T-shirt manufacturer can write an encyclopedia about the future of the industry and although he claims his tees are some of the best, he buys his own from another company

Patrick Brenda owns a very successful cloth manufacturing company that creates clothes for both men and women. Patrick claims that their biggest focus is on creating as much variety of sizes as possible and they have always made it possible that their sizes can fit most of the people. Patrick also claims that their company manufactures the best free size shorts that really fit most – be it thin, athletic, fat, chubby, robust body type.

Patrick gives the advice to the rookies that if you are new to the clothing industry and you cannot afford to fail, then only sell basic styled clothes and try to sell those at the cheapest prices possible that fetches you a good profit as well.

Patrick claims that the demand for the men’s clothes has been going constantly lower but that for the women has been going only higher. Patrick jokes that the number of clothing pieces manufactured and sold to the women has definitely increased bu the amount of cloth required to manufacture those roughly 1.5 times the piece of cloth has still remained the same.

Patrick says that we shouldn’t be surprised if by 2024, for every 5 women clothing stores, there is only one for the men.

Patrick claims that there cloth is the best at not fraying at the price and they are also thinking about providing a one-year ‘no-fray’ warranty on all the clothes manufactured at their company but they are abused of the abuse of that warranty and that’s the lone reason that has been stopping them from doing so.

After reading all this about Patrick and Patrick’s clothing company, anybody will naturally think that Patrick only wears t-shirts and other clothes manufactured by his own company, but you need to click here to know where Patrick’s personal t-shirts come from.

Hair Transplant Disadvantages

Arcana James (name changed) says that early nomadic people discovered oil millions of years ago and thinking of it as a useless commodity, they never bothered about it.

Arcana loves peaceful atmosphere more than anything else, that’s why she wears noise-cancellation earphones almost all the time to make the annoying people inaudible to herself.

Arcana claims that Nordic countries were the most populated part of the world during the ice age.

Arcana is a blogger as well and when she opened up the Oxford Dictionary a couple of days ago, a word popped out – ‘motorist’, the Oxford Dictionary defined it as a person who drives cars. Arcana totally disagreed with it and made a post on her saying that the motorist is a professional race driver not any driver, she criticized the Oxford Dictionary a lot for the same.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Arcana also made a post criticizing the Oxford Dictionary defining ‘Carnal Desires’ as sexual desires, Arcana says that ‘Carnal Desires’ mean animalistic desires and animalistic desires do not only mean sexual desires.

Arcana knows a lot of flat-earthers and she says that all these flat-earthers have two things in common, first they are all blue-collared people and second, they are all retard and inbred right-wingers.

Arcana never buys a car, a house or anything whose prices can be negotiated down.

Arcana’s great-grandfather was one of the most popular and legendary archaeologists of all times and Arcana says that she learnt more from him than her parents or any member of her family.

Arcana is pretty daring too, when she wanted to get a hair transplant in the month of June of this year, everyone was telling her that hair transplant disadvantages clearly outweigh its advantages but Arcana didn’t listen to any of them and she went ahead for a transplant. To their surprise, it has been about 6 months and Arcana hasn’t experienced a single disadvantage caused by the hair transplant yet.


Celibacy advocate fitness freak claims fitness requires absolute conviction

Cameron Jeremy (name changed) finds most interactions with other people harsh and very seldom amusing. Cameron is a very high energy lady and spiritual too. She claims that most people are filled with negative energy and that’s why she doesn’t like an average person much. Cameron is a silent type and she doesn’t like to talk much. She prefers speaking only when required.

Cameron is a fitness freak and she claims that fitness requires conviction. “Conviction is an absolute when you are concerned with fitness, one cannot expect to get fit within a week by walking on cheap treadmills for an hour”, she told me last time when I had a conversation with her.

Cameron also claims that sexual abstinence is one of the best proven phenomenons when it comes to anti-aging. She claims that it is possible to live without any sexual encounter for anyone if she/he has a strong will. One of the things that she learnt while studying Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese medicine is that sex is merely meant for procreation, it is pleasurable because the nature intended us to multiply and most likely we wouldn’t have multiplied if it wasn’t for the pleasure. She also claims that our ancestors had wasteful lives because they over-indulged in consumption and we shouldn’t repeat the mistakes and sins of our ancestors.

