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Allergist from East Jakarta claims that studying Agrotechnology really helped his practice but studying Geobiology didn’t

Dr Israr Hosein is an Allergist from East Jakarta, Indonesia, who claims on his blog that the seafood causes more allergies than most believe, think or know. He has always been against eating the seafood and claims that he himself hasn’t had any for years now or maybe a decade.

Dr Israr Hosein lived and practiced in the United Kingdom for a couple of years and there he noticed and observed that the people with Welsh ancestry are least likely to have common allergies.

Dr Israr Hosein recently enjoyed a vacation to the nation of Bhutan. After coming back from there, he wrote on his blog that it is saddening to see how people so intelligent, sensible and wise are unaware of most of the events outside their own country and are told by their media, religious chiefs and the government that they are the happiest people on earth just because they have the religion called Buddhism.

Dr Israr Hosein wrote on his blog that those who live in hilly areas are more prone to getting allergies and he received a lot of hate from the Indonesians belonging to the hilly areas for mentioning such a thing.

Dr Israr Hosein claims that studying Agrotechnology (Agroteknologi) as a hobby has helped his practice a lot, although it may sound unconveivable to many, but he doesn’t seem to care about it.

Dr Israr Hosein writes on his blog that studying Geobiology as a hobby couldn’t help his practice much though. He added that the study of Geobiology hasn’t progressed much over the past couple of decades and it is indeed a pity, but he is very happy with how far Geobotani in general has come.

WCW Nitro Fan Toy Store Owner from India enjoys WatchSeries with the family when it all goes wrong

Paramshiva Sharma owns a large chain of toy stores that is spread all over Central India, mainly in the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Paramshiva has always been fond of writing and for that very reason, he likes to spend at least one hour out of his busy schedule to write a blog.

Just last week, Paramshiva Sharma made a post stating that his company may soon get into manufacturing and they will make their manufacturing debut with creating WCW toys, backpacks, etc. Because as a teenager, Paramshiva used to love WCW Nitro, and so do both his kids now. He adds that he cannot think about making his manufacturing debut with anything else, not even WWF or ECW related stuff.

Paramshiva claims on his blog that you can never predict the market of different toys in India, no matter how much you analyze it and the kind of money you spend on such analysis. Paramshiva likes to enjoy some watchseries with his whole family when it all goes wrong and it has been the same for years now.

Paramshiva claims that Boxing Action Figure Toys are more popular than their WWE Superstar Action Figure Toys for the first time since he got into this business, which breaks his heart as a pro-wrestling fan about the fact that how unpopular pro-wrestling has become.

Paramshiva writes on his blog that it is both a good and bad thing that the advent of Google Play Store has greatly reduced the sales of the video game consoles. He adds that the Indian online sellers being able to sell video game consoles much cheaper have made the condition far worse for the toy stores and other stores that sell video game consoles having physical location.

Learned singer from Pakistan never used her singing talent commercially until she learnt how she could use bought Spotify followers to promote herself

Fawad is a Pakistani old man from the city of Rawalpindi. Fawad was only 2 when his father and real mother died in a car accident. He was raised by his stepmother. Fawad’s stepmother like most other stepmothers discriminated among her own kids and him.

After a few days of Fawad’s 16th birthday, he moved out. After moving out, he migrated to the city of Lahore and started working at a local grocery store there.

After 5 more years, Fawad met an uncle of his at the grocery store he worked at, he took Fawad to his house and promised that Fawad won’t have to work here anymore, he will provide Fawad with everything.

Fawad’s uncle wanted him to marry his one and only daughter whose name is Shanza. Shanza and Fawad got married. They now had a son together whom they named Rehan.

Fawad and Shanza wanted their son to receive the best education possible. They got him enrolled into one of the best schools in the city of Lahore. They also got a free laptop from the government of Punjab, but it had Windows 7 installed. One relative of theirs came to the house of Fawad and Shanza once and asked which Windows version do you guys have installed in your laptop. They told her that they have Windows 7 installed. The relative then replied that Windows 10 is the latest and the best version. They asked her the price and she replied about 20, 000 Pakistani Rupees. They told her that it is too costly they can’t afford it.

The couple decided to migrate to the United States but a relative who works for Preston Kitchen Remodel told them that it is better to stay in their own country. They then stayed in their own country and decided to start their own kitchen remodeling business as well.

