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Sometimes not telling your feelings to someone can result in a disaster

Mindy Salvador (name changed) cries thinking about her high school crush whom she never asked out or told her feelings to. Mindy has been thinking about the guy all the time since she got to know that he is the owner of an expensive and popular brand which Mindy cannot get enough of flaunting if she ever buys.

Last time Mindy bought a product of that brand was when the prices of the bitcoin reached its record high for the first time. Mindy owned some of the bitcoins that she received as a present from one of her sisters – Phoenix. When Mindy heard on a news channel that the prices of the bitcoins have hit a record high, she immediately verified it on crypto market cap and immediately went on a buying spree.

Mindy married a broke alcoholic just because he is good in bed, that’s one of the stupidest thing one can do in my arrogant opinion.

While Mindy’s high school crush was enjoying driving his Porsche Cayenne from Fujairah to Dubai in UAE, enjoying the sight of hills and desert, Mindy and her broke alcoholic husband were catching a bus to Mindy’s single aunt’s house to flatter her so that she can lend some money to them.

Mindy has been thinking about starting her Youtube channel where she will offer ‘Royalty Free Music’ and make money by Youtube ads only. Good idea if you ask me.

Mindy’s broke alcoholic husband turns into a conspiracy theorist when high (he is high most of the times). He claims that the rising gasoline price is an international conspiracy geared towards something that only he and other genuine conspiracy theorists know.

Tough catholic gentleman kept blaming protestants for everything wrong while folding that origami

Earl Rohn (name changed) believes that marriage is a useless concept if it doesn’t involve procreation. He is a hardcore activist against the LGBT marriages. He doesn’t hate homosexual people, he is just against gay marriages. He says that homosexual relationships are unnatural and spiritually suicidal.

Earl used to be a state-level badminton champion when he was young. Earl’s town is full of protestant churches and there is not a single orthodox church there. Earl is a catholic and it doesn’t bother him but he says that he would have appreciated it if the protestant churches could be replaced with the orthodox churches. He hates the protestants and modernists, he says that they are full of negative vibes and energy.

Earl claims that he hasn’t met one adult protestant who wasn’t a pessimist knowingly or unknowingly. Early says that sexually perverted people are bound to be lazy. He says that sex or masturbation results in spiritual death and spiritually dead people are bound to be pessimistic.

Earl is a cousin of the Unico Underwear founder, yes, the same Colombian company that is popular for producing environment friendly underwear and swimwear.

Earl reveres successful catholic and orthodox Christians very highly. He loves their practice of encouraging their children to fold Christmas Origami right before the Christmas season.

One of Earl’s neighbors who is a protestant is always scared of his wife. He takes approval of his wife before eating anything, especially junk food. He agrees with her no matter what. Earl attributes her fear to his dependence on the sexual favors he gets from his wife, Earl says “He cannot live without sex. Sex addicts are losers and he is a living definition of a loser. He loses his vital fluid almost every night and worships the same satanic woman who has been sucking and spilling his vital fluid for years.”

Ambitious but low energy woman loves to fold simple origami with her mother

Judith Forest (name changed) prefers lightweight laptops over the heavyweight ones any day of the year. Judith is a homosexual woman who never married and still lives with her mom. Judith and her mother live in a modest 3 bedroom house of a middle-income neighborhood. Judith has been working extremely hard and smart to buy her mother her dream house – a mansion in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

Judith’s mother Sharla has been trying her best to get free from the vicious cycle of desire since learning Buddhism. Judith knows this and she calls BS on that, according to Judith, it is impossible for a human being to not being ambitious and get free from desire totally.

Judith herself has studied many of the eastern religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and she has nothing nice to say about any of these. Judith claims that reincarnation is a myth created by the Brahmin and Kshatriya varnas of Hinduism to enslave the people belonging to the lower castes – Shudras and Vaishyas forever so that they can never get up and fight. Hindus tell the shudras (aka dalits) and vaishyas that you were born shudras or dalits because you did nothing but wrong deeds in your previous life.

Judith writes for a magazine and she is openly very critical of the celebrity culture and writes too often about how destructive it is, especially for the innocent teenagers. Though Judith has been trying her hardest to get to the top of the financial pyramid, it is not possible for her to work without a break for more than a week. During holidays, her favorite pastime is folding simple origami with her beloved mother.

Alarm clock manufacturer owns the best natural gas tankless water heater

Houston Fenk (name changed) is a Southern lady who was born and raised up in Lakeland, Florida. If you are aware of Lakeland, Florida, you might already be aware of the fact that it is one of the most stormy cities of the United States. It averages over 100 thunderstorm days in a year.

Houston is a great fan of Howard Stern but she hates him for his sexually explicit talk.

Houston was lobotomized at a young age due to her extremely erratic behavior which she is free of now. Houston is an engineer by profession. She decided to start her own business last year and is enjoying a much greater sense of satisfaction ever since she became her own boss. Her company manufactures alarm clocks for some of the popular clock brands and is quite successful ever since it was launched.

Houston thinks about money all the time. She is a great believer in luck and good fortune. One of her crazy beliefs is that cannibalistic animals must be eradicated in order to make world a happier place. She says that cannibalistic animals are inauspicious and they bring bad luck and unhappiness.

Houston thinks and talks about buying mansions, private jets and yachts all the time. She is far away from buying all those things but she already owns the best natural gas tankless water heater which I rank much higher when it comes to the utility. I remember staying sick all the time while I used to shower using the water of electric water heater. Since I started using a natural gas tankless water heater, I stay energetic and happy all the time and I feel my youthful vigor more than ever before.

Extraordinary business lady makes her competitors fell on their face while she buys those bitcoins

Stana Bogdanov (name changed) loves to eat exotic food, especially stuff like tapir snout. Stana is a woman but she is extremely masculine when it comes to beating her business competitors. She doesn’t leave any space for those dudes and if some newbie wants to come into the industry that Stana is already involved in, he/she thinks at least 4 times again because nobody can take a share of Stana’s business without incurring losses. Stana attributes her extraordinary capabilities to the perfect combination of Yin and Yang.

Stana has a very bad habit of breaking things while angry. Stana used to be an extremely good but impatient student in school too. She was popular for her impatience and anger in the school too. Stana’s sister Ana was popular for her desperation.

Stana’s father used to be a very popular figure in the catholic world and he was seen with major catholic chiefs quite too often.

Stana loves to listen to the motivational speakers. Her favorite used to be Jim Rohn until she discovered Brian Tracy. She didn’t like Jim Rohn so much ever but she knew of no alternate person to listen to when she needed some motivation. She found Jim Rohn contradicting himself all the time, with Brian Tracy that’s not an issue. Stana says that Brian Tracy is the man who has made one of the most major impacts in Stana’s life and he has left an imprint on her mind like almost no other person ever has. It is a huge compliment for anyone to hear such compliment from a tough lady like Stana who seldom appreciates anyone or anything.

Stana saves a lot of her money in her QIWI wallet and bitcoins and he often converts her QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).

Celibacy advocate fitness freak claims fitness requires absolute conviction

Cameron Jeremy (name changed) finds most interactions with other people harsh and very seldom amusing. Cameron is a very high energy lady and spiritual too. She claims that most people are filled with negative energy and that’s why she doesn’t like an average person much. Cameron is a silent type and she doesn’t like to talk much. She prefers speaking only when required.

Cameron is a fitness freak and she claims that fitness requires conviction. “Conviction is an absolute when you are concerned with fitness, one cannot expect to get fit within a week by walking on cheap treadmills for an hour”, she told me last time when I had a conversation with her.

Cameron also claims that sexual abstinence is one of the best proven phenomenons when it comes to anti-aging. She claims that it is possible to live without any sexual encounter for anyone if she/he has a strong will. One of the things that she learnt while studying Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese medicine is that sex is merely meant for procreation, it is pleasurable because the nature intended us to multiply and most likely we wouldn’t have multiplied if it wasn’t for the pleasure. She also claims that our ancestors had wasteful lives because they over-indulged in consumption and we shouldn’t repeat the mistakes and sins of our ancestors.

In my opinion, whether what Cameron is saying is true or not, we should at least try staying celibate for a while in order to learn whether what some genius minds said about celibacy is true or not. Henry David Thoreau called it the ‘flowering of man’.