In my opinion, whether what Cameron is saying is true or not, we should at least try staying celibate for a while in order to learn whether what some genius minds said about celibacy is true or not. Henry David Thoreau called it the ‘flowering of man’.

Rick and Tamara Ferrera are happier than ever before

A little bit of passion and imagination can take you a long way. Tamara Ferrera (name changed) is an American woman who is now 31 years old. When Tamara told her husband Rick that she is now bored of his small size and he needs to do something about it, Rick didn’t get angry at all due to Tamara’s easy-going attitude that makes everyone around her feel completely at ease. Tamara’s passion for fun and her imagination that there must be some such thing as a penile implant surgery really changed the life of herself and obviously that of the Rick’s for the better only.

Tamara is a blond-haired, blue eyed hottie with a curvy frame and 38D breasts which Rick loves to squeeze in all the right ways. After they make out they enjoy lots of cuddles and kissing. Their evening together is a pleasure beyond the reality of your imagination.

Before Rick got the implant done on his private organ, Tamara used to feel a bit lonely many times. She used to call male escorts for short sessions when Rick was away on a business trip. She felt strange paying for it but she did it nevertheless. She has still kept it a secret that she ever cheated on Rick.

Tamara has an open-minded spirit and the possibilities are endless with her. She is genuinely bisexual and brings her best friend and colleague Tyra along with her to the house so that Rick can have double the fun. Tyra is a delightful, dusky darling with a very open-mind, a stunning body and a warm, endearing personality making her ideal for social occasions and events as well for Rick when Tamara is not around.

Self-made Maltese Supermarket Chain Owner reversed hair loss with Finasteride

Bailey Borg (name changed) is a Maltese gentleman from the Northern Harbour district who believes that pain is the greatest motivator. Bailey Borg accuses his parents of poor parenting skills and also says that their poor parenting skills is what made him move out when he was 18 and made his fortune which is very uncommon in Malta. Most middle-class or low income children live with their parents until they get married.

Bailey Borg owns a supermarket store chain with stores inĀ  all over Malta, Gozo and Sicily. Bailey’s ultimate goal is to create a larger chain than the Walmart. At a very young age, Bailey found the greatest secret of financial freedom and prosperity and that secret is called ‘focus’. Bailey always has a list of his business and personal goals in his pocket. Bailey believes that the global economy is going in a bad direction but he is certain that his company and his personal income are only going to grow in the near future.

Bailey used to be extremely proud of his long wavy blonde hair back in his teens and early 20s. He started losing hair on his temples and crown area back in the early 2017 and was extremely worried about it until natural hair restoration came to the rescue. Bailey’s could completely reverse his hair loss with Finasteride and Minoxidil. Bailey is again proud of his hair and has better hair for a man in his mid-40s than the most others.

Bailey’s current girlfriend is the apple of his eye and she loves Bailey for his looks but more than his girlfriend, Bailey’s kids are proud to hang around with Bailey.

Insomnia can change your life for the better, learn from the Latvian gentleman Thomas’ story how

Thomas misses the days when he used to be a toddler and would watch Elmo but he hates the begone days when he used to be half-bald. One of Thomas’ favorite hobbies is disguising himself as infamous Dr. Phil and trolling discord chat servers.

Thomas loves exercising and jogging as well. Thomas is not as well-built or mentally sharp as most his friends or co-workers even though he exercises 5 days a week for 2 hours and reads for 2 hours everyday. Thomas really wishes if he could choose his parents.

Thomas loves to meditate in the morning but he thinks it is a waste of time. Never heard that before, right? Thomas works for a very formidable IT organization and this IT organization has been hopping since the first day like no other in Latvia ever.

Thomas suffers from occasional insomnia and that’s when he loves to search the internet non-stop and sometimes by accident stumbles upon life changing or life saving content. Thomas was in a mild depression due to his almost 70% bald head. Thomas then stumbled upon this marvelous webpage showing pictures of people who got hair transplant done on them in Istanbul, Turkey by Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic and their hair transplant density was unbelievably good. That moment, Thomas immediately decided to get a hair transplant done on himself too by Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Thomas traveled all the way from the city of Daugavpils, Latvia to Istanbul, Turkey.

