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Homeless Stripper bought a new penthouse in the State of Sao Paulo

Anne Simpson (name changed) is a sort of popular Youtuber. Anne is 23 now and she has been uploading the videos on Youtube since she was 19. Anne’s most popular video is the one in which she confessed about being pregnant at the age of 15 and getting kicked out from her parents’ home after they discovered that she is pregnant.

Anne was homeless with her baby until about 4 months ago working full time at a popular strip club in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo. Anne is no magician but she bought a new penthouse only after a couple of days of being homeless. No, none of her clients gifted her that. Anne won that with Rio de Prêmios aka River of Awards. No, they didn’t gift her the penthouse, but they gifted her 10 million Brazil Reals with what she bought a new penthouse in Barueri, Sao Paulo.

Now, Anne doesn’t need to work as a stripper anymore to raise her child. She is looking for small business opportunities. She has also started looking for a new man for her life and her baby. She recently was dating this guy who would brag about everything to her but Anne used to be a stripper and she can smell the lies. She finally discovered that the dude is 34 years old and still lives with his parents and is a complete loser in reality.

Anne loves her decision of not aborting her child and she has started running an anti-abortion website also. She is still looking for a reliable company for SEO and marketing. Anne hates procrastinating and procrastinators and she wants a SEO company that is super-quick. SEO is a lot of work and I really hope that she finds out some company that has nothing but expert workers who know what they are doing.

41 year old renounced anger and alcoholism but not idleness

Riggan is a 41 year old man who was born in El Paso, Texas, raised in Fort Worth TX and currently living in Prescott AZ.

Riggan commands respect in his Volvo XC90 Excellence which he bought for 120, 000 last year. Do you know what Riggan does for a living? The answer is “nothing”. The exceptionally talented gentlemen and ladies at Prescott Financial Planning Company invest Riggan’s money in all the right places and earn him profits more than 90% of the American working people make working all year.

Most of Riggan’s problems used to arise because of his alcoholism and anger. He renounced both those evils in 2016 and he has never touched alcohol or got angry on anything since then.

Recently, Riggan volunteered for the innocent civilians of Syria and he did it hardcore. For about 3 weeks, he spent all his days doing the same. He volunteered on the blogs’ commenting section, he did in the chatrooms, forums, Youtube, social media, you name it.

Chelsea keeps a check on her 10 Kitchenware stores with XMEyepc

Many people overlook the benefits of owning one major store than owning several small ones, luckily Chelsea didn’t feel this way and she owns several major stores. Bigger than most her rivals.

Chelsea wasted years of her life dating this one man who ended up stealing all the money she had at that time and also taking away her business contacts’ phone numbers. Chelsea is a 41 year old tall blonde with blue eyes. She has always been in perfect shape. Back then when that idiot took away her contacts and money with him, she was 32. She still recalls that moment sometimes and tells how she had so many rich and handsome guys proposing her and she ended up dating this short and ugly guy because she thought he had a great sense of humor.

Chelsea believes in religious brotherhood and has posters that talk about religious brotherhood stuck everywhere in her stores. Chelsea owns a chain of 10 kitchenware stores and she is not stopping at that. There was a time when Chelsea used to sell Kitchenware door to door, then she started selling them online. She has come a long way from there. She recently installed this camera app on her PC to keep a check on her stores from this website – She seems too happy with this app and says that it has made managing her stores very easy for her.

Chelsea is a monotheist. While she is not a devout Christian, she believes that there is a creator and it is not like what they tell according to any of the religions. Chelsea was never greedy and she has a great love for all the pet animals and she hates wild animals. Chelsea is also a raw vegan and hasn’t touch non-vegetarian food in the past 7 years.

From a freelance writer to a Brewery Owner – Amy’s story is really riveting

Amy was only 19 when she started freelancing. She used to sell her amazing writing services at an unbelievably good price. One of her richie rich clients fell in love with her. The client was from Italy and Amy was a resident of Kansas City, America. He traveled all the way to Kansas City from Naples, Italy to have a coffee with Amy.

Although the man was 8 years older than Amy, she quite liked him when they personally met. After 5-6 meetings, he proposed Amy and took her to Naples with him.

Their love has been on a steady rise for each other since the day they both got married. Amy is loving the city of Naples and is very glad to have found such a great life partner in such a beautiful city.

