and quality of emerald that were on sale in Dubai. Chloe usually doesn’t like to visit the same country or city twice but in the case of Dubai it looks like she will make some exception.

Chloe has given several interviews about her own and her dad’s business success. She doesn’t have much to say about herself but about her dad, she claims that her dad discovered a business technique that gave him a huge advantage over his business rivals and made his business flourish like no other in the industry. His success was really rapid.

Chloe says that her dad’s dream was to become the Chief Justice of United States of America and he wanted to become a Chief Justice who would be popular for his justice like no other. Chloe says that he was happy with his bus business’s success but he would have been even happier if he could become a Chief Justice, she says that he would have been 100x times happy if he could have become an ordinary justice, let alone becoming the Chief Justice of the United States of America.

Power Yoga Masters from all across the globe are loving these Yoga Mats

Norman Mirro’s grandfather was a soloist who created one of the largest orchestras in the history of the United States. Norman Mirro’s great-grandfather was mistaken for being a Jew by Mussolini’s men. Norman says that it is a lie that Mussolini let the Jews go undisturbed, he wasn’t as bad as the Hitler, Goebbels or Stalin to the Jews but the Jews didn’t even have 50% of the rights compared to their Catholic counterparts.

Norman’s great-grandfather decided to travel overseas for the better future of his next and upcoming generations.

Norman is a Yoga and Power Yoga master, he recently started his own power yoga classes after seeing the success of several power yoga masters that migrated from all across the world to the United States. Norman is surprised by the great quality of the Yoga Mats that he ordered online.

Currently, Norman has only one employee – Vishwas, who is an immigrant from West Bengal, India. He is the son of a poor Bengali fisher woman who immigrated to the United States for a better future for himself and his family in the West Bengal. Vishwas’s father passed away when Vishwas was only 2. He used to extract honey from the Beehives and once when he was out to do the same, he had no idea that a tiger was following him and you can imagine what happened next.

Vishwas’s mother wanted him to study hard and become a doctor or engineer in his own country but Vishwas could never focus on his studies as he should have. Vishwas used to play all the time with the kids in his vicinity and only studied days before the examinations frantic with worries. Vishwas could never scored good in the junior classes and he was never able to pass his junior high examinations.

Horse breeder, horse rider, wealthy landlord and one of the most underrated musicians preferred Indonesia to get an android app built

Carla Padron (name changed) is skilled in the art of horse breeding and horse riding. Carla owns several horses and is one of the wealthiest women landlord in the United States.

Carla owns several big houses including villas, mansions and bungalows, all of Carla’s houses have one thing in common that is they all have a conservatory attached to them.

Carla’s great-great grandfather was one of the most important and wealthiest men in the history of San Francisco. He was involved in the oil, steel and real estate industries.

Carla’s mother is one of the smartest female academics that you have never seen. She can outsmart 99.9% of the academics from any part of the world.

Carla is one of the greatest musical geniuses but the mainstream media buried her name and her great genius and personality just because she might come in the way of their agenda and she never pays the mainstream media for her publicity or promotion. Carla recently got an android application built by one of the smartest and well-organized Indonesian android application creation services (jasa pembuatan aplikasi android). This android app helps you identify the name of the singer and music composer of the song. Carla hasn’t yet officially launched that app, it is only a couple of days old and she is testing the app with her family members, friends and other well-familiar people before launching it. Carla’s intention and purpose for launching the app wasn’t to make money with it or become popular, but to serve the common people instead.

Carla is a pantheist who claims that every death is a natural death in eyes of the divine.

Traveling is a great way to promote your website, especially when you get to enjoy the sightseeing in a paradise like Thailand

Kristine Bodard (name changed) is one of the biggest critics of the infamous Ben Shapiro, a man famous for being famous. Kristine has claimed several times on her personal blog that Ben Shapiro is a megalomaniac who has a phobia that he is the reincarnation of Jewish patriarchs – Abraham and Moses combined.