Rick and Tamara Ferrera are happier than ever before

A little bit of passion and imagination can take you a long way. Tamara Ferrera (name changed) is an American woman who is now 31 years old. When Tamara told her husband Rick that she is now bored of his small size and he needs to do something about it, Rick didn’t get angry at all due to Tamara’s easy-going attitude that makes everyone around her feel completely at ease. Tamara’s passion for fun and her imagination that there must be some such thing as a penile implant surgery really changed the life of herself and obviously that of the Rick’s for the better only.

Tamara is a blond-haired, blue eyed hottie with a curvy frame and 38D breasts which Rick loves to squeeze in all the right ways. After they make out they enjoy lots of cuddles and kissing. Their evening together is a pleasure beyond the reality of your imagination.

Before Rick got the implant done on his private organ, Tamara used to feel a bit lonely many times. She used to call male escorts for short sessions when Rick was away on a business trip. She felt strange paying for it but she did it nevertheless. She has still kept it a secret that she ever cheated on Rick.

Tamara has an open-minded spirit and the possibilities are endless with her. She is genuinely bisexual and brings her best friend and colleague Tyra along with her to the house so that Rick can have double the fun. Tyra is a delightful, dusky darling with a very open-mind, a stunning body and a warm, endearing personality making her ideal for social occasions and events as well for Rick when Tamara is not around.

Most cryptocurrency investors and traders are making bank and Ekta is one example

Ekta Jatadhari (name changed) always has some preposterous business ideas that she ends up blowing her money with each time. Ekta never has any time for herself. She is already obese but is not doing anything about it and worse is that she doesn’t even have a plan to do anything about it.

Ekta and her husband own several businesses out of which only 2 are successful. First one is their cryptocurrency trading business and the second one is their streetwear brand that caters to both men and women. The quality and prices of Ekta’s streetwear business are top of the line and you can easily trust their products without a problem. I have bought 5 times myself. Their business tagline is ‘Let us show you why we are the best.” They also have a statement mentioned on their official streetwear store’s website – “A business’ longevity is based on giving every customer what they are looking for at prices readily forgotten. Please be aware that our aim is only to make you look badass, we are not interested in making profits. All our streetwear clothing gets handpicked by the brand owner Ekta Jatadhari and she makes it sure that she chooses nothing but the best.”

Ekta’s husband has stopped visiting escorts since he married Ekta who makes him feel like the only man in the world. She never acts like a wife but a randy girlfriend. Wherever the couple goes, all eyes are on this stunning couple.

Ekta is addicted to meditation. She experiences a perfect bliss while meditating.

Ekta recently started her own cryptocurrency blog and it has been receiving much better positive feedback than she expected.

Husband and wife love their digital marketing business

Olivia Allen (name changed) is a party girl who loves to have romantic dates with her husband. She says that the marriage even made their relationship more romantic rather than the opposite.

Olivia possesses the beauty of an angel and her husband whom we will call Ramon here, looks nothing less than a Greek god.

Olivia has a sister whom we will call Nasha here, Nasha is a very popular bisexual guitar player on the Youtube. She is perhaps the most popular female guitar player on the internet, if not the most popular female guitar player, she is definitely the most popular bisexual guitar player on the internet. Nasha has also started playing in front of the crowds for the past couple of months and the tickets for her show are overselling. Nasha always prefers a younger crowd as she says that they are very cheering and energetic which makes Nasha extremely cheerful and energetic too.

Olivia and Ramon had a very big hand in making Nasha so popular all over the internet but that doesn’t mean Nasha is not talented. Nasha is incredibly talented and even the haters that can’t stop posting negative comments beneath her videos can’t deny that.

Now coming back to Olivia and Ramon are not vulnerable to the outside dangerous environment of working as they both are involved in marketing digital. One of Ramon’s best friends is addicted to calling 911 due to sick and crazy customers coming to his store all the time. Whenever Ramon looks at him, he thanks god that his is not a brick and mortar store.

Ramon and Olivia spend a remarkably relaxing time whenever they feel like it without having to worry about any crazy or sick customer. Indeed, the digital marketing business is a gift from god.

Turkish architect is loving his new appearance with 2000 hair grafts transplant

Ramzan Nisar (name changed) is a Turkish architect who hates the suppressors and believes that civilization is a myth. When angry, Ramzan breaks things around the house.

Ramzan has a wonderful habit of reading 3 hours every morning before going to the office. He also has this great capability inherited in him from his parents that he looks for a valuable lesson in every failure, setback and difficulty.

Ramzan has a very charming, sensual, playful and pretty wife. Ramzan’s wife runs a travel agency and offers nothing but outstanding travel packages. Ramzan’s wife treats him like a king. She always spend a very warm, relaxing and full of pampering time with him. Last month, she gifted Ramzan a 2000 Grafts Hair Transplant. Ramzan is extremely happy with his new look and so is his wife.

Ramzan believes that life is not logical at all and that’s one reason why he is blessed with this quality of never regretting his past actions but only learning from those.

As you may be aware by now that Ramzan is extremely strict with punctuality. He responds to all the queries of his prospects immediately and all his meetings with clients are individually designed to accommodate the client’s needs and wants.

There was a time when Ramzan had given up on himself. It was the worst time in Ramzan’s life, he claims. Ramzan’s father was a member of the traditional Turkish main business fraternity and he didn’t want Ramzan to be like him. Ramzan used to love his father a lot and would talk all the time with him when he was around to the point that he would end up annoying him.

Dentist reading hair transplant’s wiki page

Dr Cynthia Dana (name changed) is one of the strongest women I have ever known. Cynthia firmly believes that nobody can help you but yourself. She doesn’t depend upon anybody else for anything that she herself can do and she also never blames anybody else for her own issues like most others.

Even though Cynthia is so strong and intelligent, she still has to search on the Google for questions like “How to handle your Turkish husband?” “Does he cheat on me?”, etc.

Cynthia has a half-brother from an Irish mother who is a white supremacist and does nothing all day other than posting on white supremacist forums or trolling the Jews.

Cynthia is a dentist by profession and one of the very few who still only accept cash money as the consultation fee at their clinic.

Cynthia used to be small-time model during her education days and while she still looks like a model, she has been losing hair on the head. Cynthia is not so looks conscious anymore but yesterday she couldn’t resist looking at hair transplant wiki page.

Cynthia’s European, Latin, African, Indian, Turkish, Japanese male patients all dream about Cynthia in their hearts but still due to the hair loss she hasn’t recently been feeling so confident about her looks.

Cynthia has a schizophrenic step-brother who has his own crazy ideas. Sometimes this step-brother of Cynthia claims that learning to calculate is useless since the invention of calculators and teaching calculation is a conspiracy of the schools to keep their businesses running. Once he even claimed to Cynthia that he can do everything that a dentist can with the help of the Google and Youtube.

Agnostic, Individualist and Unbelievably Strong Woman got lucky with lucky day

Levona Nudelman (name changed) is an American-Jewish woman who migrated to the city of Rio de Janeiro to implement the innovative business plan that she had. She had a business idea that she believed could only be initiated from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Her business failed disastrously after years of her trying to make it successful.

The disastrous failure of her business which she worked so hard on for years wasn’t enough to make Levona hate life. She is one of the strongest ladies that you will ever meet. Most of the times, all the odds have always been against Levona but she would never give up.

Even though Levona is not a lucky person, she sometimes love to buy lottery tickets and in a hope of getting lucky she bought a couple of lucky day (dia de sorte) tickets. For the first time ever in her life, she really got lucky, on the day of the lucky day’s results (resultado dia de sorte) she was astonished to know that she had won 5.6 Million Brazillian Reals.

Levona definitely got astonished but she didn’t get crazy or mad after that. She said that she deserved and it and it was a gift of mother nature to her. Levona is a hardcore agnostic and individualist. She dedicates all of her spare time advocating agnosticism and individualism in the chatrooms and forums.

With the amount that she won, I think she will spend less of her time advocating agnosticism and individualism and rather invest that time in starting a new business. Levona always has some business idea running around her mind and I am sure that soon I and my blog readers will soon get the news about her new business.

Ex-spiritual fanatic got chest hair transplant done by Dr T

Yonatan Borg (name changed) always keeps on thinking something. He has a habit of thinking about either the past or the future all the time.

Yonatan has been trying telepathy through difficult occult practices for a long while without any success.

There was a time when Yonatan used to be obsessed with Hinduism a lot. He used to believe that India is some sort of land of mystery and the so-called Hindu holy gurus and mystics have a lot to tell.

