Ambitious but low energy woman loves to fold simple origami with her mother

Judith Forest (name changed) prefers lightweight laptops over the heavyweight ones any day of the year. Judith is a homosexual woman who never married and still lives with her mom. Judith and her mother live in a modest 3 bedroom house of a middle-income neighborhood. Judith has been working extremely hard and smart to buy her mother her dream house – a mansion in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

Judith’s mother Sharla has been trying her best to get free from the vicious cycle of desire since learning Buddhism. Judith knows this and she calls BS on that, according to Judith, it is impossible for a human being to not being ambitious and get free from desire totally.

Judith herself has studied many of the eastern religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and she has nothing nice to say about any of these. Judith claims that reincarnation is a myth created by the Brahmin and Kshatriya varnas of Hinduism to enslave the people belonging to the lower castes – Shudras and Vaishyas forever so that they can never get up and fight. Hindus tell the shudras (aka dalits) and vaishyas that you were born shudras or dalits because you did nothing but wrong deeds in your previous life.

Judith writes for a magazine and she is openly very critical of the celebrity culture and writes too often about how destructive it is, especially for the innocent teenagers. Though Judith has been trying her hardest to get to the top of the financial pyramid, it is not possible for her to work without a break for more than a week. During holidays, her favorite pastime is folding simple origami with her beloved mother.

Hardcore Catholic turned hardcore agnostic loves to buy his ties online

Mitch Miller (name changed) claims that his ex-wife was a liar, manipulator and a bad news. She would only do things that were in the best interest for herself and never cared about the others. And he also claims that her personal interests were only filth, degenerate, dirt and nastiness. She used to sleep around all the time and Mitch had no idea what was going on until he finally caught her once. He even used a very degrading term for his ex-wife which I wouldn’t mention on my blog.

Whatever Mitch does, he goes extreme. In his childhood and teenage years, he used to be a hardcore devout catholic who rejected Vatican 2 aka Second Vatican Council. After hitting the age of 27, Mitch became a hardcore agnostic. He still has a huge respect for the catholic religion but no faith in it anymore.

Mitch’s mother taught him that society is just an extension of the family, which Mitch also found to be true after growing up.

Mitch has a younger male sibling who has always had some sort of mental issue with him which the doctors have yet been unable to diagnose. Mitch’s younger brother can function smoothly and fully but he has a condition which he cannot explain to others. Mitch is always concerned about his younger brother’s mental health and does his best to make him happy. Like in the past week, he bought some ties for him from the Australia’s fastest growing online tie store. Mitch’s brother loved the ties.