Kristine accuses Ben Shapiro of making claims without knowing anything about the subject. Kristine says that Ben Shapiro screamed and cried for days or perhaps weeks on several different television channels that #metoo on Twitter will reduce the recruitment percentage of the women within less than a year by half. Kristine says that the company that she works for saw no reduction in the percentage of the women recruited. Kristine says that the recruitment of the women has perhaps gone even up at the company that she works for.

Kristine is all about the gender equality but she is against the modern feminist movement. Kristine respects Margaret Sanger and some genuine feminists like herself but she has some filthy things to say about the pseudo-feminists. Kristine says that most of the ideas of the current day feminists are impractical and inapplicable in real life.

Kristine has those crazy looking dark black eyes with small pupils and sometimes people get scared by just looking at her eyes even though she has a very beautiful face overall.

Kristine recently created a gaming website that guarantees faster loading time than any other gaming website. Kristine is planning to travel the whole world to promote her website, the website is available in all the major languages of the world. Kristine traveled almost all of Thailand in the month of October to promote her website, she went from Bangkok to Koh Chang in a Thai Happy Taxi and then from Koh Chang to Koh Sumai.

Moldovan-American Bank Chain Owner is getting married to the greatest Scooby Doo Fan in Miami, FL

Diamond Benatar (name changed) is perhaps the biggest Scooby Doo fan that you have never ever met. She has all her cars painted like the mystery van in the Scooby Doo cartoon. She says that all the major manufacturers of cars should invent a new color – Mystery Van Color.

Diamond is very positive about the legalization of Marijuana in different states of Marijuana.

Diamond’s fiance – Meelis Albot is of Moldovan origin. He has been living in the United States for the past 15 years and is a very wealthy man now. Although the headquarter of his company is located in Boston, MA, he is willing to live in Miami, FL for the rest of his life for Diamond’s sake as she is not willing to live anywhere other than Florida for the rest of her life. He already owned a house in Ocean Drive, Miami Beach before meeting Diamond. They met for the first time at a shack in Ocean Drive itself.

Meelis started his career as a bank teller, now after 15 years, he owns a small chain of his own banks. Meelis is very enthusiastic about the development of Moldova, he keeps sending regular donations to different Moldovan organizations that do welfare work for the local people.

Meelis really moved ahead very rapidly compared to all his colleagues, 60% of which are still working at the same bank doing the same bank telling.

Here Meelis is busy looking for the most expensive venues for weddings in Miami, Florida.

Meelis doesn’t believe in superstitions generally but he believes that Ronduta Architecture has proven to be extremely lucky for him, every building, every bank, every house that he owns is built in Ronduta shape. Meelis has been looking to buy a mansion on the Star Island for the past few months but all the available deals that he came across, none of those were built in Ronduta architecture so he denied them all.

This Greek-American doctor and professor wants to be richer than Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

Eden Notaras (name changed) teaches biology at a college in the day and practices general medicine in the evening. Eden claims that she can perform Telekinesis since she came back from the Nithyananda Ashram in Karnataka, India. Eden has nothing to back her claim up other than the videos that she has posted on the Youtube and the videos of the other Nithyananda followers.

Eden claims that larynx implants were common in ancient India and there are several references to this fact.

Eden claims that she spoke about suicide and depression all the time before becoming a part of the Nithyananda Sangha. Eden says that everyone must visit the Nithyananda Ashram once in his/her life to see the miracle that Swami Nithyananda can perform in your life and transform your world into a paradise.

Eden says that since the Muslims have started flooding her country, she has been seeing a growing number of patients coming to her and asking whether a certain ointment, tablet, surgery, treatment or radiology is haram or not. Eden sometimes feels like the only purpose they entered her clinic was to annoy her.

Anyways, Eden is a super-ambitious woman and it is nothing less than a miracle to see how she finds enough time to work on her plan to build the next big thing in the world of electronic retail business. Eden has been reading each and every information that she can find related to the tech and gadget world. She is of Greek origin and can read Greek very well and hence she reads all the information related to the tech and gadget world in Greek language as well, her favorite Greek tech portal is texnologia, she learnt the Greek language from her grandmother. Eden could speak a bit of Greek always but it was her grandmother who made her fluent in the language as her grandmother didn’t know any other language than Greek.

