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Untuk mencapai sesuatu yang anda tidak pernah mencapai, anda perlu menjadi seseorang yang anda tidak pernah

Hillary (nama palsu) digunakan untuk bekerja untuk sebuah agensi hartanah di bandar Valletta di Malta (yang menakjubkan Pulau negara di Selatan Eropah). Hillary adalah seorang pekerja yang cemerlang. Agensi hartanah yang dia bekerja di Malta adalah yang paling popular dalam negara dan Hillary pekerjanya yang terkenal.
Setelah bekerja tiada untuk lebih satu dekad, Hillary berfikir melakukan sesuatu untuk dirinya sendiri. Beliau bersama-sama dengan suaminya merancang untuk memulakan agensi hartanah sendiri. Tak, bahawa dia sudah lelah bekerja pada tugasnya. Dia kini mempunyai sebuah keluarga dan dia yang diperlukan untuk membuat lebih banyak wang untuk kebaikan masa depan anak-anaknya.
Hillary dengan suaminya membuka sebuah agensi hartanah yang baru di dalam mewah Kampung dari Saint Lawrence di Gozo. Pejabat adalah disewa dan selepas 6 bulan sahaja, Hillary dan suaminya tidak mampu untuk membayar Sewa pejabat dan mereka telah dibuang daripadanya. Hillary dan suami pergi ke dalam kemurungan. Doktor ditetapkan dia ubat tidur dan selepas 2 minggu dia adalah sempurna okay.
Hillary kembali ke pejabat beliau digunakan untuk bekerja dan mereka semula bekerja beliau. Masa depan anak-anaknya tidak akan membiarkan Hillary tidur dan dia fikir melakukan sesuatu untuknya. Dia kini difikirkan semula memulakan agensi hartanah sendiri dengan beberapa perubahan. Hillary memulakan pengiklanan bagi beliau agensi hartanah yang walaupun tidak wujud dan meletakkan alamat untuk Valletta. Dia melakukan itu semua untuk menyemak berapa banyak pertanyaan beliau mendapat. Pertanyaan yang dia mula mendapat adalah masa yang lebih daripada cukup untuk beliau memulakan perniagaan beliau sendiri, tetapi ini beliau membuat banyak perubahan. Beliau menyewa sebuah pejabat di Valletta sekarang dan tidak berhenti akan tugasnya. Dia hanya bertanya kepada bosnya untuk mengurangkan waktu bekerja beliau dan selepas jam 5 petang, dia akan berada di Pejabat beliau sendiri. Selepas hanya 2 bulan, dia mempunyai wang yang cukup untuk meninggalkan tugasnya dan telah membuat 6 kali jumlah wang yang beliau lakukan apabila bekerja sebagai pekerja.

Pakistani teenage brothers found a new hobby in Spotify

Daanish and Nusrat were two Pakistani brothers. They both were religious fanatics, their parents, their relatives, all were the same as well. The brothers didn’t do anything that was against Islam. Daanish was 2 years older than Nusrat, and was given scholarship and an offer to study higher education in the USA.

All of his family gave him mixed responses. Half of the family didn’t want him to leave Pakistan and go to the United States while the other half was so excited that he got a scholarship and an offer to study in the US.

Daanish was in a great dilemma as his mother didn’t want him to go but his father did and he had no idea what to do. He went to his younger brother Nusrat who suggested him that the career is the utmost important thing and he should go to the US for higher studies no matter what. Daanish and Nusrat loved each other very much, they are the perfect examples of 2 brothers. Their stories could be told in the movies and even fictions.

Daanish decided to leave the country for higher studies and moved to the US. Both the brothers started missing each other very much only after a day, Nusrat told his best friend Faisal that he cries thinking that his beloved brother has gone for 3 years. Faisal told him about Spotify Premium Free Android and Nusrat downloaded the same. Back in the day, the app wasn’t so popular. Nusrat Whatsapped his elder brother Daanish immediately and told him about the app too. First, both the brothers listened to the sad songs on the app, day and night but after a while got so involved into choosing from among millions of songs from all over the world that they stopped missing each other and found a new hobby.

Retired Indian Colonel lost both his legs but didn’t lose the hope

A 65 year old retired army colonel in India lost both his legs in a road accident. He had a son and a daughter. They all loved each other so much and his children wouldn’t let him feel that anything in his life is missing at all. But the colonel wouldn’t let himself become dependent on his children. He didn’t want his children to suffer due to this one accident.

He always used to search on the internet how he can make some money working online. Many times he would stumble upon something that he would be interested in but it would turn out each time that it is useless, but the old man wouldn’t give up. He would listen to the motivational videos by Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy and keep hunting. He would deny his children’s advise who would ask him to stop wasting time hunting for an online business/job and his children were there to provide him and take care of him all the time.