Yonatan lived and stayed in India for about an year and meanwhile also got a chest hair transplant because a Hindu holy guru told him that it is not possible to reach the peak of spirituality without a hairy chest and that’s one reason why it is impossible for women to become enlightened.

Yonatan appreciates his decision of getting the hair transplant on his chest by none other than the best specialist for the same aka Dr T aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu.

After getting the chest hair transplant done, Yonatan moved back from Turkey to India, Yonatan started spiritual and occult practices again. After wasting his one precious year and his career, Yonatan realized the truth of the Hinduism, spirituality and occult practices. Yonatan moved back to Turkey forever.

Yonatan had already lost his credibility in the company that he worked for by the time he came back to Turkey. He didn’t get a job elsewhere and ultimately decided to start his own business. Yonatan worked harder at his own business than he ever did at his job and now Yonatan is in a position that he doesn’t work hard for the money but his money works hard for him.

Hardcore Catholic turned hardcore agnostic loves to buy his ties online

Mitch Miller (name changed) claims that his ex-wife was a liar, manipulator and a bad news. She would only do things that were in the best interest for herself and never cared about the others. And he also claims that her personal interests were only filth, degenerate, dirt and nastiness. She used to sleep around all the time and Mitch had no idea what was going on until he finally caught her once. He even used a very degrading term for his ex-wife which I wouldn’t mention on my blog.

Whatever Mitch does, he goes extreme. In his childhood and teenage years, he used to be a hardcore devout catholic who rejected Vatican 2 aka Second Vatican Council. After hitting the age of 27, Mitch became a hardcore agnostic. He still has a huge respect for the catholic religion but no faith in it anymore.

Mitch’s mother taught him that society is just an extension of the family, which Mitch also found to be true after growing up.

Mitch has a younger male sibling who has always had some sort of mental issue with him which the doctors have yet been unable to diagnose. Mitch’s younger brother can function smoothly and fully but he has a condition which he cannot explain to others. Mitch is always concerned about his younger brother’s mental health and does his best to make him happy. Like in the past week, he bought some ties for him from the Australia’s fastest growing online tie store. Mitch’s brother loved the ties.

Day Care and Learning Center owner from Wichita going to Jogja for vacations

Brendan Banay (name changed) runs a Day Care and Learning Center for children in the North Fountain Avenue in the largest city of Wichita State aka Kansas. He finds it shocking how so many babies are nothing less than pranksters nowadays. “The babies of today are incredibly smart”, Brendan says.

Brendan has more respect for the affluent parents than the low income ones. He claims that they are more polite, humble, care and comprehensive. I personally don’t have much experience with affluent people so I can’t back it up or say anything against it.

One of the tots at Brendan’s center would break anything and everything that he could on sight and his parents simply had no idea about what was going on.

Brendan graduated from a catholic university and he was raised by conservative catholic parents as well. He is a hardcore catholic himself.

Brendan claims that one of his ancestors used to be a popular Aztec chief. True or not? I have personally met Brendan and he is a very brave human being as most Aztecs are. So there may be a truth to his claim.

Brendan is going to Yogyakarta aka Jogja this year during the winter vacations and he has already booked a hotel room, Jogja car rental (rental mobil Jogja) and several other things.

Richie Rich Turkish Businessman from Amasya getting hair loss treatment

Yasin Bayram (name changed) is a Turkish businessman from the city of Amasya which is also the capital of the province with the same name in the Black Sea region.

Yasin has 4 kids (2 sons and 2 daughters) and he will do anything to make them happy. He recently bought them a 5000L Gourami Fish Aquarium with Gourami fishes of all kind in it. He bought his eldest son a Ferrari Speedboat after he topped the examinations in his college. It was the moment of a phenomenal honor for Yasin when his eldest son scored the highest in his entire college which is one of the best colleges in the country of Turkey.

Now, Yasin’s kids are demanding him to hair transplant. Hair loss treatment cost doesn’t matter for Yasin at all. He is Mr. Richie Rich and can afford 1000 hair transplants but he was worried about the process and the dangers involved. His kids have successfully cleared all the doubts in his mind that he had regarding the hair transplant and Yasin is now all ready to get one done on his head.

Yasin’s eldest son has been offered a decent job and a new car by a multinational company recently but Yasin wants his eldest son to work with him. His son is confused and hasn’t decided yet.

One of Yasin’s daughters does Yoga and worship Hindu god Shiva since her tour to India. She says that she does it to manifest money, health and happiness. Worshiping anything other than Allah is haram in Islam and it is better that she realizes it soon enough. She also has an issue with conflicting desires. All her desires conflict each other and that makes her life hellish.

Self-made Maltese Supermarket Chain Owner reversed hair loss with Finasteride

Bailey Borg (name changed) is a Maltese gentleman from the Northern Harbour district who believes that pain is the greatest motivator. Bailey Borg accuses his parents of poor parenting skills and also says that their poor parenting skills is what made him move out when he was 18 and made his fortune which is very uncommon in Malta. Most middle-class or low income children live with their parents until they get married.

Bailey Borg owns a supermarket store chain with stores in  all over Malta, Gozo and Sicily. Bailey’s ultimate goal is to create a larger chain than the Walmart. At a very young age, Bailey found the greatest secret of financial freedom and prosperity and that secret is called ‘focus’. Bailey always has a list of his business and personal goals in his pocket. Bailey believes that the global economy is going in a bad direction but he is certain that his company and his personal income are only going to grow in the near future.

Bailey used to be extremely proud of his long wavy blonde hair back in his teens and early 20s. He started losing hair on his temples and crown area back in the early 2017 and was extremely worried about it until natural hair restoration came to the rescue. Bailey’s could completely reverse his hair loss with Finasteride and Minoxidil. Bailey is again proud of his hair and has better hair for a man in his mid-40s than the most others.

Bailey’s current girlfriend is the apple of his eye and she loves Bailey for his looks but more than his girlfriend, Bailey’s kids are proud to hang around with Bailey.

Cousin Rivalry about to turn into a happy friendship in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Chastity Everly (name changed) is an English girl who was born in the most beautiful and the largest city of Somerset county of England called Bath. Well, Chastity herself hated to bath when she was a kid and she is not a big fan of bathing even now. In the winters, she tries her best to escape that bath/shower.

Chastity’s cousins say that everything that Chastity says is a lie. Chastity and her cousins have a great rivalry game going on since they were little. They showed all the signs of jealousy towards each other every time they met. They would flip out on each other for the littlest things. They all had an entitled attitude and the funny thing is that none of these guys ever realized that they have an entitled attitude. Their parents did their best to make these guys forge a relationship but they failed each time.

To make the things move in the opposite direction. Chastity’s grandmother and grandfather booked a paket wisata jogja (Jogja city tour package) for all their grandsons and granddaughters together so that these guys can forge a happy relationship. The grandmother and grandfather themselves are going to be there with them.

One thing that is common among Chastity and all her cousins is that they used to be very bright kids in the school. One of Chastity’s female cousins whose name is Demi, used to be chronically depressed as a kid but she still used to score very high grades which would shock even her teachers.

Popular life coach claims a personal trainer is his greatest inspiration

Damian (name changed) is a dedicated life coach in Adelaide, South Australia. Damian’s cousin is one of the most popular cartoonists in Australia. Damian has been accused of misogyny by the people addicted to misinterpreting on his personal blog.

Damian even mentioned about being sexually abused as a child on his blog and received nothing but hate for that too. One of Damian’s cousin recently married his ex-mother in law and Damian received hate even for that.

Damian hates liars and he claims that he never lied in his life. Damian has helped several people who in the past damaged their brains completely with drug use. Damian was once homeless and today several people look up to become like him. Damian has lectured in several large multinational corporations around the world and he was a hit everywhere.

Damian claims that his greatest inspiration has ever been his schoolmate and one of the longest lasting friends, a personal trainer Australia.

Damian was stuck in this love triangle last year and the lover of this girl with whom Damian was in relationship asked Damian for 50, 000 AUD to go away from her life forever. Damian disagreed and said “I won’t pay a penny to you.”

It is Damian’s doctrine to never pay for intangible things unless they are required for business. Damian was expecting something else while sitting with the other lover on the negotiation table. Damian didn’t even consider this guy a threat ever. Damian stopped talking and texting this girl after meeting this guy and she then realized how much she loves Damian. Since then, Damian and her have been living in a live-in relationship.