Amy’s husband owns a brewery that is now being managed by Amy. Amy recently replaced all the outdated equipment in the brewery with the most advanced one. She even got a PC control for running the brewery which she never heard of before. Thank God she found out from a directory.

Amy wants to be a doctor and is thinking of getting enrolled into a medical school. She hasn’t yet due to the shortage of time.

Amy is very complacent about herself. Even though she gives her best to everything, she still doesn’t appreciate herself much and has only complaints about herself. Recently, during the holiday season, she had lots of celebratory eating and has been cursing herself ever since because she gained 4 pounds of fat after that.

Even after being complacent about herself, Amy is very optimistic and positive about her and her husband’s future. They have a child on the way and after Amy thinks she has enough time, she will enroll into a medical school.

Photo Frames are still in demand, you just don’t know where to sell them

Makayla’s friends and family all considered her crazy when she told them that she wants to be involved in the photo frame business. They all told her that when everyone has mobile phones having better camera than an actual camera nobody is getting their photos framed anymore, they all have it in their phone memory, hard drive or USB.

Well, they were partially correct. The photo frame industry isn’t as big as it once used to be, but everyone should pursue his/her passion and that’s what Makayla did exactly. She didn’t care about what her friends or family told her.

Makayla first did a thorough research on the industry and then made her plan. It was a wonderful plan and the biggest proof of it being wonderful is that it worked exactly as was expected by Makayla.

Makayla is an expert at online marketing and she learnt the art of online marketing from her brother who now lives in Malmo, Sweden with his wife and two kids.

Makayla imported 2000 photo frames from one of the top Chinese glass companies that goes by the name Ginde Glass, and meanwhile when even the photo frames didn’t arrive her location, she spread the rumor everywhere on the internet that the ones not using photo frames are considered losers by the society and they are all looked down by the visitors.

She spread it all over the internet including the forums, blogs, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, you name it and by the time the photo frames arrived her location, they were already hugely in demand. Makayla also created an extremely stylish website for selling the photo frames and also put the listings on Amazon and eBay, and would you believe it? She was able to sell all 2000 photo frames within 4 days of their arrival.

From a worker to a Fisheries owner in coastal town of Ubatuba

Balduino is a 33 year old Brazilian dude born and raised in the city of Sorocaba, but moved to Ubatuba when he was 27 because he got a job at his cousin’s fisheries there.

Balduino started his own fishing company by the time he was 32. How did that happen? Well, it is a secret that Balduino tried to keep it to himself but I have found about it and I will tell you about the same at the end of this post.

Balduino also fell in love with the cat that is very popular on the Youtube for attacking its own owner. The cat’s name is Maxwell, if you have seen the video of a Z-black cat that attacks its own owner after hearing 3-4 No’s, you must have got by now what I am saying.

Balduino still recalls the day when he came newly to the town of Ubatuba, how he used to stare at the guys drinking smoothies, shakes and juices at the local shacks.

Overall, in life, Balduino has met several hostile and bad people, his own cousin didn’t treat him right and that’s the reason why Balduino thought of starting his own fisheries. That was the beginning of the end of Balduino’s cousin business and the rise of Balduino. Most of the employees working at the Balduino’s cousin fisheries have left the job there to work for Balduino.

Balduino’s biggest strength is that instead of trying to learn several skills and subjects at once, he focuses on only one skill and one subject at a time. But, focusing on a skill is not enough when it comes to starting a business. And a business like fisheries requires a lot of investment. You must be wondering how and from where Balduino got so much money, so here is the answer – Aumentar o score do cpf

England based full-fledged plastic company rescued by its Chinese counterpart

Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a full-fledged plastic company based in Manchester, England. They have been selling what they sell for over 6 decades now. Their products include plastic chairs, plastic combs, plastic drinking glasses, and lots of other things. Everything was going great until Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd manufactured its own products at its own manufacturing unit. Cowen and Kahan may not be on par with the topmost companies of the United Kingdom when it comes to the sales numbers or revenue, but it is super-popular when it comes to the quality. You may say that Cowen and Kahan is a synonym for the quality.

Cowen and Kahan couldn’t afford to run its manufacturing operations with the competitors importing all the stuff from the Asian countries including China, India and Pakistan. Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd tried its best to keep manufacturing its products, but they couldn’t last long.