Shanza is also a learned singer who never used her singing talent before but now she does, she does buy Spotify followers in order to become more popular and she is really becoming popular due to the same and promotes herself like that. She has already been doing shows everywhere in Pakistan with the help of this tactic that she learnt recently.

Female Arm Wrestler in Estonia loves her new IC2 Exercise Bike

Zara is a female arm wrestler born and raised in the Tartu city of Estonia. Zara’s parents converted from Christianity to Islam when she was not even born. Zara or her mother do not wear niqab. Zara’s mother used to teach mathematics at school and she recently retired. Zara’s father is a small businessman who is also somewhat influential in the neighborhood they live in.

Zara loves to wear revealing clothes and she also creates Youtube videos which you must have by now understood get so many views and for what reason. Zara is 25 now and she has never been in a relationship before. Although Zara’s parents both converted to Islam, they are very liberal.

Zara recently went to the Tallinn city in Estonia. Those luxury cars and big mansions really fueled her ambition. After coming back to Tartu, she couldn’t stop thinking about the ways to becoming rich. While lifting weights, all she was thinking about was how she could have one of those Bentleys and a Mansion by the beach.

After coming back home from the gym that very night, Zara wanted to order a exercise bike of her own, so she decided to order IC2 after reading the reviews of AC Sport Spin Bikes Reviews at this URL.

Zara’s mom used to be a big Seinfeld fan and since she can now buy the series from the Amazon, she can’t stop watching it over and over. Zara’s mother’s favorite character in the Seinfeld is Dr. Ross Eustace Geller. Along with liking his acting, she also finds him very handsome.

Zara’s family is planning to tour China once they have enough funds for the same. They will be touring Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, and several other cities.

Alburquerque conspiracy theorist, blogger and Youtuber claims to have discovered a cure for several incurable disorders

Darryl Scalise is a conspiracy theorist, blogger and Youtuber from Alburquerque, New Mexico, who claims to know more political conspiracies around the Indian subcontinent than anyone else.

Darryl claims that Mahatma Gandhi became a celibate after both his testicles failed abruptly one night and he was left with no other option than to take his phony vow. Darryl claims that Mahatma Gandhi claiming to have wet dreams frequently was a drama to deviate people from thinking that there is nothing wrong with his reproductive system. Darryl claims that this post could have reversed the problem with Gandhi but unfortunately, it didn’t exist back in his time.

Darryl claims that the Vice-President of India is generally smarter and more eligible than the President himself, but they both have one thing in common, which is that they both are puppets of the Prime Minister of India.

Darryl further says that never ever in the history of India since its independence from the British has a President or Vice-President of India been impeached which really tells us that all the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of India have been good puppets of their bosses – the Prime Ministers of the independent India.

Darryl claims that the Indian newspaper man – MJ Akbar is an ISI agent who is on the payroll of the Pakistan for the past 25 years now. Darryl really doubts that sooner or later he is going to be caught.

Darryl claims that both the Prime Ministers of India belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party have been mere puppets of the European-Israeli-American-Russian alliance. Darryl writes that the most preferred people of this alliance are the ones that are single and don’t have a family for several different reasons, one of those being that their spouses might speak out in the public and tell the truth that their husband is nothing but a mere puppet in the hands of the few foreign conspirators.

Ballet Dance Industry is booming across the Europe, North America and Canada since Prince George of Wales started learning ballet

I like to joke that all the artists in contract with the Virgin label have one thing in common and that is that they are the ones that lost their virginity much before the average age of the nation that they belong to. Anyways, every dancer, dance school owner and the retired dancers are really happy with the news that the Prince George of Wales has been taking ballet lessons for a while now. The ballet schools have really got busier since this news got popular, which proves that the ballet is not something outdated or awkward, people just need to change their mindsets. And don’t care about the trolls, they are all envious that they weren’t born royal.

I recently talked to this major dance school owner through Chatango. They recently inaugurated their first dance school in Copenhagen, Denmark and are really happy about it as the business is really booming there as well.

This dance school owner told me that it is amazing how a greater number of people everyday, especially those below the age of 30  are now choosing dance as their most favorite form of everyday workout.

This dance school owner claims that they never advertise their dance school as an award-winning dance school and questions the dance schools that claim so that when you say award-winning dance school, why don’t you then specify which award is it that your dance school won. He claims that 70% of the dance schools nowadays mention on their websites that they are award-winning but very few mention that which award is it that they won.