Inventor of the fastest keyboard promoted her keyboard all over Thailand and India and received great response

Mendie Roth (name changed) recently enjoyed a trip of almost all of Thailand after enjoying a trip to India. Mendie went to India with huge expectations believing that she will enjoy some mysterious spiritual experiences in India with the help of Hindu yogis, sadhus and mahatmas but nothing as such happened, the only thing that happened with her was getting ripped off.

Mendie went to the Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram in India, it is a place where the devotees and followers of Sathya Sai Baba believe that Sathya Sai Baba who passed away in April of 2011 was a reincarnation of a Saint and whom some Hindus even believe to be a god. All of Sathya Sai Baba’s followers and devotees are required to worship him 5 days a week and they occasionally donate millions worth of gold, silver and other valuable things to Sathya Sai Baba’s organization.

Mendie chose commerce stream in high school which proved to be useless in real life but Mendie never gave up on her dreams and did whatever she could. Mendie is the inventor of a keyboard that guarantees 1.5 time typing speed. All of Mendie’s friends were telling her that it is not possible to create such a keyboard and because of Mendie’s commerce background in school, they were all telling Mendie to pursue higher studies in accounting and find a job for an accountant, but Mendie kept working on making such a super-speedy keyboard until she finally made it a reality.

Before going to India, Mendie traveled all over Thailand to promote her keyboard and received even better response from the prospects than she expected. She took a cab from Bangkok to Amphawa as she wanted to explore and promote her product to each and every sect of Thailand and explore this stunning Southeast Asian country as well.

Buying Tote Bags is a good idea to make your other wife happy – Winai Pongam, a Thai Coffee Shop Chain Owner

Winai Pongam (name changed) says that hatred is more intense and powerful than love but the love has an upper hand over hatred as the hatred cannot last for too long. Winai says that a person filled with the hatred will either die due to a sudden cardiac arrest or get chronic diseases, Winai says that it is a nature’s way of making the negative powerless and handicapped so that they cannot take over the positive people.

Winai is an amateur historian as well who claims that the earliest human civilization was based in what is now called modern-day Brazil. Winai says that the human beings didn’t originate from Africa but Brazil and the archaeologists must start thinking with an open mind and do a thorough research. Winai even doubts that the archaeologists do any study at all before coming to a conclusion or just showcase in a fancy way what is a general belief.

Winai believes that the weapons of mass destruction have proven to be good in the long run and the world is a better place with those. Winai is never tired of giving the example of the two arch-enemy countries in the Indian subcontinent – India and Pakistan when he talks about the benefits of the nuclear weapons. These countries fought many fights within a very short span of time when these didn’t have any nuclear weapons but since they both have nuclear weapons, not a single battle has taken place between these two.

Winai recently created his own chain of coffee shops which has only 7 coffee shops yet, Winai is confused whether he should distributed franchises or transform his company into a public one. It was Winai’s dream since his teenage years to have a chain of coffee shops which has now become a reality. Winai is not a party guy, he celebrates time to time with little things like buying some canvas or cotton bags (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส) for his wife. Winai’s wife’s most favorite song is ‘The Little Things’ by Colbie Caillat.

Hair Transplant Disadvantages

Arcana James (name changed) says that early nomadic people discovered oil millions of years ago and thinking of it as a useless commodity, they never bothered about it.

Arcana loves peaceful atmosphere more than anything else, that’s why she wears noise-cancellation earphones almost all the time to make the annoying people inaudible to herself.

Arcana claims that Nordic countries were the most populated part of the world during the ice age.

Arcana is a blogger as well and when she opened up the Oxford Dictionary a couple of days ago, a word popped out – ‘motorist’, the Oxford Dictionary defined it as a person who drives cars. Arcana totally disagreed with it and made a post on her saying that the motorist is a professional race driver not any driver, she criticized the Oxford Dictionary a lot for the same.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Arcana also made a post criticizing the Oxford Dictionary defining ‘Carnal Desires’ as sexual desires, Arcana says that ‘Carnal Desires’ mean animalistic desires and animalistic desires do not only mean sexual desires.