Back in the year 2015, Cowen and Kahan had 2 options, first was to shut down forever and the second was to outsource the manufacturing to some factory in China, India or Pakistan.

They preferred option 2 and the founders went to the Republic of China to look for a company that can guarantee them the same quality produced at their manufacturing unit for a much lower price. They roamed all over Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and didn’t find anything that can compete with their British made plastic product. They were planning to go to India until they read an article in a newspaper about a Dongguan based plastic injection mold company that looked very promising.

The founders took a flight from Shanghai to Dongguan. After reaching there, they were astonished to see that the quality wasn’t only on par with their British made products, but it was even better. The founders decided to order 30, 000 units instantly.

They are now doing business as usual but the profit margins have gone much higher.

From Toyota dealership salesperson to her own boss – Roberta’s story is an inspiration

Roberta is a 29 year young former Toyota dealership employee. Roberta was born a salesperson. Roberta used to sell Pokemon cards on eBay when she was only 16. Roberta used to sell her old toys in school after she grew up. Roberta could sell a Toyota to a lifetime Ford fanboy. That’s how good at sales Roberta is. Nothing to do with her looks or voice. She is just an average looking young woman.

Roberta gradually started getting bored of her job. Even though Roberta was selling Toyotas, she wanted to have her own new Ferrari and she was willing to do whatever it took to buy one. Roberta didn’t have a rich boyfriend who could buy her one, she is a lifelong celibate.

Roberta always knew that there is a lot of potential in her and she has this crazy energy and drive for everything. Roberta needed to find a way to buy her dream car – “A Yellow Ferrari 488”. Once while reading random news websites, she stumbled upon an article that went something like “Amazon seller making millions a year using this one technique”, Roberta said to herself, “This is it”. Roberta started looking for more information on the internet regarding how to sell on Amazon everyday after she came back home from work (Toyota Dealership).

Roberta had the money she needed to invest in starting her own Amazon store. She got a company registered and started selling in the automotive and powersports category. She didn’t become a superseller within a month, but it took her somewhere around 16-17 months to really take it off and she doesn’t own her yellow Ferrari 488 yet, but soon she will be driving one. And yes, did I tell you that she is already making 26k a month selling on Amazon. Soon the amount can be 130k. How you liked that?

Manhattan born electrician friends changed their lives with radar detector

Billy, Michael and Jordan are 3 friends from the New York City who were born and raised in Manhattan. They were together in the school and lived on the same street as well. After completing the school, Billy and Michael thought that it would be useless to attend a university. If they wanted to attend a college or an university, they were required to take a student loan as none of their parents were in the condition to afford their college/university fee.

Jordan wanted to go to the college and he didn’t believe that he could become successful or live his ideal life without going to a college. He enrolled into one while Billy and Michael started their own electricians company.

Billy and Michael had no employee and would visit the client’s location themselves. They were just perfect at what they did, but the money they were making wasn’t what they expected. It would sometimes take hours to reach the client’s location due to the heavy Manhattan traffic.

Billy had an idea that they should move to some other city as the competition was higher in Manhattan and the traffic was killing their business. Michael complied and they shifted to Montgomery, Alabama. The traffic was nothing compared to the Manhattan in Montgomery, but the speed limits were a great hindrance to Billy and Michael’s business. Billy told Michael, “Look, I have an idea. We can use a radar detector to detect the radars and cross all the speed limits safely.” Michael replied, “You will get us bankrupt with your shady idea.” Billy said “Do you have any other idea to make more money?” Michael replied “Nope.” Then Billy told Michael to do as he says.

Billy searched the internet thoroughly and bought a new radar detector through

Now, after 6 months, Billy and Michael have been making double the amount that they did before. Billy’s ideas are awesome.

From Dyeing business to Google web scraping, Amelia’s story is really inspirational

Amelia is a 32 year old Australian woman who wanted to start her own business after the birth of her child as the money her husband was making wasn’t sufficient for the family. Amelia researched and found out that carpet cleaning would be the perfect choice for her. Amelia opened up an office in the prime area of Melbourne and the rent was very heavy but Amelia believed that the business would be easily able to pay the rent.