Homeless Stripper bought a new penthouse in the State of Sao Paulo

Anne Simpson (name changed) is a sort of popular Youtuber. Anne is 23 now and she has been uploading the videos on Youtube since she was 19. Anne’s most popular video is the one in which she confessed about being pregnant at the age of 15 and getting kicked out from her parents’ home after they discovered that she is pregnant.

Anne was homeless with her baby until about 4 months ago working full time at a popular strip club in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo. Anne is no magician but she bought a new penthouse only after a couple of days of being homeless. No, none of her clients gifted her that. Anne won that with Rio de Prêmios aka River of Awards. No, they didn’t gift her the penthouse, but they gifted her 10 million Brazil Reals with what she bought a new penthouse in Barueri, Sao Paulo.

Now, Anne doesn’t need to work as a stripper anymore to raise her child. She is looking for small business opportunities. She has also started looking for a new man for her life and her baby. She recently was dating this guy who would brag about everything to her but Anne used to be a stripper and she can smell the lies. She finally discovered that the dude is 34 years old and still lives with his parents and is a complete loser in reality.

Anne loves her decision of not aborting her child and she has started running an anti-abortion website also. She is still looking for a reliable company for SEO and marketing. Anne hates procrastinating and procrastinators and she wants a SEO company that is super-quick. SEO is a lot of work and I really hope that she finds out some company that has nothing but expert workers who know what they are doing.

Turkish-American Gentleman in Cedar Rapids trusts only this bathtub soap scum remover

Haluk was kicked out of 2 campuses. Haluk doesn’t care at all if what he does or says hurts other people. Haluk is also extremely quick to judge people. He recently bought his first house on the mortgage in the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Haluk is a Muslim from Turkey and his parents are Sunni Islamists; that’s why Haluk didn’t tell his parents about buying the house on mortgage. Haluk personally hates borrowing money on interest but he had no other choice. Haluk loves chicken biryani but he loves pork biryani much more than the chicken biryani. He used to be a religious fanatic back when he lived in Turkey but since he moved to the states, he has changed a lot.

After entering in his new house, Haluk found scums all over the bathtub. So, he immediately went to the Walmart to buy a top notch bathtub soap scum remover.

Haluk’s parents’ strict Sunni Islamic attitude had a huge impact on him. He used to feel very awkward all the time when he first came to the United States but then he became one of them. Haluk donated 10, 000 US Dollars for the 2011 Van Earthquake victims.

While Haluk was very hyperactive since he was very little, his younger brother Alp used to be a little slow. It is still the same. Alp always had an unstable relationship with his parents while Haluk always had a stable one.

Haluk has recently been hitting the gym 6 days a week. He takes cold showers 365 days a year and eats lots of nuts, beans, rice and oats. Whereas Alp is lazy and takes naps all the time.

Insomnia can change your life for the better, learn from the Latvian gentleman Thomas’ story how

Thomas misses the days when he used to be a toddler and would watch Elmo but he hates the begone days when he used to be half-bald. One of Thomas’ favorite hobbies is disguising himself as infamous Dr. Phil and trolling discord chat servers.

Thomas loves exercising and jogging as well. Thomas is not as well-built or mentally sharp as most his friends or co-workers even though he exercises 5 days a week for 2 hours and reads for 2 hours everyday. Thomas really wishes if he could choose his parents.

Thomas loves to meditate in the morning but he thinks it is a waste of time. Never heard that before, right? Thomas works for a very formidable IT organization and this IT organization has been hopping since the first day like no other in Latvia ever.

Thomas suffers from occasional insomnia and that’s when he loves to search the internet non-stop and sometimes by accident stumbles upon life changing or life saving content. Thomas was in a mild depression due to his almost 70% bald head. Thomas then stumbled upon this marvelous webpage showing pictures of people who got hair transplant done on them in Istanbul, Turkey by Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic and their hair transplant density was unbelievably good. That moment, Thomas immediately decided to get a hair transplant done on himself too by Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Thomas traveled all the way from the city of Daugavpils, Latvia to Istanbul, Turkey.

Thomas believes that happiness or pleasure are not the goals of human life, it is the stoic purpose instead. Thomas tries to minimize the intake of sugar completely. Thomas doesn’t believe in red pill or blue pill and consider it a waste of time. He thinks that people who identify themselves with blue or red pill are still immature no matter what their age or achievement.

Rich Amritsar moving to Bangladesh for her MBBS

Richa Gaba (name changed) is a 20 year young girl from the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. Richa loves doing things that others won’t usually do and she is always interested in adventures. She recently traveled to Baghdad, Iraq and loved the experience. All her friends and relatives asked her why she chose Baghdad? And her reply was as usual, “Because nobody else among my friends circle or relatives is going there.”

Richa Gaba’s parents are wealthy farm owners. They have about a thousand farmers working for them 365 days of the year. Richa Gaba was one of the first in her school to have an Apple iPhone.

Richa couldn’t get enough of listening to the song ‘Cruel Summer’ by Bananarama this summer. No, she wasn’t born in the 70s or 80s, but these summers she lost all hope after she didn’t get an admission in any medical college in India.

One of her uncles who lives in the Union Territory of Chandigarh and is a very wealthy real estate developer suggested her to try for a Bangladesh Medical College. She did and got successful. Next year, she is moving to Bangladesh for MBBS.

All Richa Gaba wants before she moves to Bangladesh for her MBBS is to attend a Yo Yo Honey Singh’s concert. Richa loves Punjabi pop and rock music. She loves the vintage Punjabi songs as well. She hates the commercialization of music but she also understands that’s the only way musicians can survive.

In my personal opinion, due to the commercialization of the music industry, more bad musicians than the good ones are making a mark in the industry and ruining this wonderful industry. Mostly, the musicians who are making it nowadays are the ones who are good are marketing and promotion, not the ones who are dedicated to the music really.

41 year old renounced anger and alcoholism but not idleness

Riggan is a 41 year old man who was born in El Paso, Texas, raised in Fort Worth TX and currently living in Prescott AZ.

Riggan commands respect in his Volvo XC90 Excellence which he bought for 120, 000 last year. Do you know what Riggan does for a living? The answer is “nothing”. The exceptionally talented gentlemen and ladies at Prescott Financial Planning Company invest Riggan’s money in all the right places and earn him profits more than 90% of the American working people make working all year.

Most of Riggan’s problems used to arise because of his alcoholism and anger. He renounced both those evils in 2016 and he has never touched alcohol or got angry on anything since then.

Recently, Riggan volunteered for the innocent civilians of Syria and he did it hardcore. For about 3 weeks, he spent all his days doing the same. He volunteered on the blogs’ commenting section, he did in the chatrooms, forums, Youtube, social media, you name it.

Miami girl gifted her boyfriend MadOxx Activewear and he loved it

Debora from Miami is a big fan of Don Johnson. She loves to dress her boyfriend in Miami Vice style pastel clothing. Recently, she bought some pastel color activewear from MadOxx for her boyfriend and he loved it. She was having tears of joy while chewing his gum he told Debora that he loves the sweatpants and sweatshirts she gifted him.

Debora is a very generous lady and she donates 10% of her income to charitable organizations each year. You will be surprised to know that although Debora is one of the greatest fans of the television show Miami Vice, she doesn’t like to see violence on other television shows or movies at all.

Debora’s mother is a trained Ballet dancer. She wanted Debora to learn it too but Debora hates it. Debora is overweight too from the very childhood and that’s also one reason why she is so scared of the ballet.

Debora has a very strong habit of daydreaming from the very childhood but she knows that it is nothing but a waste of time and whenever she catches herself daydreaming, she stops it. Debora’s best friend Keisha is a flat-earther and she bores the hell out of Debora each time she meets her with her strange conspiracy theories.

Recently, she offered Debora a book by one of the most popular conspiracy theorists of all time Eustace Mullins. Debora rejected it because Keisha is very gabby and after gifting the book, she would have asked Debora whether she read the book or not. She would have asked it on whatsapp, phone call, skype, you name it. She would have also questioned her opinion.

Some people are really annoying. I don’t understand how these 2 girls so different have been the best friends for over a decade now.

The son of Psychologist parents ordered wireless headphones from the Pample Mousse

Disappointed by the lack of results, Portuguese teenager named Marcus stopped going to the gym recently. Marcus both wanted to lose the weight and gain the muscle. He even specially bought best wireless in ear headphones from the Pample Mousse.

Marcus’ parents are both highly qualified psychologists. They are very popular in the city of Coimbra, Portugal.