Arcana knows a lot of flat-earthers and she says that all these flat-earthers have two things in common, first they are all blue-collared people and second, they are all retard and inbred right-wingers.

Arcana never buys a car, a house or anything whose prices can be negotiated down.

Arcana’s great-grandfather was one of the most popular and legendary archaeologists of all times and Arcana says that she learnt more from him than her parents or any member of her family.

Arcana is pretty daring too, when she wanted to get a hair transplant in the month of June of this year, everyone was telling her that hair transplant disadvantages clearly outweigh its advantages but Arcana didn’t listen to any of them and she went ahead for a transplant. To their surprise, it has been about 6 months and Arcana hasn’t experienced a single disadvantage caused by the hair transplant yet.


Her father used to sell Origami Christmas paper house-to-house when she was a kid and her mother used to sell hand-baked meringue cookies

Jade Kovac (name changed) is one of the fastest typist you have never seen. She can type 200 words per minute with her eyes open and 60 words per minute with her eyes closed. Jade is a very empathetic person since the time she was born, she has a habit of thinking more about the others than herself. Jade was born in a modest income household, almost all of Jade’s relatives including her maternal and fraternal uncles and aunts had the same income as her own parents. Jade remembers feeling for all her uncles and aunts who used to have very meager means although she doesn’t remember when any of her cousin felt the same for their own parents or the parents of Jade.

Jade’s brother wants to stay a celibate throughout his life. Recently, a maternal uncle of Jade told Jade’s 31 year old celibate virgin brother who never dated anyone in his life that she met a desperate 24 year young beauty who is looking for a man just like you to date. Jade’s maternal uncle wanted her to be his nephew’s wife too, he liked the lady so much indeed, after hearing all that, Jade’s brother told him to accept Islam and marry her himself.

According to Jade’s celibate brother, “Sex is the most overrated thing on this planet. Modern human beings, not only modern but human beings throughout the known history have been obsessed with this one petty little thing. I understand the obsession of the ancient men as they had nothing better to do, but being obsessed with sex in the modern day is ridiculous when there tons of better things to do that are even beneficial unlike sex, which is nothing but harmful if done for anything other than procreation.”

Jade remembers how her mother used to sell hand-baked meringue cookies back when she was a child. Jade’s parents really worked a lot harder than you can imagine throughout their lives to provide their kids with everything necessary. Jade remembers her father used to sell Origami Christmas paper house-to-house in the month of December.

Millionaire landlord and successful businesswoman – Bradley folds origami when she comes undone

Bradley Fishel (name changed) thoroughly enjoyed the circumcision ceremony of her one and only nephew a lot last month. She never received so many likes on any of her Facebook pictures ever before. They all were complimenting the looks of her nephew.

Bradley is a millionaire but she is not happy with her life, she claims that non-millionaire powerful elites live much better lives than the ordinary millionaires. She wishes to become an elite one day and she has already started preparing to become a politician. She says that she will become the Mayor first and pave her way to the presidency.

Bradley says that modern human beings are miserable owing to their own follies. Bradley rejects the claim that human being are territorial by nature. Bradley says that one of the traits that separates human beings from other animals is that rest majority of the animals are territorial while human beings are not. Bradley says that the human beings know the fact that they are not territorial subconsciously as well but they are not willing to do anything about it.

Bradley’s biggest success is her online comparison store, it receives hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a day and makes money with affiliate commissions.

Bradley owns a residential building where by coincidence all the tenants are male and female aspiring models. Sometimes these hot hunks become too hot to handle for Bradley and when they are late to pay their rent, no matter how hard Bradley tries to be strict, she ends up being lenient and ends up giving them a lot more time to pay their due rent but the case is not the same when it comes to her female model tenants – you failed to pay your rent this month, you are out. She comprehends that she is envious of these aspiring female models subconsciously.

When Bradley comes undone, she folds origami to better her mood.

Successful Brazilian advertising expert and e-commerce businesswoman owns 24 virtual stores

Erika Donoso (name changed) used to be an extraordinary advertising executive until the day she decided to use her extraordinary advertising talent for herself. She owns 24 different successful e-commerce (comércio eletrônico) stores now, all created with three things in mind – customer satisfaction, customer retention and value creation.

