Pediatrician from Knoxville is too excited and happy about the things that the world’s smallest MRI machine can do

Dr Samara Sulin is a Pediatrician from Knoxville, Tennessee, who recently made a post on her blog mentioning that she really appreciates the passion, hard-work, dedication and contribution of men and women that turn into pediatricians after providing their services as a nurse at a private clinic or at a large hospital for years and sometimes even decades and then decide to study to become a doctor. Dr Samara claims that with all due respect, they are not the best people to get treated by in any case. Dr Samara believes that a person only deserves to become a medical practitioner if he/she has been extremely brilliant since a very young age, which Dr Samara believes that the people who started their careers as nurses are not.

Dr Samara doesn’t agree with the notion that many people seem to have that a pediatrician who has kids of his/her own is far superior to the one who doesn’t. Dr Samara writes that it may be true in some cases, but it is far from being the truth in majority of the cases.

Dr Samara claims that sometimes too sensitive and too caring pediatricians aren’t too good for the health and well-being of your children in the case of some diseases.

Dr Samara claims that an average baby was never healthier before. Dr Samara adds that it is quite contrary to the opinion of the religious fanatics who claim that the kids and babies used to be healthier in the past decades and centuries. Dr Samara likes to tell them that as much as half of the infants used to die back in the day.

Dr Samara Sulin is extremely happy since she heard the news that the latest world’s smallest MRI can perform scan on single atoms.

Pawn Shop owner making a bank with right marketing

Ismita Khanna is a 35 year old woman, born and raised in Mumbai. She even married a Mumbaikar guy. Ismita was born rich and she also married a rich guy. Mumbai is a very expensive city; the most expensive in the Indian subcontinent and one of the most expensive in all of Asia.

When Ismita is all alone, you will only find her watching Hardcore Pawn or Pawn Stars on her Television set. She is so crazy for these shows that she even indulge in them so much that she sometimes forgets whether it is day or night.

Colaba is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the South of Mumbai. Inspired by the Hardcore Pawn and Pawn Stars, Ismita opened up a pawn shop in the center of Colaba.

It took her 20 Million Indian Rupee to start that store. Within her first month, she could make only one sale of Rs. 12, 000 and the rent of the store is Rs. 5, 00, 000. Can you imagine that?

While opening the store, Ismita was so certain that her store is going to be one big hit and this was happening. In the second month, she couldn’t make a single sale. To her good luck, Ismita knew that online marketing is the key to success in today’s time, so she looked up for an online marketing agency with the best reviews and came across mtsyconsulting. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of her life. The guys at the MTSY Consulting made her so popular all over India within a few months that she had clients from all over the nation including New Delhi, Jaipur, Goa, and rest of the country.

Ismita now makes more money than any other family member of her and she cannot thank the MTSY Consulting enough.

Police Officers live in high stress situations but they shouldn’t forget about their family life

Aadam is a 32 years old police officer in the city of Ipoh, Malaysia. Aadam got married at the age of 23 to the love of his life. His wife’s name is Arissa and they both know each other since 2nd grade.

Aadam had no idea that love life and marriage are two separate things. It is very easy to live as a lover or a boyfriend, but being a committed and devoted husband is something very different.

Aadam and his wife are originally from the George Town, Malaysia. They were very happy together when they both used to live in the George Town; they lived there for almost 2 years after their marriage. Aadam used to be a junior in the service back then. His job used not be so stressful and the excitement of making love to his newly wedded wife would keep him energetic all day.

But then, things changed. Aadam was promoted, his salary increased and so the stress. He would come back home tired and worried. Most of the days, he would just have dinner and go to sleep straight away. His wife wasn’t happy at all with his promotion. She was missing his warm love too much ever since.

Aadam’s wife searched all over the internet what she could do to bring the old Aadam back. She typed the question on the Reddit, Yahoo Answers and Quora. Everywhere, there were different replies coming, but the ones on the Yahoo Answers appealed to her the most. The guys and the girls on Yahoo Answers recommended Ubat Kuat. She gave it a go and ordered some online.

She mixed 2 pills in the juice of Aadam once he came back from the office. No wonder, Aadam didn’t sleep that until he made tremendous love to his wife and lasted for over 200 minutes.

High Pressure Die Casting is still the most efficient and effective way

If you somehow have anything to do with aluminium, zinc or magnesium products, you must be well aware of what is die casting. Die casting is mainly of two types: – 1. High Pressure Die Casting and 2. Low Pressure Die Casting

I wasn’t taught all this in school, but I am one of the best person to talk about die casting since one of my friends own one of the biggest die casting companies in the world.

High Pressure Die Casting products are very expensive compared to the low pressure die casting ones, because they are extremely rigid, corrosion resistant and have very high tensile strength.

The high pressure die casting is more popular than the low pressure. Almost 50% of the die casted products are made using high pressure die casting. The low pressure die casting constitutes of 30% of the total die casted products but it is becoming more popular day by day.