When Marcus was going to the gym, he was also taking food supplements even though his budget didn’t allow him to. Marcus is like that only, when he gets into something, he gets in it completely.

Marcus also has gynecomastia and because of this he was made fun of by his classmates. He even once went to an extent to attempt suicide but he was saved by a stranger.

The recent Euro appreciation has improved the financial condition of Marcus and his family. Marcus’ father is also an online blogger and he keeps writing about his patients and their particular cases on his blog.

Some hater online in a chatroom once told Marcus that the Portuguese people used to ride on donkeys before it became a part of the European Union. Marcus loves to learn about the history of his country and he knows that it was never the case.

Marcus has his own unique perspective about life. He has mixed up all the religions and all their different sects and he follows what he personally considers the best teachings of those all. Marcus is thinking of starting to do Yoga to lose the fat and become healthier. His friends are all telling him that Yoga is a waste of time and discouraging him from practicing Yoga.

Marcus’ father wrote against the Iraq war on his blog and he received lots of negative comments about the same because he is Portuguese. Almost everyone was asking him “Why a Portuguese is considered about Iraq and America?”

Kissimmee couple now living in Prescott AZ got their Kitchen Remodeled

Camden and Nora are a young couple from the city of Kissimmee, Florida who recently shifted to Prescott, Arizona. They miss the colorfulness of Kissimee in Prescott but they still like it.

Camden likes to keep a track of everything, while Nora is a bit careless. Camden is always doubtful before taking a decision while Nora is always full of confidence. Camden doesn’t watch television, he doesn’t watch Youtube or surf internet uselessly while Nora loves to watch television, her most favorite program is Dr. Phil, she loves to watch funny videos on the Youtube and she always keeps looking for something on the Youtube.

Camden believes in a simple life but Nora believes in abundance. It is amazing how this couple so different likes each other so much and is so compatible with each other.

Recently, they looked for Prescott AZ Kitchen Remodel service all over the internet and came across this wonderful company. Camden helped the team that arrived their house do all the work while Nora was busy playing Overwatch.

Camden likes to wake up early and do exercise after he wakes up while Nora doesn’t wake up before 8 AM. The couple misses the hot and humid temperature of the Kissimmee since they landed in Prescott. Prescott isn’t that cold either but Kissimmee had that Florida humidity which the couple has become accustomed to.

There was a time when Camden was young and stupid and he used to spend all his precious time on White Supremacy Groups’ websites. Camden codes for a living. He works at one of the largest IT firms in the USA and also does freelancing part time. Nora owns her own toy store in the neighborhood of Gail Gardner Way.

Chelsea keeps a check on her 10 Kitchenware stores with XMEyepc

Many people overlook the benefits of owning one major store than owning several small ones, luckily Chelsea didn’t feel this way and she owns several major stores. Bigger than most her rivals.

Chelsea wasted years of her life dating this one man who ended up stealing all the money she had at that time and also taking away her business contacts’ phone numbers. Chelsea is a 41 year old tall blonde with blue eyes. She has always been in perfect shape. Back then when that idiot took away her contacts and money with him, she was 32. She still recalls that moment sometimes and tells how she had so many rich and handsome guys proposing her and she ended up dating this short and ugly guy because she thought he had a great sense of humor.

Chelsea believes in religious brotherhood and has posters that talk about religious brotherhood stuck everywhere in her stores. Chelsea owns a chain of 10 kitchenware stores and she is not stopping at that. There was a time when Chelsea used to sell Kitchenware door to door, then she started selling them online. She has come a long way from there. She recently installed this camera app on her PC to keep a check on her stores from this website – She seems too happy with this app and says that it has made managing her stores very easy for her.

Chelsea is a monotheist. While she is not a devout Christian, she believes that there is a creator and it is not like what they tell according to any of the religions. Chelsea was never greedy and she has a great love for all the pet animals and she hates wild animals. Chelsea is also a raw vegan and hasn’t touch non-vegetarian food in the past 7 years.

From a freelance writer to a Brewery Owner – Amy’s story is really riveting

Amy was only 19 when she started freelancing. She used to sell her amazing writing services at an unbelievably good price. One of her richie rich clients fell in love with her. The client was from Italy and Amy was a resident of Kansas City, America. He traveled all the way to Kansas City from Naples, Italy to have a coffee with Amy.

Although the man was 8 years older than Amy, she quite liked him when they personally met. After 5-6 meetings, he proposed Amy and took her to Naples with him.

Their love has been on a steady rise for each other since the day they both got married. Amy is loving the city of Naples and is very glad to have found such a great life partner in such a beautiful city.

Amy’s husband owns a brewery that is now being managed by Amy. Amy recently replaced all the outdated equipment in the brewery with the most advanced one. She even got a PC control for running the brewery which she never heard of before. Thank God she found out from a directory.

Amy wants to be a doctor and is thinking of getting enrolled into a medical school. She hasn’t yet due to the shortage of time.

Amy is very complacent about herself. Even though she gives her best to everything, she still doesn’t appreciate herself much and has only complaints about herself. Recently, during the holiday season, she had lots of celebratory eating and has been cursing herself ever since because she gained 4 pounds of fat after that.

Even after being complacent about herself, Amy is very optimistic and positive about her and her husband’s future. They have a child on the way and after Amy thinks she has enough time, she will enroll into a medical school.

Photo Frames are still in demand, you just don’t know where to sell them

Makayla’s friends and family all considered her crazy when she told them that she wants to be involved in the photo frame business. They all told her that when everyone has mobile phones having better camera than an actual camera nobody is getting their photos framed anymore, they all have it in their phone memory, hard drive or USB.

Well, they were partially correct. The photo frame industry isn’t as big as it once used to be, but everyone should pursue his/her passion and that’s what Makayla did exactly. She didn’t care about what her friends or family told her.

Makayla first did a thorough research on the industry and then made her plan. It was a wonderful plan and the biggest proof of it being wonderful is that it worked exactly as was expected by Makayla.

Makayla is an expert at online marketing and she learnt the art of online marketing from her brother who now lives in Malmo, Sweden with his wife and two kids.

Makayla imported 2000 photo frames from one of the top Chinese glass companies that goes by the name Ginde Glass, and meanwhile when even the photo frames didn’t arrive her location, she spread the rumor everywhere on the internet that the ones not using photo frames are considered losers by the society and they are all looked down by the visitors.

She spread it all over the internet including the forums, blogs, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, you name it and by the time the photo frames arrived her location, they were already hugely in demand. Makayla also created an extremely stylish website for selling the photo frames and also put the listings on Amazon and eBay, and would you believe it? She was able to sell all 2000 photo frames within 4 days of their arrival.

Extraordinary Vet loves fishing at Florida Keys on Spare Days

Amelot is a 38 year old Veterinary Physician who is more than able for his job. He is really a fantastic vet. A vet so good you have never before. I am shocked that Amelot has never got a single award for his veterinary services yet. He has got it all what it takes to be an unbelievably good vet.

Whenever Amelot has a spare day, he doesn’t forget to go for fishing at Florida Keys with one of his best spinning reels.

Amelot’s story of becoming a vet is not less interesting than a fictional movie. Amelot was always afraid of all sorts of animals since the very childhood and he was very afraid of the dogs (particularly of the bigger size, he didn’t fear Chihuahuas, Poodles or Pomeranians so much). I think it runs in his family, his father also feared dogs very much throughout his childhood and teenage years. Amelot’s mother always found Amelot’s fear very strange and always encouraged him to buy a dog to eliminate his fear forever. But Amelot wouldn’t listen. Amelot once thought of buying a dog after listening to his mother’s advice and after he slept that night, he had a nightmare that his dog transformed into a 50 feet tall giant and he is running after Amelot.

Amelot’s life completely changed when a motivational speaker came to Amelot’s school to give a speech and one of the things he said was “Always do the things you fear the most”. That moment changed Amelot, he asked his mother to give him some money to buy a dog. His mom went along with him to buy a Bichon Frise dog. Amelot wanted to start removing his fears with a smaller and less dangerous breed. After an year, he bought another dog, an Irish Water Spaniel, and year after year he kept on buying a bigger breed. His love for the animals and dogs grew so much that he decided to become a vet and the rest is history.

Ex-cashier living life the Rio de Janeiro way

Julia used to be a cashier at one of the largest department stores in Brazil. Julia is a stunning beauty, she was working at the same store since she was 18 and once when she was 21, she got an offer to marry her from one of the richest men in town who is also very popular, but Julia rejected it out of her self-esteem and self-respect.