Erika was honored many times in her company as employee of the year but instead of feeling proud and arrogant like most other, she kept on improving her skills and here she is today, one of the most successful women in the state of Mato Grosso.

Along with being a successful businesswoman, Erika is a remarkable and wonderful human being. Erika has some of the most crazy observations and ideas that you might have never come across before, Erika is obsessed with the history of United Kingdom of Israel and Judah. She dreams about sleeping with Goliath the Giant and Saul – the first emperor of the Kingdom of Israel and Judah. You may be wondering why King David is not in the list of Erika, that’s because King David was short or of average height according to the texts and Erika only likes tall men.

According to Erika, “There is no such thing as adultery, every sexual and physical attraction is natural. Your physical chemistry and hormones do not change after getting married to someone. You are a human being first of all. All human beings have their own desires and the desire of flesh is the most common and pious one. Instead of banishing each other from having any sort of a relationship with another human being, the spouses must encourage and help each other to get the person that they like. Marriage should be about happiness, not misery.”

Sometimes not telling your feelings to someone can result in a disaster

Mindy Salvador (name changed) cries thinking about her high school crush whom she never asked out or told her feelings to. Mindy has been thinking about the guy all the time since she got to know that he is the owner of an expensive and popular brand which Mindy cannot get enough of flaunting if she ever buys.

Last time Mindy bought a product of that brand was when the prices of the bitcoin reached its record high for the first time. Mindy owned some of the bitcoins that she received as a present from one of her sisters – Phoenix. When Mindy heard on a news channel that the prices of the bitcoins have hit a record high, she immediately verified it on crypto market cap and immediately went on a buying spree.

Mindy married a broke alcoholic just because he is good in bed, that’s one of the stupidest thing one can do in my arrogant opinion.

While Mindy’s high school crush was enjoying driving his Porsche Cayenne from Fujairah to Dubai in UAE, enjoying the sight of hills and desert, Mindy and her broke alcoholic husband were catching a bus to Mindy’s single aunt’s house to flatter her so that she can lend some money to them.

Mindy has been thinking about starting her Youtube channel where she will offer ‘Royalty Free Music’ and make money by Youtube ads only. Good idea if you ask me.

Mindy’s broke alcoholic husband turns into a conspiracy theorist when high (he is high most of the times). He claims that the rising gasoline price is an international conspiracy geared towards something that only he and other genuine conspiracy theorists know.

Tough catholic gentleman kept blaming protestants for everything wrong while folding that origami

Earl Rohn (name changed) believes that marriage is a useless concept if it doesn’t involve procreation. He is a hardcore activist against the LGBT marriages. He doesn’t hate homosexual people, he is just against gay marriages. He says that homosexual relationships are unnatural and spiritually suicidal.

Earl used to be a state-level badminton champion when he was young. Earl’s town is full of protestant churches and there is not a single orthodox church there. Earl is a catholic and it doesn’t bother him but he says that he would have appreciated it if the protestant churches could be replaced with the orthodox churches. He hates the protestants and modernists, he says that they are full of negative vibes and energy.

Earl claims that he hasn’t met one adult protestant who wasn’t a pessimist knowingly or unknowingly. Early says that sexually perverted people are bound to be lazy. He says that sex or masturbation results in spiritual death and spiritually dead people are bound to be pessimistic.

Earl is a cousin of the Unico Underwear founder, yes, the same Colombian company that is popular for producing environment friendly underwear and swimwear.

Earl reveres successful catholic and orthodox Christians very highly. He loves their practice of encouraging their children to fold Christmas Origami right before the Christmas season.

One of Earl’s neighbors who is a protestant is always scared of his wife. He takes approval of his wife before eating anything, especially junk food. He agrees with her no matter what. Earl attributes her fear to his dependence on the sexual favors he gets from his wife, Earl says “He cannot live without sex. Sex addicts are losers and he is a living definition of a loser. He loses his vital fluid almost every night and worships the same satanic woman who has been sucking and spilling his vital fluid for years.”