If my friend wasn’t owner of one of the greatest die casting companies, I wouldn’t have known even close to what I know now. Die casting is a very complex process and apart from receiving one-to-one knowledge from one of my best friends, I also read several books about it.

For the large scale companies, high pressure die casting is the most economic and time-efficient way to get aluminium, zinc or magnesium products made. Scientists have been trying to develop a method that is more efficient and effective for decades and decades, but they haven’t been able to find a method that can beat high pressure die casting. It is the most economic, fastest and most accurate.

Due to the rise in the popularity and sales of small scale parts, low pressure die casting is gaining more popularity and is becoming more useful every day, but it is still nowhere near the high pressure die casting.

Rejected from NBA, started preparing to become the best coder in the world

Josiah is a 22 year young Los Angeles boy. Josiah is 6’9 and is an amazing basketball player. Josiah wanted to become a basketball player from the very first day he learnt how to play the game. He was amazingly good at it.

Josiah would play nothing but basketball in school and after the school was over. Josiah had always been a great student too. His parents wanted him to become an excellent coder and he too was interested in coding. He just didn’t want that to become a barrier in his basketball career.

Josiah’s parents weren’t too sure that he can make it to the NBA.

When Josiah wasn’t studying, sleeping or eating, Josiah was practicing basketball. Josiah could do push ups upon push ups without getting tired, he was amazing in the art of dribbling, he was a complete NBA material. When Josiah appeared for the auditions for NBA, he was too excited and believed that no force in the world can stop him from becoming a top NBA player, but to his surprise, he was rejected. Josiah was shattered. His dreams were all torn. He couldn’t believe it.

Josiah went back to his home and started crying during the dinner with his family. Josiah’s parents told him that his life has just started, and whatever happens, happens for good only. His parents told him that he can make much more money and become more popular if he becomes an awesome coder. Josiah listened to his parents’ advice and got himself enrolled in University of Southern California.

The day Josiah decided that he is going to get enrolled in an engineering college, the very day he bought the best laptop for engineering students for 1000. He is very happy with the laptop that he bought and brags that nobody can get a better deal than him. He also brags that he knows some secret websites that tell him which electronics to buy.

Painless Body Hair Removers selling like hotcakes all over the world

There was a time when hairy men were considered the epitome of sexuality, now they are considered the epitome of ugliness, backwardness and carelessness. Gone are the days when body hair used to be in the fashion. Since the late 1980s, hairless bodies are in fashion and the same is the case for both men and women. Hairy men today are considered lazy and filthy. Hence, more and more men are nowadays buying painless body hair remover, never before hair removers were so much in demand like today and never before men were so hairless before.

Asian, European, African, American, you name it, men from all over the world are shaving their bodies. I remember seeing ugly hairy armpits in the 70s music videos and the videos that I would not like to name here. Those days are gone now, men now prefer hairless legs, hairless arms, hairless chest, hairless stomach and hairless ***** as well.

Even in the villages of the third world countries all over the world, both men and women are buying hair removers like crazy. If you ask me which hair removers do I prefer, I would say that it has to be painless and that’s all.

Poor Real Estate Agent got his AC fixed and his business running too

Bintang is a real estate agent in the area of Keong Saik Road, Singapore. Bintang is not hygienic, he baths only 2-3 days in a week and his communication skills suck big time. He never had much friends due to his bad hygiene. Nobody wanted to be around him in the school and the college. Bintang isn’t enthusiastic either about anything. He doesn’t like comedy or songs much either.

First, he doesn’t take a shower for days, second, the electronics and furniture at his office are never in perfect condition. Due to his office AC never being fixed, repaired or serviced, his face always has sweat dripping all over. He in fact doesn’t have the money to get his office AC running or repaired. One of his neighboring office owners told him that Chan Brothers are the real deal when it comes to Aircon Repair Singapore and he must call these guys out.

Bintang borrowed some money from his brother-in-law and called Chan Brothers to get his AC fixed. When Chan Brothers entered Bintang’s real estate office, Bintang was amazed to see how disciplined, punctual and courteous they were. The Chan Brothers fixed Bintang’s AC at a very low cost (much lesser than Bintang estimated). One great thing happened to Bintang after seeing the Chan Brothers’ discipline and courtesy, he was really touched by the brothers’ professionalism and started bathing everyday and taking care of his real estate business very seriously.

Smart people work out hard in the gym, legends take their PhenQ regularly

Arab men are losing weight, Palestinian women are losing fat, and Maltese restaurateurs are losing flabs. All over the world people are enjoying better bodies and very few people know how.

Don’t you wanna look great when you take that selfie? Women forget about everything while they are dressing their babies with those pampers. They forget how much weight they have gained during the process, now they needn’t worry, they can buy PhenQ and look their best ever.

A great body also helps in building business relationships. Those with a fat and overweight body don’t look good in a formal full-sleeved shirt with a tie or a bow; the fat people prefer wearing plus size t shirts instead and they look very professional at their office or store.