Julia then kept on working at the same store even though the salary was too low for her. Julia loves to experiment and she has experimented several things throughout her lifetime including some NSFW stuff. Julia when 26, decided to marry her longtime boyfriend whom she knew from the school days, he used to be her neighbor and they both liked each other since they both were 12.

Julia got married to her boyfriend, the couple had a son together, but the relationship didn’t go so well so they decided to divorce each other when they both were 30. Julia fell into another relationship with a man 8 years older than her, but they had a great chemistry together.

Julia’s new husband used to sell sorteio da tele sena numbers. And he would give Julia one new number each day. Once Julia won the biggest prize and the prize was 10 million Brazilian reals. Julia’s husband hasn’t made this much money selling throughout his career and out of happiness, Julia and her husband went to the Beach Hop to celebrate a short honeymoon. They made tremendous love there and enjoyed each and every second of it and each and every inch of each other.

After coming back, Julia decided to send her son to the topmost school of Brazil and she has already decided to send him to the Harvard once his schooling is complete.

Indian-American Man loves to hunt down Cape Buffalos in Zambia

Gajodhar Pandey is a Varanasi, India born civil engineer. Gajodhar’s family was and is still a very religious Hindu family. Gajodhar was born and raised in a very religious atmosphere with her mother doing prayers 3 times a day and his father doing it twice a day (once in the morning after taking a both and once before sleeping).

After Gajodhar completed his school, he decided that he will become a civil engineer. Gajodhar’s parents were very happy with the decision. They enrolled Gajodhar into one of the top civil engineering colleges and while Gajodhar was still in college, he started getting job offers.

After Gajodhar completed his college education, he went for the highest paying job that he could find, at that time INR 60, 000 (roughly about 950 US Dollar). Gajodhar kept on getting promoted in India and his last package in India was INR 5.5 Million and then he got an offer to work for one of the biggest real estate organizations in the world with headquarters in the United States of America.

Gajodhar happily moved to the United States of America. After Gajodhar moved to the United States of America, his habits changed, his whole lifestyle in fact changed. He became an atheist and started eating meat as well. His current salary is 1.5 Million US Dollar per annum and he has a couple of sports cars with Porsche Carrera GT being his most favorite.

Gajodhar also loves to go for hunting in Zambia during vacations and recently he hunted Cape Buffalos there with his bow. He uses bow instead of a gun because he finds it more fun, and he finds it even more fun since he bought that best bow sight. He doesn’t tell his parents that he has turned atheist or a non-vegetarian. He is planning to go to India for a week during the next vacations and he will act there like he is still that religious and strict vegetarian Gajodhar Pandey.

Orchestra Singer in Beijing drinks only once per year and the day is called….

Emelie is an orchestra singer in Beijing, China. When Emelie got her first laptop, she was wasting almost all her time chatting all the time on the internet. When Emelie went to the New York for playing music, someone told her about the discord chat and she spent all her time chatting on discord chatrooms after that.

Emelie is a very trusting and peaceful lady and that’s her biggest weakness. Everybody tries to take advantage of her peaceful and trusting nature.

Emelie was raised up in an area of Dongguan city where everyone used to starve at once but now they have all gone overweight. They just can’t stop eating the food that they can afford now. They don’t even understand that they can only get fat after eating too much. I think they listen to Never too much by Luther Vandross too much.

Emelie only drinks once in the year and that is on 31st October of each year. Emelie is always looking for Halloween costumes ideas for adults. She already owns tens of Halloween costumes and she can never get enough of them.

Emelie recently broke up her 3 year long relationship with her boyfriend. She discovered that all he does throughout the day is talk to cam girls on different websites. He lied to her that he is owner of one of the fastest growing architectural firms in the Republic of China, turned out that he does nothing the whole day. He doesn’t own any firm at all and he is not even an architect. He didn’t even complete his senior high school.

Emelie is on a lookout for a new and deserving boyfriend. She is going to visit Thailand very soon, and she is hoping that she doesn’t find many cold and arrogant people there. My own gut feeling is that she will find someone at the Halloween party this year.

From a worker to a Fisheries owner in coastal town of Ubatuba

Balduino is a 33 year old Brazilian dude born and raised in the city of Sorocaba, but moved to Ubatuba when he was 27 because he got a job at his cousin’s fisheries there.

Balduino started his own fishing company by the time he was 32. How did that happen? Well, it is a secret that Balduino tried to keep it to himself but I have found about it and I will tell you about the same at the end of this post.

Balduino also fell in love with the cat that is very popular on the Youtube for attacking its own owner. The cat’s name is Maxwell, if you have seen the video of a Z-black cat that attacks its own owner after hearing 3-4 No’s, you must have got by now what I am saying.

Balduino still recalls the day when he came newly to the town of Ubatuba, how he used to stare at the guys drinking smoothies, shakes and juices at the local shacks.

Overall, in life, Balduino has met several hostile and bad people, his own cousin didn’t treat him right and that’s the reason why Balduino thought of starting his own fisheries. That was the beginning of the end of Balduino’s cousin business and the rise of Balduino. Most of the employees working at the Balduino’s cousin fisheries have left the job there to work for Balduino.

Balduino’s biggest strength is that instead of trying to learn several skills and subjects at once, he focuses on only one skill and one subject at a time. But, focusing on a skill is not enough when it comes to starting a business. And a business like fisheries requires a lot of investment. You must be wondering how and from where Balduino got so much money, so here is the answer – Aumentar o score do cpf

History Teacher got her wedding dress created at Fiance Bridal

Thom is a 29 year old history teacher at one of the most prolific schools in Hanoi City. Thom is not your ordinary boring teacher. Thom loves to have fun and she is very regular at the bar scene. She even met her fiance at a bar. They both got drunk together and fall in love.

Thom’s fiance is a chemist. He has 2 pharmacies in the Bach Khoa area. His name is Quy.

Quy proposed Thom at a New Year Party. Thom was waiting for it for very long. She wanted Quy to initiate the first step. Thom literally started crying at the time when Quy proposed her. They call it tears of joy.

Quy and Thom are both fitness freaks. Both hit the same gym 6 days a week. Both have a great sense of humor and they both love to crack jokes on almost every topic.

They also go to play basketball at a local club together.

Thom and Quy are getting married in November of this year. Thom has already ordered her bridal dress (may áo cưới) at Fiance Bridal after traveling and searching half of the Hanoi city and surrounding areas.

Thom comes from a very well-off family and money wasn’t an issue at all while she was looking for her bridal dress. The only thing that she cared about was the quality, the design and expert tailors. She found that all at Fiance Bridal.

Thom and Quy are planning to go to Pattaya for the honeymoon. They want a long honeymoon. They want to enjoy for at least a month or two. They have also started thinking about their babies’ names. They both want twins, but let’s see what goes ahead.

Teachers got Hair Transplant in Edmonton, Alberta

Britt is a biology teacher in a private school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Britt is now 54 years old and still looks fantastic. She has her students flirting with her all the time, and that’s the reason why she doesn’t want to retire ever. That’s the best feeling that she enjoys.

But things were not like this up until about an year ago, Britt had lost a lot of her hair by the time she was 50. Before losing her hair, she had even more students of her going mad for her. So, how come this 54 years old woman is more beautiful than ever before? The answer is Hair Transplant Edmonton. Yes, hair transplant has given Britt a new life. All women her age are jealous of her. So much so that the teachers her age in the school don’t even talk to her for no reason and the younger teachers can’t stop asking her the secret of her ever-increasing beauty.

Same is the case with a male Physics teacher in the same school. Stellan is 38 years old, originally from the city of Toronto, Stellan has been teaching since he was 26. Girls start screaming loud whenever Stellan entered the classroom. He had several students finding out his number and calling her finding lame excuses just to hear his voice after the class.

Stellan was only 32 when he lost almost 50% of his hair. Stellan still had girls drooling over him everywhere but he lost the confidence and the women slowly lost interest in him too. Stellan was 35 when he had lost about 65% of his hair and then he said to himself enough is enough. He went for a hair transplant at the DRT Hair. Since then, Stellan has been living his life to the fullest. He is more confident than ever before.