Ambitious but low energy woman loves to fold simple origami with her mother

Judith Forest (name changed) prefers lightweight laptops over the heavyweight ones any day of the year. Judith is a homosexual woman who never married and still lives with her mom. Judith and her mother live in a modest 3 bedroom house of a middle-income neighborhood. Judith has been working extremely hard and smart to buy her mother her dream house – a mansion in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

Judith’s mother Sharla has been trying her best to get free from the vicious cycle of desire since learning Buddhism. Judith knows this and she calls BS on that, according to Judith, it is impossible for a human being to not being ambitious and get free from desire totally.

Judith herself has studied many of the eastern religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and she has nothing nice to say about any of these. Judith claims that reincarnation is a myth created by the Brahmin and Kshatriya varnas of Hinduism to enslave the people belonging to the lower castes – Shudras and Vaishyas forever so that they can never get up and fight. Hindus tell the shudras (aka dalits) and vaishyas that you were born shudras or dalits because you did nothing but wrong deeds in your previous life.

Judith writes for a magazine and she is openly very critical of the celebrity culture and writes too often about how destructive it is, especially for the innocent teenagers. Though Judith has been trying her hardest to get to the top of the financial pyramid, it is not possible for her to work without a break for more than a week. During holidays, her favorite pastime is folding simple origami with her beloved mother.

Alarm clock manufacturer owns the best natural gas tankless water heater

Houston Fenk (name changed) is a Southern lady who was born and raised up in Lakeland, Florida. If you are aware of Lakeland, Florida, you might already be aware of the fact that it is one of the most stormy cities of the United States. It averages over 100 thunderstorm days in a year.

Houston is a great fan of Howard Stern but she hates him for his sexually explicit talk.

Houston was lobotomized at a young age due to her extremely erratic behavior which she is free of now. Houston is an engineer by profession. She decided to start her own business last year and is enjoying a much greater sense of satisfaction ever since she became her own boss. Her company manufactures alarm clocks for some of the popular clock brands and is quite successful ever since it was launched.

Houston thinks about money all the time. She is a great believer in luck and good fortune. One of her crazy beliefs is that cannibalistic animals must be eradicated in order to make world a happier place. She says that cannibalistic animals are inauspicious and they bring bad luck and unhappiness.

Houston thinks and talks about buying mansions, private jets and yachts all the time. She is far away from buying all those things but she already owns the best natural gas tankless water heater which I rank much higher when it comes to the utility. I remember staying sick all the time while I used to shower using the water of electric water heater. Since I started using a natural gas tankless water heater, I stay energetic and happy all the time and I feel my youthful vigor more than ever before.

Extraordinary business lady makes her competitors fell on their face while she buys those bitcoins

Stana Bogdanov (name changed) loves to eat exotic food, especially stuff like tapir snout. Stana is a woman but she is extremely masculine when it comes to beating her business competitors. She doesn’t leave any space for those dudes and if some newbie wants to come into the industry that Stana is already involved in, he/she thinks at least 4 times again because nobody can take a share of Stana’s business without incurring losses. Stana attributes her extraordinary capabilities to the perfect combination of Yin and Yang.

Stana has a very bad habit of breaking things while angry. Stana used to be an extremely good but impatient student in school too. She was popular for her impatience and anger in the school too. Stana’s sister Ana was popular for her desperation.

Stana’s father used to be a very popular figure in the catholic world and he was seen with major catholic chiefs quite too often.

Stana loves to listen to the motivational speakers. Her favorite used to be Jim Rohn until she discovered Brian Tracy. She didn’t like Jim Rohn so much ever but she knew of no alternate person to listen to when she needed some motivation. She found Jim Rohn contradicting himself all the time, with Brian Tracy that’s not an issue. Stana says that Brian Tracy is the man who has made one of the most major impacts in Stana’s life and he has left an imprint on her mind like almost no other person ever has. It is a huge compliment for anyone to hear such compliment from a tough lady like Stana who seldom appreciates anyone or anything.

