Devout Catholic author from Porto Alegre is married to an atheist woman who claims to have 100 different solutions for expression lines on the face

Cory Alvarez is a devout Catholic Christian author from the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil who has been writing a book on the life of biblical character Joseph. In his book, Cory claims that Potiphar – the palace guard wanted to marry his daughter to Joseph until Joseph wasn’t accused of molesting his wife but God had something else in his mind but after Joseph was falsely accused of the crime that he never committed, Potiphar couldn’t even think about marrying his one and only daughter to Joseph.

Cory has also written that after Joseph rose to become the chief adviser of the Pharaoh of Egypt, he proposed Joseph hesitantly for marrying his one and only daughter and as Joseph had already forgiven his entire family for the crime that they committed against himself but because Joseph didn’t believe that god would want him to marry anyone other than one of the chosen ones, he rejected Joseph’s offer, not due to his own will but for that of the god’s.

Cory has also given the answer to all those who are prone to asking that why did Joseph marry Asenath who was clearly not one of the chosen ones. Cory claims that Joseph married Asenath because god in one of Joseph’s dream appeared to him and told him to marry a girl named Asenath who happens to be the daughter of a priest in Egypt that goes by the name Poti-Pherah. Cory also mentions that god told Joseph in his dream that Asenath has some Jewish blood in her and that’s the main reason why god commanded Joseph to marry Asenath.

Cory absolutely declines the claim that Poti-Pherah was the same person as Potiphar. Cory claims that both were completely different persons and just because the Egyptian names in the ancient times all sounded so similar, there is such a similarity in their names. Cory mentions that the Egyptian names still do sound very much similar and it has always been such since the ancient times.

Cory’s wife is an atheist and Cory is completely okay with it although they have arguments regularly only to make up later on. She is a fitness freak who also has a huge following on the social media where she posts regularly regarding different topics and conditions. She recently wrote a completely handwritten post on how to do away with expression lines (como acabar com as linhas de expressão) which received thousands of retweets, favorites and shares.

Tiny garden lights in the Hua Hin District during the nighttime is such a sight

Gil Mercier (name changed) has been told several times by several different persons that he has generosity and kindness stamped on his head. Gil has never made any charity, he never donated anything, the only thing that Gil believes he can be called generous for is selling his products at the prices much cheaper than his competitors even though he can make thrice as much profits if he sells his products at the same prices that his competitors sell those for.

Gil has been to India several times in his life and as an explorer, he decided to not only travel the metropolitan corners of the country but rather travel different sort of cities, towns and villages located in the east, west, south and north of India. Gil has been to at least over 2000 different temples of both north and south India, sometimes more than twice and he has come to the conclusion that the shrine concept in the Hindu temples is stolen from the Zoroastrian religion and their fire temples. Only a handful of Persians ever traveled to the Southernmost part of India including the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Gil says that there are no shrines in the temples of South India. Gil says that the Indian subcontinent’s Urdu language is more influenced by the Persian language than the Arabic or Devanagari. Gil himself has learnt to speak a lot of Hindi, Urdu and even Punjabi.

When Gil is not touring to explore but rather to enjoy, his favorite destination is Thailand and in Thailand his most favorite city is Bangkok but this time he is rather off for Hua Hin and other cities, towns and villages that he never visited ever before. He has already booked a cab using and he can’t wait to be there.

Power Yoga Masters from all across the globe are loving these Yoga Mats

Norman Mirro’s grandfather was a soloist who created one of the largest orchestras in the history of the United States. Norman Mirro’s great-grandfather was mistaken for being a Jew by Mussolini’s men. Norman says that it is a lie that Mussolini let the Jews go undisturbed, he wasn’t as bad as the Hitler, Goebbels or Stalin to the Jews but the Jews didn’t even have 50% of the rights compared to their Catholic counterparts.

Norman’s great-grandfather decided to travel overseas for the better future of his next and upcoming generations.

Norman is a Yoga and Power Yoga master, he recently started his own power yoga classes after seeing the success of several power yoga masters that migrated from all across the world to the United States. Norman is surprised by the great quality of the Yoga Mats that he ordered online.

Currently, Norman has only one employee – Vishwas, who is an immigrant from West Bengal, India. He is the son of a poor Bengali fisher woman who immigrated to the United States for a better future for himself and his family in the West Bengal. Vishwas’s father passed away when Vishwas was only 2. He used to extract honey from the Beehives and once when he was out to do the same, he had no idea that a tiger was following him and you can imagine what happened next.

Vishwas’s mother wanted him to study hard and become a doctor or engineer in his own country but Vishwas could never focus on his studies as he should have. Vishwas used to play all the time with the kids in his vicinity and only studied days before the examinations frantic with worries. Vishwas could never scored good in the junior classes and he was never able to pass his junior high examinations.

This Greek-American doctor and professor wants to be richer than Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

Eden Notaras (name changed) teaches biology at a college in the day and practices general medicine in the evening. Eden claims that she can perform Telekinesis since she came back from the Nithyananda Ashram in Karnataka, India. Eden has nothing to back her claim up other than the videos that she has posted on the Youtube and the videos of the other Nithyananda followers.

Eden claims that larynx implants were common in ancient India and there are several references to this fact.

Eden claims that she spoke about suicide and depression all the time before becoming a part of the Nithyananda Sangha. Eden says that everyone must visit the Nithyananda Ashram once in his/her life to see the miracle that Swami Nithyananda can perform in your life and transform your world into a paradise.

Eden says that since the Muslims have started flooding her country, she has been seeing a growing number of patients coming to her and asking whether a certain ointment, tablet, surgery, treatment or radiology is haram or not. Eden sometimes feels like the only purpose they entered her clinic was to annoy her.

Anyways, Eden is a super-ambitious woman and it is nothing less than a miracle to see how she finds enough time to work on her plan to build the next big thing in the world of electronic retail business. Eden has been reading each and every information that she can find related to the tech and gadget world. She is of Greek origin and can read Greek very well and hence she reads all the information related to the tech and gadget world in Greek language as well, her favorite Greek tech portal is texnologia, she learnt the Greek language from her grandmother. Eden could speak a bit of Greek always but it was her grandmother who made her fluent in the language as her grandmother didn’t know any other language than Greek.

Ex-spiritual fanatic got chest hair transplant done by Dr T

Yonatan Borg (name changed) always keeps on thinking something. He has a habit of thinking about either the past or the future all the time.

Yonatan has been trying telepathy through difficult occult practices for a long while without any success.

There was a time when Yonatan used to be obsessed with Hinduism a lot. He used to believe that India is some sort of land of mystery and the so-called Hindu holy gurus and mystics have a lot to tell.

Yonatan lived and stayed in India for about an year and meanwhile also got a chest hair transplant because a Hindu holy guru told him that it is not possible to reach the peak of spirituality without a hairy chest and that’s one reason why it is impossible for women to become enlightened.

Yonatan appreciates his decision of getting the hair transplant on his chest by none other than the best specialist for the same aka Dr T aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu.

After getting the chest hair transplant done, Yonatan moved back from Turkey to India, Yonatan started spiritual and occult practices again. After wasting his one precious year and his career, Yonatan realized the truth of the Hinduism, spirituality and occult practices. Yonatan moved back to Turkey forever.

Yonatan had already lost his credibility in the company that he worked for by the time he came back to Turkey. He didn’t get a job elsewhere and ultimately decided to start his own business. Yonatan worked harder at his own business than he ever did at his job and now Yonatan is in a position that he doesn’t work hard for the money but his money works hard for him.