Astrobiologist has great hopes with the mission Europa Clipper and he is willing to bet all of his GTQ on the same

Eduardo Giraldez is an Astrobiologist who says that contrary to the popular belief, most Astrobiologists live a very simple life with meager means and that’s where their dream to make tons of GTQ comes into picture.

Eduardo doesn’t hate to admit that most of the stories around the early evolution are more mythical than they are real. Eduardo claims that they are not going to reach its core till the end of this century, no matter how hard and how much they try.

Eduardo’s wife who also happens to be an Astrobiologist, has nightmares of aliens taking over the earth and turning human beings into their slaves. Once she had a nightmare that the aliens took over the earth and fed human beings to their own and earthly animals.

Eduardo Giraldez claims that they are asking for top Anthropoligsts’ help in their Astrobiology endeavors.

Eduardo writes on his blog that both the Big Bang theory and the claim that the universe is 13.8 billion years old are pure myths with no base at all.

Eduardo claims that the Astrologists are trying too hard to save their big bang theory in order to not look bad. Eduardo claims that most of them already know that it is a pure myth but they will do their best to not look like idiots and tell that it is a myth that they created.

Eduardo claims that there is life inside the Mars and not on the Mars. Eduardo says that they need to do a lot of dwelling in order to find life inside the Mars. Eduardo also claims that there is also a lot of water inside the planet Mars.

Eduardo has great hopes wit the mission ‘Europa Clipper’ by NASA and he is ready to bet his GTQ on the same.

Korean Jewelry Designer loves drama and motorcycles

Melati Namgung is a beautiful Korean jewelry designer who comes from a family of formula racers.

Melati is from a family of formula racers but that doesn’t mean she is also as passionate about the formula racing herself. Melati’s greatest passion is motorcycles after drama Korea.

Melati believes that while buying an overly expensive car, you always need to compromise more than you gain, hence it is better to stay moderate with your car buying decision and don’t get too excited about the same, but Melati believes that when you buy an expensive motorcycle, you don’t face any such issues, most of the times your money is well spent in that case and you really get what you paid for.

Melati also believes that Automatic Transmissions on a motorcycle are fun but the case is just the opposite in the case of cars.

Melati thinks that storage pannies should be made mandatory by the governments for the motorcycles.

Melati says that if you want a good head massage, there is nothing better than riding a Harley Davidson on the bumpy roads to get one.

Melati says that the most likeable thing about the Harley Davidson motorcycles is that they use cast aluminium rims on those. Melati claims that cast aluminium rims have proven to be the best over and over again each time. Melati says that the manufacturers should stop using other types of rims altogether and use only cast aluminium.

Melati also has a message to all the motorcycle manufacturers that they need to care more about the position of the shoulders of the rider.

Melati says that the best-looking motorcycles ever by Harley Davidson are VRSCDX Night Rod Special and FLHX Street Glide.

Traveling is a great way to promote your website, especially when you get to enjoy the sightseeing in a paradise like Thailand

Kristine Bodard (name changed) is one of the biggest critics of the infamous Ben Shapiro, a man famous for being famous. Kristine has claimed several times on her personal blog that Ben Shapiro is a megalomaniac who has a phobia that he is the reincarnation of Jewish patriarchs – Abraham and Moses combined.

Kristine accuses Ben Shapiro of making claims without knowing anything about the subject. Kristine says that Ben Shapiro screamed and cried for days or perhaps weeks on several different television channels that #metoo on Twitter will reduce the recruitment percentage of the women within less than a year by half. Kristine says that the company that she works for saw no reduction in the percentage of the women recruited. Kristine says that the recruitment of the women has perhaps gone even up at the company that she works for.

Kristine is all about the gender equality but she is against the modern feminist movement. Kristine respects Margaret Sanger and some genuine feminists like herself but she has some filthy things to say about the pseudo-feminists. Kristine says that most of the ideas of the current day feminists are impractical and inapplicable in real life.

Kristine has those crazy looking dark black eyes with small pupils and sometimes people get scared by just looking at her eyes even though she has a very beautiful face overall.

Kristine recently created a gaming website that guarantees faster loading time than any other gaming website. Kristine is planning to travel the whole world to promote her website, the website is available in all the major languages of the world. Kristine traveled almost all of Thailand in the month of October to promote her website, she went from Bangkok to Koh Chang in a Thai Happy Taxi and then from Koh Chang to Koh Sumai.