Sauna, sauna belts, slimming tea, etc don’t work at all. The only thing that I have found that really works is PhenQ.

People all over the world, from different professional backgrounds and different ethnicity, all want to look slim and fit. There was a time when fat people in Asia and Africa were considered beautiful. It is quite the opposite today.

You are tall but you don’t look it? You have a pretty and beautiful face but your sharp features are all hidden behind that ugly fat? Don’t worry, PhenQ pills will make all that fat disappear like it ought to be.

A lot of fat and those flabs are weird and so are the people who make fun of fat people, they all need a punch on their faces and that’s exactly what PhenQ pills do. Make your colleagues and relatives jealous with your newly found hot body. Even those pretty yet fat grannies after using PhenQ find young guys hitting on them everywhere. Life is short and you deserve a slim and fit body to enjoy it.

Portable Air Conditioners were available in Medieval Times as well

The great Mughal emperor and the founder of the Mughal dynasty his highness late Zaheeruddin Babur came to invade India. He never lost a war since he left Samarkand and perhaps was one of the most ambitious rulers of all time. He is my personal favorite. After he started ruling Delhi and Agra, his army and his most favorite son Humayun tried to force him to leave India and go back to Samarkand because it was too hot in the central India during the summers but Zaheeruddin Babur was too ambitious to give up. The army was getting discouraged and trying all its best to make Babur’s mind up into leaving India, then one scholar suggested that he has heard of some really cool devices that can be used to make the hot and humid weather disappear. The scholar was very popular among the tribe as a genius but still nobody would trust him, then Humayun said okay, let’s give it a try. “Where can we get these cool devices”? asked Humayun to the scholar, the scholar replied that they are available in Kannauj area. “But that is too far away” replied Humayun, “Okay, then convince your father to move back to Samarkand”, “That is next to impossible, let’s travel to Kannauj”, said Humayun. Then both Humayun and the scholar took half of their army to the Kannauj area and started asking each and everyone they met where can they get the device that makes the summers disappear. Nobody would tell the foreigners where they can but then they went to a saint whom they knew would never tell a lie. The saint was sitting under a tree; the army was so surprised looking at him. The temperature was about 40 degree Celsius at the time and this saint wasn’t even sweating, he looked like he is the happiest man on earth. Humayun jumped off the horse and got close to the Saint. After he got close to the saint, he immediately noticed a vacuum cleaner looking like device that was plugged into the tree the saint was sitting under and he also noticed that the temperature around the tree was so cool and nice. To enjoy this cool temperature, Humayun didn’t say anything at all for a couple of minutes and sit silently under that tree. His army was so shocked but didn’t dare say anything to him. They were all just waiting for him to come back and sit back on his horse so that they can enjoy some wind.

The saint opened his eyes after a while and Humayun asked him the secret of this cold air that is surrounding the saint and what’s this vacuum cleaner looking device. The Saint told him that this is a portable air conditioner and you can purchase it from a showroom that is just 2 kilometres away from here. Humayun asked him “Do they accept gold”? The saint replied, “They accept cards as well.”

Humayun bought 2 portable air conditioners for each of his men and the showroom owner told him not to worry about the transportation, we will deliver these to your palace. The portable air conditioners were delivered within 72 hours to their palace and the rest is history.

Who are the Saini people?

I am a Punjabi and being a Punjabi, I have always been fascinated and obsessed by the land and history of the present day India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sindh, Punjab, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. The current topic that I have been researching on and already done with a lot is “Saini People”.

Saini is the Punjabi version of the Sanskrit word ‘Sainik’. Sainik means soldier in Sanskrit and hence it is inevitable that Sainis were mainly the soldiers of Punjab and Sindh region. To this day, Sainis are found mainly in the Indian Punjab, Delhi and Pakistani Punjab. Most Muslim Sainis have lost their identity and use Arabic surnames like Zaheer, Elahi, Salmani, Qureshi, Saifi, etc.

After the Muslim invasion of North and West India, the Kshatriyas (Khatris), the ruling class, were either killed, converted or reduced down to traders. Sainis were always persecuted by the Khatris and other rich castes, hence, most of them found no barrier converting to Islam. Rest either migrated eastwards or were reduced to the gardening job. The Hindi and Punjabi word for gardener is Maali. 999 out of 1000 Indians are unaware of the soldier or warrior background of the Sainis and they are only aware of their gardening background. Hence, they are sometimes still persecuted.

One of the subcastes of the Sainis is Bhela; Bhelas are the ones who used to grow the Bael tree and dealt in Baers. Bael is considered a very sacred tree in India and the Bhelas were the least persecuted subcastes among Sainis. The Sainis were persecuted so much that anybody from the Aroras or Khatris marrying a Saini would be persecuted too.

Whatever, the Sainis are very good-looking, well-built and energetic people, but they suffer from a lot of diseases due to marrying only in their caste traditionally. The current generation has started marrying the people of other castes or vice versa.