Amelia distributed flyers and did whatever she could to advertise her business. After 6 months, she wasn’t able to pay the electricity bill and rent with her carpet dyeing business. Amelia was shattered. She tried to give her best to this business and it is not even able to pay the rent. Amelia had to shut the business down and she had expert writing skills so she started writing a blog, the blog was making her as much money as she expected but the time it would take to run a single blog was huge. She had to take care of her newborn child as well.

Amelia then once by accident found out about Google web scraper. Amelia personally believes that she has some sort of mystical and psychic abilities and the number 633 is what she considers lucky for herself. When she looked at her laptop screen at the moment when Google web scraper idea appeared in front of her, the time was 6:33 pm. Amelia instantly starting learning about Google web scraping and it took her less than a month to become an expert at it. Now after 5 months, Amelia has been making more than AU Dollar 4k per month with Google web scraping.

Become your own boss – Learn from Priyanka Kanpurkar

Priyanka Kanpurkar is an Indian homemaker who is an Engineer by profession, but she stopped working as soon as she got married to the man who was also her best friend in school. Priyanka’s husband was a senior engineer at one of the top IT firms in Bangalore right before he was kicked out of the job. After Priyanka’s husband was expelled from the job, Priyanka had no option but to look for a job for herself. Both husband and wife started looking for a job but they didn’t get any after looking for it for 4 months day and night.

When Priyanka was in school, she used to learn the French language in every summer vacation (a 2 month vacation for the whole of May and June given to the school students in India). She thought why doesn’t she start a French language school at her home. She discussed it with her husband and her husband too found it as a workable idea. Her husband knew all the places on the internet where he could advertise their language school, but Priyanka had forgot most of the language. Priyanka’s husband told her that streaming gratuit streaming movies and television series are a good idea to retain back the language. Priyanka complied and started watching French movies day and night. She also bought the book “French for Dummies”. Within 2 weeks, Priyanka was ready to teach the French language to the students. Meanwhile, her husband didn’t stay idle either, he arranged everything, from a board to the pamphlets to the online advertisements. After a couple of weeks of when everything was done, they started receiving interested students and within the next 6 months became the top Foreign language teaching school in the vicinity.

Pakistani tailor’s teenager sons making a bank with this API

Mushtaq, a Pakistani tailor worked very hard to school his children. He was perhaps the hardest working tailor in the city of Rawalpindi with his clients including the popular ex-minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed.

Mushtaq would go to his small shop early in the morning each day, like sometimes 6am in the morning while sometimes at 7am, and would shut the shop late at night, like between 8 to 10pm.

The foremost reason why Mushtaq worked so hard was because he didn’t want his children to become tailors. He wanted them to be lawyers, doctors or engineers. He sent them to study at the Rawalpindi’s best school and would save 200 Pakistani Rupee everyday in the bank for their bright future.

As the sons grew up, they weren’t interested in becoming lawyers, doctors or engineers, they wanted to make a fast buck and they wouldn’t let Mushtaq know about this, but Mushtaq was their father and he knew very well what his sons were upto.

As the sons completed their 10th grade, their marks weren’t enough to get them science stream, they had to enter the commerce stream, which was a major shock to Mushtaq. Now, they had only one option out of Mushtaq’s favorite careers list, which is to become lawyers.

After the sons entered their 11th grade, they demanded a computer from Mushtaq, which he reluctantly bought them. The brothers used to look out for ways to make money online and one day accidentally stumbled upon Keyword Ranking API which really caught their eyes. The brothers started using the technique which started making them more money than their father within a matter of one month. By the time they gave their 12th grade’s final examinations, the brothers together were making over US $6000 a month, looking at what the brothers decided that they are not willing to go to the college and plan to make their living doing this only.

UK’s top toy retailer saved by a local HR company

Do you know that one of the top toy retailers in the United Kingdom was about to become bankrupt due to inefficient workforce? The success of this toy retailer wasn’t an accident. Being successful requires lots of effort, resistance, persistence and skills and it is very rarely an accident, but to stay successful requires a lot more. The founder of this toy retailing company that I am talking about here has passed away and the company is now run by one of his 2 daughters. It is a very large company and the founder’s daughter was very well aware of the fact that it is not going to be an easy task for her, but little did she know that the company will be on the verge of being bankrupt only after 16 months of her taking over as the boss of all bosses.