Moldovan-American Bank Chain Owner is getting married to the greatest Scooby Doo Fan in Miami, FL

Diamond Benatar (name changed) is perhaps the biggest Scooby Doo fan that you have never ever met. She has all her cars painted like the mystery van in the Scooby Doo cartoon. She says that all the major manufacturers of cars should invent a new color – Mystery Van Color.

Diamond is very positive about the legalization of Marijuana in different states of Marijuana.

Diamond’s fiance – Meelis Albot is of Moldovan origin. He has been living in the United States for the past 15 years and is a very wealthy man now. Although the headquarter of his company is located in Boston, MA, he is willing to live in Miami, FL for the rest of his life for Diamond’s sake as she is not willing to live anywhere other than Florida for the rest of her life. He already owned a house in Ocean Drive, Miami Beach before meeting Diamond. They met for the first time at a shack in Ocean Drive itself.

Meelis started his career as a bank teller, now after 15 years, he owns a small chain of his own banks. Meelis is very enthusiastic about the development of Moldova, he keeps sending regular donations to different Moldovan organizations that do welfare work for the local people.

Meelis really moved ahead very rapidly compared to all his colleagues, 60% of which are still working at the same bank doing the same bank telling.

Here Meelis is busy looking for the most expensive venues for weddings in Miami, Florida.

Meelis doesn’t believe in superstitions generally but he believes that Ronduta Architecture has proven to be extremely lucky for him, every building, every bank, every house that he owns is built in Ronduta shape. Meelis has been looking to buy a mansion on the Star Island for the past few months but all the available deals that he came across, none of those were built in Ronduta architecture so he denied them all.

Tough catholic gentleman kept blaming protestants for everything wrong while folding that origami

Earl Rohn (name changed) believes that marriage is a useless concept if it doesn’t involve procreation. He is a hardcore activist against the LGBT marriages. He doesn’t hate homosexual people, he is just against gay marriages. He says that homosexual relationships are unnatural and spiritually suicidal.

Earl used to be a state-level badminton champion when he was young. Earl’s town is full of protestant churches and there is not a single orthodox church there. Earl is a catholic and it doesn’t bother him but he says that he would have appreciated it if the protestant churches could be replaced with the orthodox churches. He hates the protestants and modernists, he says that they are full of negative vibes and energy.

Earl claims that he hasn’t met one adult protestant who wasn’t a pessimist knowingly or unknowingly. Early says that sexually perverted people are bound to be lazy. He says that sex or masturbation results in spiritual death and spiritually dead people are bound to be pessimistic.

Earl is a cousin of the Unico Underwear founder, yes, the same Colombian company that is popular for producing environment friendly underwear and swimwear.

Earl reveres successful catholic and orthodox Christians very highly. He loves their practice of encouraging their children to fold Christmas Origami right before the Christmas season.

One of Earl’s neighbors who is a protestant is always scared of his wife. He takes approval of his wife before eating anything, especially junk food. He agrees with her no matter what. Earl attributes her fear to his dependence on the sexual favors he gets from his wife, Earl says “He cannot live without sex. Sex addicts are losers and he is a living definition of a loser. He loses his vital fluid almost every night and worships the same satanic woman who has been sucking and spilling his vital fluid for years.”

Dentist reading hair transplant’s wiki page

Dr Cynthia Dana (name changed) is one of the strongest women I have ever known. Cynthia firmly believes that nobody can help you but yourself. She doesn’t depend upon anybody else for anything that she herself can do and she also never blames anybody else for her own issues like most others.

Even though Cynthia is so strong and intelligent, she still has to search on the Google for questions like “How to handle your Turkish husband?” “Does he cheat on me?”, etc.

Cynthia has a half-brother from an Irish mother who is a white supremacist and does nothing all day other than posting on white supremacist forums or trolling the Jews.

Cynthia is a dentist by profession and one of the very few who still only accept cash money as the consultation fee at their clinic.

Cynthia used to be small-time model during her education days and while she still looks like a model, she has been losing hair on the head. Cynthia is not so looks conscious anymore but yesterday she couldn’t resist looking at hair transplant wiki page.

Cynthia’s European, Latin, African, Indian, Turkish, Japanese male patients all dream about Cynthia in their hearts but still due to the hair loss she hasn’t recently been feeling so confident about her looks.