One day he stumbled upon email marketing service providers, and said to himself that this is it. He read on their official website that the average ROI is 40 times and he contacted the company. They told him very politely and courteously that the service is suitable for him only if he owns a product/service that he would like to popularize. The old man contacted an old friend of his who is a clothing manufacturer. His brand is suffering to make a name for itself and the old man thought that this is where he can come in. He became a mediator between the email marketing company and his friend. The idea really worked and now their clothing brand is very popular and a success indeed. The ROI is roughly around 55 times for the retired colonel and he is happier than ever.

Acquista scatole plastica trasparente oggi e sarete felici di aver preso la decisione

Se sei molto esperto di Internet, è necessario avere incontrato diversi annunci per i prodotti acrilici su YouTube e su altri siti pure. Alcune delle aziende multinazionali più conosciute con sede in USA o in Europa utilizzano tutti i mobili costituiti da acrilico.
Le aziende multinazionali sono gestiti da alcune delle persone più intelligenti sulla terra e come sapete le persone che li gestiscono prendere le migliori decisioni possibili. Non avrebbero scelto prodotti acrilici per niente. I prodotti scatole plastica trasparente osservano il la cosa migliore, sono il più durevole e più di tutti, sono un valore completo per soldi.
Ogni là ed ora, ci è un articolo che spiega i benefici dei prodotti acrilici sui giornali. Non solo un giornale, prodotti acrilici sono amati da tutti. Essi sono amati dagli italiani, indiani, maltesi, inglesi e americani e non c’è nessuno sulla terra che non ama i prodotti acrilici. Sì, sono odiati da quelli che vendono prodotti di legno per decenni e ancora non hanno iniziato a vendere prodotti acrilici, anche dopo aver visto tutte le utility e lo scopo che i prodotti acrilici servire.
Prodotti acrilici sono stati resi popolare da un paio di società multinazionali, dopo che alcune celebrità parassita troppo iniziato ad usare lo stesso. Hanno spinto la popolarità dei prodotti acrilici e oggi i prodotti acrilici sono una delle merci più calde di vendita in tutto il mondo. Non compri appena tutto il prodotto acrilico da un fornitore della via; sono popolari per la vendita di roba a buon mercato e di bassa qualità. Non si preoccupano del prezzo troppo e non ve ne pentirete. La vostra famiglia lo ameranno, i vostri concorrenti lo odierà.
Focus sui nomi di marca popolare, mentre l’acquisto di qualcosa per la vostra casa e sempre prendere la vostra famiglia lungo quando si desidera acquistare alcuni mobili per la vostra casa o in ufficio. I vostri bambini lo amano, il vostro coniuge lo ama.

Doesn’t matter where you live, Wartrol can be delivered to your door just to change your life for the better

Nadia is a 21 year old college student living in Lahore. She was born in Lahore, both her parents were born in Lahore, her cousins, her grandparents, most of her relatives and friends were born there and lived whole of their life there. Hailing from a middle class family, Nadia and her parents lived half of their life as tenants in the middle class areas of Lahore and the rest half in a small 2 bedroom flat in Mughalpura, Lahore.

Almost every Lahoria I know has a dream of moving to Model Town one day. The plush neighborhood of Model Town in the city of New Delhi, India was also named after the Model Town in Lahore. Nadia’s dream was about to become a reality after her father hit it big. The family bought a 2 acre bungalow in the posh Model Town area for 1.7 Million US Dollars. The whole family was so excited to move into their ek arab Pakistani rupee house. The most enthusiastic about the same was Nadia herself. They were all set to move there on 2nd June. On May 29, after coming back from the gymnasium, Nadia noticed little weird looking pimples on her face, her mother told her that these are warts, all of Nadia’s happiness and excitement to move into her dream house went down the drain, her mother immediately started searching the internet and looked all over how to get rid of warts and came through several products that didn’t appeal to her but she was determined to get her daughter’s warts disappear before moving to their new house. Motherhood is miraculous. After looking at an ad for the Wartrol, her gut instinct told her that this is it, this is the right product but the advertisement said that it will take a few weeks to see the results. She said to herself, “Better late than never”.

The product arrived to their new house in Model Town on 4th June, on 19th June, Nadia woke up just to see that most of the warts on her face had already disappeared. She hugged her mom in excitement and started dancing like crazy.

Smart people work out hard in the gym, legends take their PhenQ regularly

Arab men are losing weight, Palestinian women are losing fat, and Maltese restaurateurs are losing flabs. All over the world people are enjoying better bodies and very few people know how.

Don’t you wanna look great when you take that selfie? Women forget about everything while they are dressing their babies with those pampers. They forget how much weight they have gained during the process, now they needn’t worry, they can buy PhenQ and look their best ever.

A great body also helps in building business relationships. Those with a fat and overweight body don’t look good in a formal full-sleeved shirt with a tie or a bow; the fat people prefer wearing plus size t shirts instead and they look very professional at their office or store.

