Millionaire landlord and successful businesswoman – Bradley folds origami when she comes undone

Bradley Fishel (name changed) thoroughly enjoyed the circumcision ceremony of her one and only nephew a lot last month. She never received so many likes on any of her Facebook pictures ever before. They all were complimenting the looks of her nephew.

Bradley is a millionaire but she is not happy with her life, she claims that non-millionaire powerful elites live much better lives than the ordinary millionaires. She wishes to become an elite one day and she has already started preparing to become a politician. She says that she will become the Mayor first and pave her way to the presidency.

Bradley says that modern human beings are miserable owing to their own follies. Bradley rejects the claim that human being are territorial by nature. Bradley says that one of the traits that separates human beings from other animals is that rest majority of the animals are territorial while human beings are not. Bradley says that the human beings know the fact that they are not territorial subconsciously as well but they are not willing to do anything about it.

Bradley’s biggest success is her online comparison store, it receives hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a day and makes money with affiliate commissions.

Bradley owns a residential building where by coincidence all the tenants are male and female aspiring models. Sometimes these hot hunks become too hot to handle for Bradley and when they are late to pay their rent, no matter how hard Bradley tries to be strict, she ends up being lenient and ends up giving them a lot more time to pay their due rent but the case is not the same when it comes to her female model tenants – you failed to pay your rent this month, you are out. She comprehends that she is envious of these aspiring female models subconsciously.

When Bradley comes undone, she folds origami to better her mood.

Miami girl gifted her boyfriend MadOxx Activewear and he loved it

Debora from Miami is a big fan of Don Johnson. She loves to dress her boyfriend in Miami Vice style pastel clothing. Recently, she bought some pastel color activewear from MadOxx for her boyfriend and he loved it. She was having tears of joy while chewing his gum he told Debora that he loves the sweatpants and sweatshirts she gifted him.

Debora is a very generous lady and she donates 10% of her income to charitable organizations each year. You will be surprised to know that although Debora is one of the greatest fans of the television show Miami Vice, she doesn’t like to see violence on other television shows or movies at all.

Debora’s mother is a trained Ballet dancer. She wanted Debora to learn it too but Debora hates it. Debora is overweight too from the very childhood and that’s also one reason why she is so scared of the ballet.

Debora has a very strong habit of daydreaming from the very childhood but she knows that it is nothing but a waste of time and whenever she catches herself daydreaming, she stops it. Debora’s best friend Keisha is a flat-earther and she bores the hell out of Debora each time she meets her with her strange conspiracy theories.

Recently, she offered Debora a book by one of the most popular conspiracy theorists of all time Eustace Mullins. Debora rejected it because Keisha is very gabby and after gifting the book, she would have asked Debora whether she read the book or not. She would have asked it on whatsapp, phone call, skype, you name it. She would have also questioned her opinion.

Some people are really annoying. I don’t understand how these 2 girls so different have been the best friends for over a decade now.

The son of Psychologist parents ordered wireless headphones from the Pample Mousse

Disappointed by the lack of results, Portuguese teenager named Marcus stopped going to the gym recently. Marcus both wanted to lose the weight and gain the muscle. He even specially bought best wireless in ear headphones from the Pample Mousse.

Marcus’ parents are both highly qualified psychologists. They are very popular in the city of Coimbra, Portugal.

When Marcus was going to the gym, he was also taking food supplements even though his budget didn’t allow him to. Marcus is like that only, when he gets into something, he gets in it completely.

Marcus also has gynecomastia and because of this he was made fun of by his classmates. He even once went to an extent to attempt suicide but he was saved by a stranger.

The recent Euro appreciation has improved the financial condition of Marcus and his family. Marcus’ father is also an online blogger and he keeps writing about his patients and their particular cases on his blog.

Some hater online in a chatroom once told Marcus that the Portuguese people used to ride on donkeys before it became a part of the European Union. Marcus loves to learn about the history of his country and he knows that it was never the case.

Marcus has his own unique perspective about life. He has mixed up all the religions and all their different sects and he follows what he personally considers the best teachings of those all. Marcus is thinking of starting to do Yoga to lose the fat and become healthier. His friends are all telling him that Yoga is a waste of time and discouraging him from practicing Yoga.

Marcus’ father wrote against the Iraq war on his blog and he received lots of negative comments about the same because he is Portuguese. Almost everyone was asking him “Why a Portuguese is considered about Iraq and America?”

Orchestra Singer in Beijing drinks only once per year and the day is called….

Emelie is an orchestra singer in Beijing, China. When Emelie got her first laptop, she was wasting almost all her time chatting all the time on the internet. When Emelie went to the New York for playing music, someone told her about the discord chat and she spent all her time chatting on discord chatrooms after that.

Emelie is a very trusting and peaceful lady and that’s her biggest weakness. Everybody tries to take advantage of her peaceful and trusting nature.

Emelie was raised up in an area of Dongguan city where everyone used to starve at once but now they have all gone overweight. They just can’t stop eating the food that they can afford now. They don’t even understand that they can only get fat after eating too much. I think they listen to Never too much by Luther Vandross too much.

Emelie only drinks once in the year and that is on 31st October of each year. Emelie is always looking for Halloween costumes ideas for adults. She already owns tens of Halloween costumes and she can never get enough of them.

Emelie recently broke up her 3 year long relationship with her boyfriend. She discovered that all he does throughout the day is talk to cam girls on different websites. He lied to her that he is owner of one of the fastest growing architectural firms in the Republic of China, turned out that he does nothing the whole day. He doesn’t own any firm at all and he is not even an architect. He didn’t even complete his senior high school.

Emelie is on a lookout for a new and deserving boyfriend. She is going to visit Thailand very soon, and she is hoping that she doesn’t find many cold and arrogant people there. My own gut feeling is that she will find someone at the Halloween party this year.

History Teacher got her wedding dress created at Fiance Bridal

Thom is a 29 year old history teacher at one of the most prolific schools in Hanoi City. Thom is not your ordinary boring teacher. Thom loves to have fun and she is very regular at the bar scene. She even met her fiance at a bar. They both got drunk together and fall in love.

Thom’s fiance is a chemist. He has 2 pharmacies in the Bach Khoa area. His name is Quy.

Quy proposed Thom at a New Year Party. Thom was waiting for it for very long. She wanted Quy to initiate the first step. Thom literally started crying at the time when Quy proposed her. They call it tears of joy.

Quy and Thom are both fitness freaks. Both hit the same gym 6 days a week. Both have a great sense of humor and they both love to crack jokes on almost every topic.

They also go to play basketball at a local club together.

Thom and Quy are getting married in November of this year. Thom has already ordered her bridal dress (may áo cưới) at Fiance Bridal after traveling and searching half of the Hanoi city and surrounding areas.

Thom comes from a very well-off family and money wasn’t an issue at all while she was looking for her bridal dress. The only thing that she cared about was the quality, the design and expert tailors. She found that all at Fiance Bridal.

Thom and Quy are planning to go to Pattaya for the honeymoon. They want a long honeymoon. They want to enjoy for at least a month or two. They have also started thinking about their babies’ names. They both want twins, but let’s see what goes ahead.