Most cryptocurrency investors and traders are making bank and Ekta is one example

Ekta Jatadhari (name changed) always has some preposterous business ideas that she ends up blowing her money with each time. Ekta never has any time for herself. She is already obese but is not doing anything about it and worse is that she doesn’t even have a plan to do anything about it.

Ekta and her husband own several businesses out of which only 2 are successful. First one is their cryptocurrency trading business and the second one is their streetwear brand that caters to both men and women. The quality and prices of Ekta’s streetwear business are top of the line and you can easily trust their products without a problem. I have bought 5 times myself. Their business tagline is ‘Let us show you why we are the best.” They also have a statement mentioned on their official streetwear store’s website – “A business’ longevity is based on giving every customer what they are looking for at prices readily forgotten. Please be aware that our aim is only to make you look badass, we are not interested in making profits. All our streetwear clothing gets handpicked by the brand owner Ekta Jatadhari and she makes it sure that she chooses nothing but the best.”

Ekta’s husband has stopped visiting escorts since he married Ekta who makes him feel like the only man in the world. She never acts like a wife but a randy girlfriend. Wherever the couple goes, all eyes are on this stunning couple.

Ekta is addicted to meditation. She experiences a perfect bliss while meditating.

Ekta recently started her own cryptocurrency blog and it has been receiving much better positive feedback than she expected.

Kissimmee couple now living in Prescott AZ got their Kitchen Remodeled

Camden and Nora are a young couple from the city of Kissimmee, Florida who recently shifted to Prescott, Arizona. They miss the colorfulness of Kissimee in Prescott but they still like it.

Camden likes to keep a track of everything, while Nora is a bit careless. Camden is always doubtful before taking a decision while Nora is always full of confidence. Camden doesn’t watch television, he doesn’t watch Youtube or surf internet uselessly while Nora loves to watch television, her most favorite program is Dr. Phil, she loves to watch funny videos on the Youtube and she always keeps looking for something on the Youtube.

Camden believes in a simple life but Nora believes in abundance. It is amazing how this couple so different likes each other so much and is so compatible with each other.

Recently, they looked for Prescott AZ Kitchen Remodel service all over the internet and came across this wonderful company. Camden helped the team that arrived their house do all the work while Nora was busy playing Overwatch.

Camden likes to wake up early and do exercise after he wakes up while Nora doesn’t wake up before 8 AM. The couple misses the hot and humid temperature of the Kissimmee since they landed in Prescott. Prescott isn’t that cold either but Kissimmee had that Florida humidity which the couple has become accustomed to.

There was a time when Camden was young and stupid and he used to spend all his precious time on White Supremacy Groups’ websites. Camden codes for a living. He works at one of the largest IT firms in the USA and also does freelancing part time. Nora owns her own toy store in the neighborhood of Gail Gardner Way.

Crying Lizards works everywhere, apply it in your car and see the results

Kittibun, a 25 year old guy bought a second hand Volkswagen Passat with all his savings. He had been earning since he was 21 and with all the money that he saved throughout these 4 years, he bought a Volkswagen Passat to impress his girlfriend. Kittibun never had a girlfriend before, neither in school nor in college or the workplace. He met her in a mall and acted like he is a very rich dude from the very moment he met her. To make her believe that he is a rich guy, he bought this expensive car.

His girlfriend had an idea that he is fooling her but she wouldn’t tell as she enjoyed watching his dramas. Kittibun also told her that she lives in an expensive area and will soon fix a meeting at his home between her and his parents. After hearing this, his girlfriend really started believing his story that he is son of some wealthy parents.

Once Kittibun and his girlfriend were enjoying a nice wine in Kittibun’s Volkswagen Passat and suddenly two geckos (ตุ๊กแก) popped up on the dashboard. Kittibun’s girlfriend asked “Is that what you get when you park your car for too long in a posh locality?” Kittibun’s face was worth looking at after hearing that. He was nervous and acted stupidly. He started stuttering and doing all the crazy things. Kittibun’s girlfriend then told her that he needn’t tell all the lies that he has been telling her and buy a product that goes by the name ‘Crying Lizards’ available at the Shopee. Kittibun did the same and now his car is ‘gecko-free’.