Pawn Shop owner making a bank with right marketing

Ismita Khanna is a 35 year old woman, born and raised in Mumbai. She even married a Mumbaikar guy. Ismita was born rich and she also married a rich guy. Mumbai is a very expensive city; the most expensive in the Indian subcontinent and one of the most expensive in all of Asia.

When Ismita is all alone, you will only find her watching Hardcore Pawn or Pawn Stars on her Television set. She is so crazy for these shows that she even indulge in them so much that she sometimes forgets whether it is day or night.

Colaba is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the South of Mumbai. Inspired by the Hardcore Pawn and Pawn Stars, Ismita opened up a pawn shop in the center of Colaba.

It took her 20 Million Indian Rupee to start that store. Within her first month, she could make only one sale of Rs. 12, 000 and the rent of the store is Rs. 5, 00, 000. Can you imagine that?

While opening the store, Ismita was so certain that her store is going to be one big hit and this was happening. In the second month, she couldn’t make a single sale. To her good luck, Ismita knew that online marketing is the key to success in today’s time, so she looked up for an online marketing agency with the best reviews and came across mtsyconsulting. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of her life. The guys at the MTSY Consulting made her so popular all over India within a few months that she had clients from all over the nation including New Delhi, Jaipur, Goa, and rest of the country.

Ismita now makes more money than any other family member of her and she cannot thank the MTSY Consulting enough.

Police Officers live in high stress situations but they shouldn’t forget about their family life

Aadam is a 32 years old police officer in the city of Ipoh, Malaysia. Aadam got married at the age of 23 to the love of his life. His wife’s name is Arissa and they both know each other since 2nd grade.

Aadam had no idea that love life and marriage are two separate things. It is very easy to live as a lover or a boyfriend, but being a committed and devoted husband is something very different.

Aadam and his wife are originally from the George Town, Malaysia. They were very happy together when they both used to live in the George Town; they lived there for almost 2 years after their marriage. Aadam used to be a junior in the service back then. His job used not be so stressful and the excitement of making love to his newly wedded wife would keep him energetic all day.

But then, things changed. Aadam was promoted, his salary increased and so the stress. He would come back home tired and worried. Most of the days, he would just have dinner and go to sleep straight away. His wife wasn’t happy at all with his promotion. She was missing his warm love too much ever since.

Aadam’s wife searched all over the internet what she could do to bring the old Aadam back. She typed the question on the Reddit, Yahoo Answers and Quora. Everywhere, there were different replies coming, but the ones on the Yahoo Answers appealed to her the most. The guys and the girls on Yahoo Answers recommended Ubat Kuat. She gave it a go and ordered some online.

She mixed 2 pills in the juice of Aadam once he came back from the office. No wonder, Aadam didn’t sleep that until he made tremendous love to his wife and lasted for over 200 minutes.

England based full-fledged plastic company rescued by its Chinese counterpart

Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a full-fledged plastic company based in Manchester, England. They have been selling what they sell for over 6 decades now. Their products include plastic chairs, plastic combs, plastic drinking glasses, and lots of other things. Everything was going great until Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd manufactured its own products at its own manufacturing unit. Cowen and Kahan may not be on par with the topmost companies of the United Kingdom when it comes to the sales numbers or revenue, but it is super-popular when it comes to the quality. You may say that Cowen and Kahan is a synonym for the quality.

Cowen and Kahan couldn’t afford to run its manufacturing operations with the competitors importing all the stuff from the Asian countries including China, India and Pakistan. Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd tried its best to keep manufacturing its products, but they couldn’t last long.

Back in the year 2015, Cowen and Kahan had 2 options, first was to shut down forever and the second was to outsource the manufacturing to some factory in China, India or Pakistan.

They preferred option 2 and the founders went to the Republic of China to look for a company that can guarantee them the same quality produced at their manufacturing unit for a much lower price. They roamed all over Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and didn’t find anything that can compete with their British made plastic product. They were planning to go to India until they read an article in a newspaper about a Dongguan based plastic injection mold company that looked very promising.

The founders took a flight from Shanghai to Dongguan. After reaching there, they were astonished to see that the quality wasn’t only on par with their British made products, but it was even better. The founders decided to order 30, 000 units instantly.

They are now doing business as usual but the profit margins have gone much higher.

High Pressure Die Casting is still the most efficient and effective way

If you somehow have anything to do with aluminium, zinc or magnesium products, you must be well aware of what is die casting. Die casting is mainly of two types: – 1. High Pressure Die Casting and 2. Low Pressure Die Casting

I wasn’t taught all this in school, but I am one of the best person to talk about die casting since one of my friends own one of the biggest die casting companies in the world.

High Pressure Die Casting products are very expensive compared to the low pressure die casting ones, because they are extremely rigid, corrosion resistant and have very high tensile strength.

The high pressure die casting is more popular than the low pressure. Almost 50% of the die casted products are made using high pressure die casting. The low pressure die casting constitutes of 30% of the total die casted products but it is becoming more popular day by day.

If my friend wasn’t owner of one of the greatest die casting companies, I wouldn’t have known even close to what I know now. Die casting is a very complex process and apart from receiving one-to-one knowledge from one of my best friends, I also read several books about it.

For the large scale companies, high pressure die casting is the most economic and time-efficient way to get aluminium, zinc or magnesium products made. Scientists have been trying to develop a method that is more efficient and effective for decades and decades, but they haven’t been able to find a method that can beat high pressure die casting. It is the most economic, fastest and most accurate.

Due to the rise in the popularity and sales of small scale parts, low pressure die casting is gaining more popularity and is becoming more useful every day, but it is still nowhere near the high pressure die casting.

How to choose the right SEO agency for your business?

SEO is like territorial conquest and power grabbing, and you shouldn’t outsource these activities that require expertise to rookies. The most experienced, successful and oldest businesses only choose companies like for their SEO needs.

Skepticism about the SEO service that you choose is a must have. You should always be skeptical about the SEO agency that you choose and you must always check with them periodically what are they doing about ranking your website.

SEO is a hard affair in 2018. Feel free to ask the SEO company whether they have promoted a website in your category earlier. If you are in a business that is highly competitive, then there must be hundreds if not thousands of websites in your niche already trying to rank first for the keywords that you too are trying to. Only top 10 websites can make it there.

SEO is not only about making backlinks, it consists of several things like, choosing the right domain name, on-page optimization – choosing the right and most suitable theme, putting the right pictures, writing the right content and the right number of words. Some SEO services are so idiotic that they have spun or duplicate content on their own websites. Do you think you should choose such an agency?

Right social media marketing also plays a very crucial role in ranking a website today. Some SEO companies you will find sell them short, always be very skeptical and careful about such agencies, these agencies don’t know what they are doing. SEO is not cheap in 2018, it never was.

Some SEO companies have very high prices. Most of these agencies are outsourcers that outsource the work to other SEO agencies. If you have a low budget, then don’t go for these agencies either.

The biggest symbol of a right SEO agency is whether its own website ranks good or not.

From Toyota dealership salesperson to her own boss – Roberta’s story is an inspiration

Roberta is a 29 year young former Toyota dealership employee. Roberta was born a salesperson. Roberta used to sell Pokemon cards on eBay when she was only 16. Roberta used to sell her old toys in school after she grew up. Roberta could sell a Toyota to a lifetime Ford fanboy. That’s how good at sales Roberta is. Nothing to do with her looks or voice. She is just an average looking young woman.

Roberta gradually started getting bored of her job. Even though Roberta was selling Toyotas, she wanted to have her own new Ferrari and she was willing to do whatever it took to buy one. Roberta didn’t have a rich boyfriend who could buy her one, she is a lifelong celibate.

Roberta always knew that there is a lot of potential in her and she has this crazy energy and drive for everything. Roberta needed to find a way to buy her dream car – “A Yellow Ferrari 488”. Once while reading random news websites, she stumbled upon an article that went something like “Amazon seller making millions a year using this one technique”, Roberta said to herself, “This is it”. Roberta started looking for more information on the internet regarding how to sell on Amazon everyday after she came back home from work (Toyota Dealership).

Roberta had the money she needed to invest in starting her own Amazon store. She got a company registered and started selling in the automotive and powersports category. She didn’t become a superseller within a month, but it took her somewhere around 16-17 months to really take it off and she doesn’t own her yellow Ferrari 488 yet, but soon she will be driving one. And yes, did I tell you that she is already making 26k a month selling on Amazon. Soon the amount can be 130k. How you liked that?