The main reason behind the verge of bankruptcy of the company was the new boss’ inefficiency to deal with the human workforce. She had always been a very reserved person and did have only a couple of friends over her lifetime. She didn’t have an idea how to handle so many people who are working for her. All the work that she was supposed to do was being handled by who was supposed to be the most honest employee of the company as he was the oldest there and was working there for 3 decades, but she didn’t have an idea earlier that he wanted to take over the company himself. She finally decided to hire John Accountancy as the HR consultancy company for her toy company and to her surprise, they did a better job than she ever expected. The company was recommended to her by a cousin of her who herself used to work at the John Accountancy before she got married.

Singaporean man fulfilled his dream of opening an NGO and helping the society

Abid runs an NGO in the Singapore. His salary is over a million Singapore Dollar a year. But it wasn’t like this always. Abid used to work at a sunglasses store as a helper at the posh Havelock Road.

Abid always wanted to help the needy and poverty-stricken people of Singapore and other countries as well, but he didn’t know how to. Abid was always a good student. He didn’t pursue any higher education after the school as the financial condition of his family was not up to the mark and Abid didn’t want to be a burden on his family.

If you have been to the Singapore and you think there is no poverty in Singapore, you are wrong, the poverty is mostly invisible there and mostly it is the residents who are well-aware of the same.

Abid wanted to do something about the poor people of his country so badly and at the same time wanted to make a huge buck for himself, his kids that were on the way and his parents. Abid was 27 already, and he would do anything to achieve his aim of helping the society and becoming rich at the same time.

One friend of Abid told him to enroll into fakultet politickih nauka and learn about the politics and how to run an NGO. His friend told him that top NGO management makes over million Singapore dollars in an year and he too could make that amount of money if he plays it smart and works hard enough. Abid complied to his friend’s advice and studied politics at the university and learnt different ways to help the society at large.

He opened an NGO while still studying at the university. He received lots of funds to open it from almost everyone that he went to and today his dream of becoming rich and helping a great portion of the society has become a reality and Abid is not willing to stop.

The more skilled you are, the more money you make and the more respect you earn

Day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, the world is getting more competitive. These are the easiest and also the most difficult times we have ever lived in. The more skilled and more knowledgeable you are, the better your life would be in these times. This century is not for the weak-willed or the unskilled.

What do you want to be known for? Do you want to be known for being a fickle-minded and weak-willed person who cannot even provide for himself, let alone his/her family? Or you want to be someone whose family is proud of him/her?

Evropski univerzitet Kallos Tuzla is one of the best universities in the world that teaches you to be the best version of yourself. Many students of this university are making their names in different industries and making their parents, teachers and relatives proud.

The society will not allow to enjoy a specific status if you are not well-educated. The way you talk, the way you walk, everything changes after you attend a university; the way you feel about yourself is one of the things that changes drastically as well.

If you have in your mind that college/university is a waste of time and going to one will do nothing but burn a hole in your pocket and waste some of your peak youth years, think again, you will be proud of yourself and be glad after you have completed your college/university course that you made the decision.

Pakistani teenage brothers found a new hobby in Spotify

Daanish and Nusrat were two Pakistani brothers. They both were religious fanatics, their parents, their relatives, all were the same as well. The brothers didn’t do anything that was against Islam. Daanish was 2 years older than Nusrat, and was given scholarship and an offer to study higher education in the USA.

All of his family gave him mixed responses. Half of the family didn’t want him to leave Pakistan and go to the United States while the other half was so excited that he got a scholarship and an offer to study in the US.

Daanish was in a great dilemma as his mother didn’t want him to go but his father did and he had no idea what to do. He went to his younger brother Nusrat who suggested him that the career is the utmost important thing and he should go to the US for higher studies no matter what. Daanish and Nusrat loved each other very much, they are the perfect examples of 2 brothers. Their stories could be told in the movies and even fictions.

Daanish decided to leave the country for higher studies and moved to the US. Both the brothers started missing each other very much only after a day, Nusrat told his best friend Faisal that he cries thinking that his beloved brother has gone for 3 years. Faisal told him about Spotify Premium Free Android and Nusrat downloaded the same. Back in the day, the app wasn’t so popular. Nusrat Whatsapped his elder brother Daanish immediately and told him about the app too. First, both the brothers listened to the sad songs on the app, day and night but after a while got so involved into choosing from among millions of songs from all over the world that they stopped missing each other and found a new hobby.