Stana saves a lot of her money in her QIWI wallet and bitcoins and he often converts her QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

Celibacy advocate fitness freak claims fitness requires absolute conviction

Cameron Jeremy (name changed) finds most interactions with other people harsh and very seldom amusing. Cameron is a very high energy lady and spiritual too. She claims that most people are filled with negative energy and that’s why she doesn’t like an average person much. Cameron is a silent type and she doesn’t like to talk much. She prefers speaking only when required.

Cameron is a fitness freak and she claims that fitness requires conviction. “Conviction is an absolute when you are concerned with fitness, one cannot expect to get fit within a week by walking on cheap treadmills for an hour”, she told me last time when I had a conversation with her.

Cameron also claims that sexual abstinence is one of the best proven phenomenons when it comes to anti-aging. She claims that it is possible to live without any sexual encounter for anyone if she/he has a strong will. One of the things that she learnt while studying Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese medicine is that sex is merely meant for procreation, it is pleasurable because the nature intended us to multiply and most likely we wouldn’t have multiplied if it wasn’t for the pleasure. She also claims that our ancestors had wasteful lives because they over-indulged in consumption and we shouldn’t repeat the mistakes and sins of our ancestors.

In my opinion, whether what Cameron is saying is true or not, we should at least try staying celibate for a while in order to learn whether what some genius minds said about celibacy is true or not. Henry David Thoreau called it the ‘flowering of man’.

Rick and Tamara Ferrera are happier than ever before

A little bit of passion and imagination can take you a long way. Tamara Ferrera (name changed) is an American woman who is now 31 years old. When Tamara told her husband Rick that she is now bored of his small size and he needs to do something about it, Rick didn’t get angry at all due to Tamara’s easy-going attitude that makes everyone around her feel completely at ease. Tamara’s passion for fun and her imagination that there must be some such thing as a penile implant surgery really changed the life of herself and obviously that of the Rick’s for the better only.

Tamara is a blond-haired, blue eyed hottie with a curvy frame and 38D breasts which Rick loves to squeeze in all the right ways. After they make out they enjoy lots of cuddles and kissing. Their evening together is a pleasure beyond the reality of your imagination.

Before Rick got the implant done on his private organ, Tamara used to feel a bit lonely many times. She used to call male escorts for short sessions when Rick was away on a business trip. She felt strange paying for it but she did it nevertheless. She has still kept it a secret that she ever cheated on Rick.

Tamara has an open-minded spirit and the possibilities are endless with her. She is genuinely bisexual and brings her best friend and colleague Tyra along with her to the house so that Rick can have double the fun. Tyra is a delightful, dusky darling with a very open-mind, a stunning body and a warm, endearing personality making her ideal for social occasions and events as well for Rick when Tamara is not around.

Most cryptocurrency investors and traders are making bank and Ekta is one example

Ekta Jatadhari (name changed) always has some preposterous business ideas that she ends up blowing her money with each time. Ekta never has any time for herself. She is already obese but is not doing anything about it and worse is that she doesn’t even have a plan to do anything about it.

Ekta and her husband own several businesses out of which only 2 are successful. First one is their cryptocurrency trading business and the second one is their streetwear brand that caters to both men and women. The quality and prices of Ekta’s streetwear business are top of the line and you can easily trust their products without a problem. I have bought 5 times myself. Their business tagline is ‘Let us show you why we are the best.” They also have a statement mentioned on their official streetwear store’s website – “A business’ longevity is based on giving every customer what they are looking for at prices readily forgotten. Please be aware that our aim is only to make you look badass, we are not interested in making profits. All our streetwear clothing gets handpicked by the brand owner Ekta Jatadhari and she makes it sure that she chooses nothing but the best.”

Ekta’s husband has stopped visiting escorts since he married Ekta who makes him feel like the only man in the world. She never acts like a wife but a randy girlfriend. Wherever the couple goes, all eyes are on this stunning couple.

Ekta is addicted to meditation. She experiences a perfect bliss while meditating.

Ekta recently started her own cryptocurrency blog and it has been receiving much better positive feedback than she expected.

Husband and wife love their digital marketing business

Olivia Allen (name changed) is a party girl who loves to have romantic dates with her husband. She says that the marriage even made their relationship more romantic rather than the opposite.