Rejected from NBA, started preparing to become the best coder in the world

Josiah is a 22 year young Los Angeles boy. Josiah is 6’9 and is an amazing basketball player. Josiah wanted to become a basketball player from the very first day he learnt how to play the game. He was amazingly good at it.

Josiah would play nothing but basketball in school and after the school was over. Josiah had always been a great student too. His parents wanted him to become an excellent coder and he too was interested in coding. He just didn’t want that to become a barrier in his basketball career.

Josiah’s parents weren’t too sure that he can make it to the NBA.

When Josiah wasn’t studying, sleeping or eating, Josiah was practicing basketball. Josiah could do push ups upon push ups without getting tired, he was amazing in the art of dribbling, he was a complete NBA material. When Josiah appeared for the auditions for NBA, he was too excited and believed that no force in the world can stop him from becoming a top NBA player, but to his surprise, he was rejected. Josiah was shattered. His dreams were all torn. He couldn’t believe it.

Josiah went back to his home and started crying during the dinner with his family. Josiah’s parents told him that his life has just started, and whatever happens, happens for good only. His parents told him that he can make much more money and become more popular if he becomes an awesome coder. Josiah listened to his parents’ advice and got himself enrolled in University of Southern California.

The day Josiah decided that he is going to get enrolled in an engineering college, the very day he bought the best laptop for engineering students for 1000. He is very happy with the laptop that he bought and brags that nobody can get a better deal than him. He also brags that he knows some secret websites that tell him which electronics to buy.

Manhattan born electrician friends changed their lives with radar detector

Billy, Michael and Jordan are 3 friends from the New York City who were born and raised in Manhattan. They were together in the school and lived on the same street as well. After completing the school, Billy and Michael thought that it would be useless to attend a university. If they wanted to attend a college or an university, they were required to take a student loan as none of their parents were in the condition to afford their college/university fee.

Jordan wanted to go to the college and he didn’t believe that he could become successful or live his ideal life without going to a college. He enrolled into one while Billy and Michael started their own electricians company.

Billy and Michael had no employee and would visit the client’s location themselves. They were just perfect at what they did, but the money they were making wasn’t what they expected. It would sometimes take hours to reach the client’s location due to the heavy Manhattan traffic.

Billy had an idea that they should move to some other city as the competition was higher in Manhattan and the traffic was killing their business. Michael complied and they shifted to Montgomery, Alabama. The traffic was nothing compared to the Manhattan in Montgomery, but the speed limits were a great hindrance to Billy and Michael’s business. Billy told Michael, “Look, I have an idea. We can use a radar detector to detect the radars and cross all the speed limits safely.” Michael replied, “You will get us bankrupt with your shady idea.” Billy said “Do you have any other idea to make more money?” Michael replied “Nope.” Then Billy told Michael to do as he says.

Billy searched the internet thoroughly and bought a new radar detector through

Now, after 6 months, Billy and Michael have been making double the amount that they did before. Billy’s ideas are awesome.

From Dyeing business to Google web scraping, Amelia’s story is really inspirational

Amelia is a 32 year old Australian woman who wanted to start her own business after the birth of her child as the money her husband was making wasn’t sufficient for the family. Amelia researched and found out that carpet cleaning would be the perfect choice for her. Amelia opened up an office in the prime area of Melbourne and the rent was very heavy but Amelia believed that the business would be easily able to pay the rent.

Amelia distributed flyers and did whatever she could to advertise her business. After 6 months, she wasn’t able to pay the electricity bill and rent with her carpet dyeing business. Amelia was shattered. She tried to give her best to this business and it is not even able to pay the rent. Amelia had to shut the business down and she had expert writing skills so she started writing a blog, the blog was making her as much money as she expected but the time it would take to run a single blog was huge. She had to take care of her newborn child as well.

Amelia then once by accident found out about Google web scraper. Amelia personally believes that she has some sort of mystical and psychic abilities and the number 633 is what she considers lucky for herself. When she looked at her laptop screen at the moment when Google web scraper idea appeared in front of her, the time was 6:33 pm. Amelia instantly starting learning about Google web scraping and it took her less than a month to become an expert at it. Now after 5 months, Amelia has been making more than AU Dollar 4k per month with Google web scraping.

Become your own boss – Learn from Priyanka Kanpurkar

Priyanka Kanpurkar is an Indian homemaker who is an Engineer by profession, but she stopped working as soon as she got married to the man who was also her best friend in school. Priyanka’s husband was a senior engineer at one of the top IT firms in Bangalore right before he was kicked out of the job. After Priyanka’s husband was expelled from the job, Priyanka had no option but to look for a job for herself. Both husband and wife started looking for a job but they didn’t get any after looking for it for 4 months day and night.

When Priyanka was in school, she used to learn the French language in every summer vacation (a 2 month vacation for the whole of May and June given to the school students in India). She thought why doesn’t she start a French language school at her home. She discussed it with her husband and her husband too found it as a workable idea. Her husband knew all the places on the internet where he could advertise their language school, but Priyanka had forgot most of the language. Priyanka’s husband told her that streaming gratuit streaming movies and television series are a good idea to retain back the language. Priyanka complied and started watching French movies day and night. She also bought the book “French for Dummies”. Within 2 weeks, Priyanka was ready to teach the French language to the students. Meanwhile, her husband didn’t stay idle either, he arranged everything, from a board to the pamphlets to the online advertisements. After a couple of weeks of when everything was done, they started receiving interested students and within the next 6 months became the top Foreign language teaching school in the vicinity.

Niece lost 36 pounds within 8 months with 30 minutes exercise and Kara Keto Burn

My niece Fareeha told me about a product that she has been using for the past 8 months to lose weight and I am amazed at how effective this product is without any side effects. My niece used to weight about 186 pounds when I last met her and in our family, being overweight is not considered something to feel shy about. We are all overweight and fat which we think is okay, but the newer generation is getting very health and body conscious in our family. Fareeha is now 25 years old and she was always overweight. Now she weighs only 150 lbs and perhaps, she is the lightest adult in our family today.

I never before thought of losing weight so intensely but after looking how prettier she has become by losing 36 pounds, I thought of myself loosing the extra weight and enjoying its benefits. I asked her how much time does she spend in the gym, she told me that she spends only 1 hour in the gym for 5 days a week. I asked her “Is that enough to lose that much weight in only a matter of 8 months?” Then she told me her secret, and the secret is Kara Keto Burn. A 100% natural weight loss product like never seen before.

I have myself started taking it now and I hope for the same results as my niece. It has been 7 days already since I have been taking the Kara Keto Burn and I have already lost 500 grams. I will start going to the gym after about a couple of days. I myself hope to lose 36 pounds in 8 months. How great would that be!

Arborist made fun of because of funny dressing sense

I remember watching a professional Arborist on the Youtube who uploads nothing but great videos. He is an expert in the word’s truest sense when it comes to his profession. He has a large base of subscribers as well. Maybe in the millions now, it used to be in the hundreds of thousands when I used to watch his videos back in the year 2014.

He is from Boston, USA. Speaks in a very hard Boston accent, but everybody who understands the English language well can understand very well what he is saying. The comment section in his videos is always full of funny comments making fun of his awkward dressing sense. They all watch and like his videos, but they only comment about his dressing sense and what he is wearing in the video.

One has to be a really strong person to take it all, because if it were someone like me, I would have got depressed and either would have shut my Youtube channel or start read best men’s magazines where they explain how to dress, which haircut to get, and stuff like that.

I will check him out today to see what he is up to nowadays. I think he could have even more subscribers if he did dress well, mostly the women viewers would have subscribed to him more if he did dress well.

Painless Body Hair Removers selling like hotcakes all over the world

There was a time when hairy men were considered the epitome of sexuality, now they are considered the epitome of ugliness, backwardness and carelessness. Gone are the days when body hair used to be in the fashion. Since the late 1980s, hairless bodies are in fashion and the same is the case for both men and women. Hairy men today are considered lazy and filthy. Hence, more and more men are nowadays buying painless body hair remover, never before hair removers were so much in demand like today and never before men were so hairless before.

Asian, European, African, American, you name it, men from all over the world are shaving their bodies. I remember seeing ugly hairy armpits in the 70s music videos and the videos that I would not like to name here. Those days are gone now, men now prefer hairless legs, hairless arms, hairless chest, hairless stomach and hairless ***** as well.

Even in the villages of the third world countries all over the world, both men and women are buying hair removers like crazy. If you ask me which hair removers do I prefer, I would say that it has to be painless and that’s all.