Thomas believes that happiness or pleasure are not the goals of human life, it is the stoic purpose instead. Thomas tries to minimize the intake of sugar completely. Thomas doesn’t believe in red pill or blue pill and consider it a waste of time. He thinks that people who identify themselves with blue or red pill are still immature no matter what their age or achievement.

Ex-cashier living life the Rio de Janeiro way

Julia used to be a cashier at one of the largest department stores in Brazil. Julia is a stunning beauty, she was working at the same store since she was 18 and once when she was 21, she got an offer to marry her from one of the richest men in town who is also very popular, but Julia rejected it out of her self-esteem and self-respect.

Julia then kept on working at the same store even though the salary was too low for her. Julia loves to experiment and she has experimented several things throughout her lifetime including some NSFW stuff. Julia when 26, decided to marry her longtime boyfriend whom she knew from the school days, he used to be her neighbor and they both liked each other since they both were 12.

Julia got married to her boyfriend, the couple had a son together, but the relationship didn’t go so well so they decided to divorce each other when they both were 30. Julia fell into another relationship with a man 8 years older than her, but they had a great chemistry together.

Julia’s new husband used to sellĀ sorteio da tele sena numbers. And he would give Julia one new number each day. Once Julia won the biggest prize and the prize was 10 million Brazilian reals. Julia’s husband hasn’t made this much money selling throughout his career and out of happiness, Julia and her husband went to the Beach Hop to celebrate a short honeymoon. They made tremendous love there and enjoyed each and every second of it and each and every inch of each other.

After coming back, Julia decided to send her son to the topmost school of Brazil and she has already decided to send him to the Harvard once his schooling is complete.

Indian-American Man loves to hunt down Cape Buffalos in Zambia

Gajodhar Pandey is a Varanasi, India born civil engineer. Gajodhar’s family was and is still a very religious Hindu family. Gajodhar was born and raised in a very religious atmosphere with her mother doing prayers 3 times a day and his father doing it twice a day (once in the morning after taking a both and once before sleeping).

After Gajodhar completed his school, he decided that he will become a civil engineer. Gajodhar’s parents were very happy with the decision. They enrolled Gajodhar into one of the top civil engineering colleges and while Gajodhar was still in college, he started getting job offers.

After Gajodhar completed his college education, he went for the highest paying job that he could find, at that time INR 60, 000 (roughly about 950 US Dollar). Gajodhar kept on getting promoted in India and his last package in India was INR 5.5 Million and then he got an offer to work for one of the biggest real estate organizations in the world with headquarters in the United States of America.

Gajodhar happily moved to the United States of America. After Gajodhar moved to the United States of America, his habits changed, his whole lifestyle in fact changed. He became an atheist and started eating meat as well. His current salary is 1.5 Million US Dollar per annum and he has a couple of sports cars with Porsche Carrera GT being his most favorite.

Gajodhar also loves to go for hunting in Zambia during vacations and recently he hunted Cape Buffalos there with his bow. He uses bow instead of a gun because he finds it more fun, and he finds it even more fun since he bought that best bow sight. He doesn’t tell his parents that he has turned atheist or a non-vegetarian. He is planning to go to India for a week during the next vacations and he will act there like he is still that religious and strict vegetarian Gajodhar Pandey.

Arborist made fun of because of funny dressing sense

I remember watching a professional Arborist on the Youtube who uploads nothing but great videos. He is an expert in the word’s truest sense when it comes to his profession. He has a large base of subscribers as well. Maybe in the millions now, it used to be in the hundreds of thousands when I used to watch his videos back in the year 2014.

He is from Boston, USA. Speaks in a very hard Boston accent, but everybody who understands the English language well can understand very well what he is saying. The comment section in his videos is always full of funny comments making fun of his awkward dressing sense. They all watch and like his videos, but they only comment about his dressing sense and what he is wearing in the video.

One has to be a really strong person to take it all, because if it were someone like me, I would have got depressed and either would have shut my Youtube channel or start read best men’s magazines where they explain how to dress, which haircut to get, and stuff like that.

I will check him out today to see what he is up to nowadays. I think he could have even more subscribers if he did dress well, mostly the women viewers would have subscribed to him more if he did dress well.