Cynthia has a schizophrenic step-brother who has his own crazy ideas. Sometimes this step-brother of Cynthia claims that learning to calculate is useless since the invention of calculators and teaching calculation is a conspiracy of the schools to keep their businesses running. Once he even claimed to Cynthia that he can do everything that a dentist can with the help of the Google and Youtube.

Rich Amritsar moving to Bangladesh for her MBBS

Richa Gaba (name changed) is a 20 year young girl from the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. Richa loves doing things that others won’t usually do and she is always interested in adventures. She recently traveled to Baghdad, Iraq and loved the experience. All her friends and relatives asked her why she chose Baghdad? And her reply was as usual, “Because nobody else among my friends circle or relatives is going there.”

Richa Gaba’s parents are wealthy farm owners. They have about a thousand farmers working for them 365 days of the year. Richa Gaba was one of the first in her school to have an Apple iPhone.

Richa couldn’t get enough of listening to the song ‘Cruel Summer’ by Bananarama this summer. No, she wasn’t born in the 70s or 80s, but these summers she lost all hope after she didn’t get an admission in any medical college in India.

One of her uncles who lives in the Union Territory of Chandigarh and is a very wealthy real estate developer suggested her to try for a Bangladesh Medical College. She did and got successful. Next year, she is moving to Bangladesh for MBBS.

All Richa Gaba wants before she moves to Bangladesh for her MBBS is to attend a Yo Yo Honey Singh’s concert. Richa loves Punjabi pop and rock music. She loves the vintage Punjabi songs as well. She hates the commercialization of music but she also understands that’s the only way musicians can survive.

In my personal opinion, due to the commercialization of the music industry, more bad musicians than the good ones are making a mark in the industry and ruining this wonderful industry. Mostly, the musicians who are making it nowadays are the ones who are good are marketing and promotion, not the ones who are dedicated to the music really.

How to choose the right SEO agency for your business?

SEO is like territorial conquest and power grabbing, and you shouldn’t outsource these activities that require expertise to rookies. The most experienced, successful and oldest businesses only choose companies like for their SEO needs.

Skepticism about the SEO service that you choose is a must have. You should always be skeptical about the SEO agency that you choose and you must always check with them periodically what are they doing about ranking your website.

SEO is a hard affair in 2018. Feel free to ask the SEO company whether they have promoted a website in your category earlier. If you are in a business that is highly competitive, then there must be hundreds if not thousands of websites in your niche already trying to rank first for the keywords that you too are trying to. Only top 10 websites can make it there.

SEO is not only about making backlinks, it consists of several things like, choosing the right domain name, on-page optimization – choosing the right and most suitable theme, putting the right pictures, writing the right content and the right number of words. Some SEO services are so idiotic that they have spun or duplicate content on their own websites. Do you think you should choose such an agency?

Right social media marketing also plays a very crucial role in ranking a website today. Some SEO companies you will find sell them short, always be very skeptical and careful about such agencies, these agencies don’t know what they are doing. SEO is not cheap in 2018, it never was.

Some SEO companies have very high prices. Most of these agencies are outsourcers that outsource the work to other SEO agencies. If you have a low budget, then don’t go for these agencies either.

The biggest symbol of a right SEO agency is whether its own website ranks good or not.

Niece lost 36 pounds within 8 months with 30 minutes exercise and Kara Keto Burn

My niece Fareeha told me about a product that she has been using for the past 8 months to lose weight and I am amazed at how effective this product is without any side effects. My niece used to weight about 186 pounds when I last met her and in our family, being overweight is not considered something to feel shy about. We are all overweight and fat which we think is okay, but the newer generation is getting very health and body conscious in our family. Fareeha is now 25 years old and she was always overweight. Now she weighs only 150 lbs and perhaps, she is the lightest adult in our family today.

I never before thought of losing weight so intensely but after looking how prettier she has become by losing 36 pounds, I thought of myself loosing the extra weight and enjoying its benefits. I asked her how much time does she spend in the gym, she told me that she spends only 1 hour in the gym for 5 days a week. I asked her “Is that enough to lose that much weight in only a matter of 8 months?” Then she told me her secret, and the secret is Kara Keto Burn. A 100% natural weight loss product like never seen before.

I have myself started taking it now and I hope for the same results as my niece. It has been 7 days already since I have been taking the Kara Keto Burn and I have already lost 500 grams. I will start going to the gym after about a couple of days. I myself hope to lose 36 pounds in 8 months. How great would that be!