Olivia possesses the beauty of an angel and her husband whom we will call Ramon here, looks nothing less than a Greek god.

Olivia has a sister whom we will call Nasha here, Nasha is a very popular bisexual guitar player on the Youtube. She is perhaps the most popular female guitar player on the internet, if not the most popular female guitar player, she is definitely the most popular bisexual guitar player on the internet. Nasha has also started playing in front of the crowds for the past couple of months and the tickets for her show are overselling. Nasha always prefers a younger crowd as she says that they are very cheering and energetic which makes Nasha extremely cheerful and energetic too.

Olivia and Ramon had a very big hand in making Nasha so popular all over the internet but that doesn’t mean Nasha is not talented. Nasha is incredibly talented and even the haters that can’t stop posting negative comments beneath her videos can’t deny that.

Now coming back to Olivia and Ramon are not vulnerable to the outside dangerous environment of working as they both are involved in marketing digital. One of Ramon’s best friends is addicted to calling 911 due to sick and crazy customers coming to his store all the time. Whenever Ramon looks at him, he thanks god that his is not a brick and mortar store.

Ramon and Olivia spend a remarkably relaxing time whenever they feel like it without having to worry about any crazy or sick customer. Indeed, the digital marketing business is a gift from god.

Turkish architect is loving his new appearance with 2000 hair grafts transplant

Ramzan Nisar (name changed) is a Turkish architect who hates the suppressors and believes that civilization is a myth. When angry, Ramzan breaks things around the house.

Ramzan has a wonderful habit of reading 3 hours every morning before going to the office. He also has this great capability inherited in him from his parents that he looks for a valuable lesson in every failure, setback and difficulty.

Ramzan has a very charming, sensual, playful and pretty wife. Ramzan’s wife runs a travel agency and offers nothing but outstanding travel packages. Ramzan’s wife treats him like a king. She always spend a very warm, relaxing and full of pampering time with him. Last month, she gifted Ramzan a 2000 Grafts Hair Transplant. Ramzan is extremely happy with his new look and so is his wife.

Ramzan believes that life is not logical at all and that’s one reason why he is blessed with this quality of never regretting his past actions but only learning from those.

As you may be aware by now that Ramzan is extremely strict with punctuality. He responds to all the queries of his prospects immediately and all his meetings with clients are individually designed to accommodate the client’s needs and wants.

There was a time when Ramzan had given up on himself. It was the worst time in Ramzan’s life, he claims. Ramzan’s father was a member of the traditional Turkish main business fraternity and he didn’t want Ramzan to be like him. Ramzan used to love his father a lot and would talk all the time with him when he was around to the point that he would end up annoying him.

Dentist reading hair transplant’s wiki page

Dr Cynthia Dana (name changed) is one of the strongest women I have ever known. Cynthia firmly believes that nobody can help you but yourself. She doesn’t depend upon anybody else for anything that she herself can do and she also never blames anybody else for her own issues like most others.

Even though Cynthia is so strong and intelligent, she still has to search on the Google for questions like “How to handle your Turkish husband?” “Does he cheat on me?”, etc.

Cynthia has a half-brother from an Irish mother who is a white supremacist and does nothing all day other than posting on white supremacist forums or trolling the Jews.

Cynthia is a dentist by profession and one of the very few who still only accept cash money as the consultation fee at their clinic.

Cynthia used to be small-time model during her education days and while she still looks like a model, she has been losing hair on the head. Cynthia is not so looks conscious anymore but yesterday she couldn’t resist looking at hair transplant wiki page.

Cynthia’s European, Latin, African, Indian, Turkish, Japanese male patients all dream about Cynthia in their hearts but still due to the hair loss she hasn’t recently been feeling so confident about her looks.

Cynthia has a schizophrenic step-brother who has his own crazy ideas. Sometimes this step-brother of Cynthia claims that learning to calculate is useless since the invention of calculators and teaching calculation is a conspiracy of the schools to keep their businesses running. Once he even claimed to Cynthia that he can do everything that a dentist can with the help of the Google and Youtube.