Sauna, sauna belts, slimming tea, etc don’t work at all. The only thing that I have found that really works is PhenQ.

People all over the world, from different professional backgrounds and different ethnicity, all want to look slim and fit. There was a time when fat people in Asia and Africa were considered beautiful. It is quite the opposite today.

You are tall but you don’t look it? You have a pretty and beautiful face but your sharp features are all hidden behind that ugly fat? Don’t worry, PhenQ pills will make all that fat disappear like it ought to be.

A lot of fat and those flabs are weird and so are the people who make fun of fat people, they all need a punch on their faces and that’s exactly what PhenQ pills do. Make your colleagues and relatives jealous with your newly found hot body. Even those pretty yet fat grannies after using PhenQ find young guys hitting on them everywhere. Life is short and you deserve a slim and fit body to enjoy it.

Portable Air Conditioners were available in Medieval Times as well

The great Mughal emperor and the founder of the Mughal dynasty his highness late Zaheeruddin Babur came to invade India. He never lost a war since he left Samarkand and perhaps was one of the most ambitious rulers of all time. He is my personal favorite. After he started ruling Delhi and Agra, his army and his most favorite son Humayun tried to force him to leave India and go back to Samarkand because it was too hot in the central India during the summers but Zaheeruddin Babur was too ambitious to give up. The army was getting discouraged and trying all its best to make Babur’s mind up into leaving India, then one scholar suggested that he has heard of some really cool devices that can be used to make the hot and humid weather disappear. The scholar was very popular among the tribe as a genius but still nobody would trust him, then Humayun said okay, let’s give it a try. “Where can we get these cool devices”? asked Humayun to the scholar, the scholar replied that they are available in Kannauj area. “But that is too far away” replied Humayun, “Okay, then convince your father to move back to Samarkand”, “That is next to impossible, let’s travel to Kannauj”, said Humayun. Then both Humayun and the scholar took half of their army to the Kannauj area and started asking each and everyone they met where can they get the device that makes the summers disappear. Nobody would tell the foreigners where they can but then they went to a saint whom they knew would never tell a lie. The saint was sitting under a tree; the army was so surprised looking at him. The temperature was about 40 degree Celsius at the time and this saint wasn’t even sweating, he looked like he is the happiest man on earth. Humayun jumped off the horse and got close to the Saint. After he got close to the saint, he immediately noticed a vacuum cleaner looking like device that was plugged into the tree the saint was sitting under and he also noticed that the temperature around the tree was so cool and nice. To enjoy this cool temperature, Humayun didn’t say anything at all for a couple of minutes and sit silently under that tree. His army was so shocked but didn’t dare say anything to him. They were all just waiting for him to come back and sit back on his horse so that they can enjoy some wind.

The saint opened his eyes after a while and Humayun asked him the secret of this cold air that is surrounding the saint and what’s this vacuum cleaner looking device. The Saint told him that this is a portable air conditioner and you can purchase it from a showroom that is just 2 kilometres away from here. Humayun asked him “Do they accept gold”? The saint replied, “They accept cards as well.”

Humayun bought 2 portable air conditioners for each of his men and the showroom owner told him not to worry about the transportation, we will deliver these to your palace. The portable air conditioners were delivered within 72 hours to their palace and the rest is history.

Who are the Saini people?

I am a Punjabi and being a Punjabi, I have always been fascinated and obsessed by the land and history of the present day India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sindh, Punjab, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. The current topic that I have been researching on and already done with a lot is “Saini People”.

Saini is the Punjabi version of the Sanskrit word ‘Sainik’. Sainik means soldier in Sanskrit and hence it is inevitable that Sainis were mainly the soldiers of Punjab and Sindh region. To this day, Sainis are found mainly in the Indian Punjab, Delhi and Pakistani Punjab. Most Muslim Sainis have lost their identity and use Arabic surnames like Zaheer, Elahi, Salmani, Qureshi, Saifi, etc.

After the Muslim invasion of North and West India, the Kshatriyas (Khatris), the ruling class, were either killed, converted or reduced down to traders. Sainis were always persecuted by the Khatris and other rich castes, hence, most of them found no barrier converting to Islam. Rest either migrated eastwards or were reduced to the gardening job. The Hindi and Punjabi word for gardener is Maali. 999 out of 1000 Indians are unaware of the soldier or warrior background of the Sainis and they are only aware of their gardening background. Hence, they are sometimes still persecuted.

One of the subcastes of the Sainis is Bhela; Bhelas are the ones who used to grow the Bael tree and dealt in Baers. Bael is considered a very sacred tree in India and the Bhelas were the least persecuted subcastes among Sainis. The Sainis were persecuted so much that anybody from the Aroras or Khatris marrying a Saini would be persecuted too.

Whatever, the Sainis are very good-looking, well-built and energetic people, but they suffer from a lot of diseases due to marrying only in their caste traditionally. The current generation has started marrying the people of other castes or vice versa.